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  • SZKOLNY VIBE (Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar PARODIA) - WAKSY
    "siedzę na lekcji ale ciągle myślę ze wolałbym w szkole być ja chce mieć przerwy ale te fizyczne nie przed kompem znowu gnić myślę czy cień jest szans ze wejdę do szkoły jeszcze jedne raz szkolny hol -"
  • Vibe - Watcha
    "Je ne compte pas passer par dessus les traces qu'on a laissees, ces traces qui nous ont marque, j'remarque que toutes ces annees n'effacent, pas que tout va bien trop vite! Mme si certains nous freinent,"
  • Vibe - Calvin Richardson
    "(baby girl, you know i'd never ask you to do anything that you wasen't ready to do, see i realise, that making love to your mind, is much more important that making love to your body, so sit yourself"
  • Vibe - The Rasmus
    "call me your lover if you hang around with me tonight i'll show you how to do something wicked you're looking pretty and you know that we should keep going on cause we ain't got no time to polish"
  • Vibe - Rasmus
    "Call me your lover! If you hang around with me tonight I'll show you how to do, Something wicked if you don't have anything to do. You're looking pretty and you know that we should keep going on, 'cos"
  • The vibe - Ice MC
    "Now is the time tor me to manifest I got to get lots ol things oI my chest I like to relax and have a good time Take things easy and maybe kick a rhyme I get uptight when I am around people Who cant feel"
  • Just vibe - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Kray, Lay Whattup Wish? You know how we used to get that vibe, back in the day? Oh yeah, most definitely(East 99 is where you'll find us slanging that llello daily, daily...) Yeah! Yeah... I remember"
  • Electronic Vibe - Jannek
    "1. Elektroniczne jest takie cudowne, Żeby tylko się rozkochać i nie uciekać stąd, To jest taki raj, Tylko bez Adama i Ewy, Wczuj się, Posłuchaj, Daje tobie trochę weny. 2. To jest cudowne, Podobne do"
  • Nowy vibe - SITEK
    "Suko to jest ten nowy vibe Jak yeah yeah yeah Twój mały Cały światy yeah yeah yeah Suko to jest ten Suko to jest ten Suko to jestem ja Suko to jest ten Suko to jest ten Suko to jestem ja Suko to jest ten"
  • Vibe on - Danni Minogue
    "Instead of just lying therewhy don't you show me that you're powerful ?I, I put in triple x batteriesjust so you'd give me something wonderful turn you onChange you up fast and slowtill I find the frequency"
  • Sexual Vibe - Stephen Puth
    "It’s hard to stay mad at you When you look that When you move like that so Give me that attitude And I'mma give it right back Make the tension last like my god you the baddast we go on and on and I"
  • Radiation Vibe - Hem
    "Are you alone now Did you lose the monkey He gave you backaches And now you slouch He didn't mean it He's just a dumb ape Reading Playboy On your couch And now it's time to say What I forgot to say Baby"
  • Jupiterian Vibe - Samael
    "Move With The Storm, With The Wind, With The Flood Get Down, Rise Up, Hold On To The Vibe Move To The Left, To The Right, Attraction The Floor We Dance On Is The Firmament Of Our Eyes Creation Transcends"
  • Just Vibe - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Kray, Lay... (what up wish?) You know how we used to get that vibe?, Back in the day? (oh yeh, most deffently). Yeeeh..(yeah) I remember that (me too) {its the first of the month....} You know we used"
  • Ill Vibe - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Q-Tip) My rhymes profess life like the birds and the bees Make Funk-Master Flex say yo I'm feeling these Flows make you shit in your drawrs. Change your dungarees Smoking trees, getting cottonmouth,"
  • G-Vibe - Bracket
    "I look out my window up into the sky And I wonder where it all comes from It seems so harmless to me, but I can't help wondering How it affects someone I won't mind if it goes away It will come another"
  • Real Low Vibe - Mudhoney
    "I feel your stare: the eyes of a buzzard Yeah, I've been there behind the shrike Got me feelin' like a second cousin Twice removed as I pass you by On a real low vibe The waves are hittin' kind of heavy Every"
  • Dig the Vibe - Hay & Stone
    "Big yellow lemon sun paints the colors of the morning It takes a birdie poet call to hear what was gone One week in the outbacks, but there ain't no place i'd rather be Great wisdom is coming your way"
  • Feel Bad Vibe - Damone
    "who's that in your chevelle? is she your girlfriend now? does she know the hell that comes and its automatic when your gone. i feel the fall tonight. deem me the one denied. skies come too big too high, from"
  • Feel The Vibe - Dana Russell
    "Tonight i’m gonna feel your vibe I’m gonna fee your vibe tonight Oh give me what i need all right I said all right And now get down on your knees On your knees on your knees Get down get down Move around"

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