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sztigar bonko phunkey psycho

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sztigar bonko phunkey psycho

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sztigar bonko phunkey psycho
  • Sztigar Bonko Poli Ci sie morda (feat. Sensi)
    "Drygej, skakej jak Super Frog Jo wbijom ci się w łepe jak tomahawk. Poczuj ten beat, jak karate kid On spoli ci morde, stopi ci ryj. Lece jak airwolf z prędkością dźwięku Tabaka mom w kabzie a mikrofon"
  • Sztigar Bonko Definicja (feat. DJ BRK)
    "He, hu Sztigar jets tu I mój chop BRK jest Skumaj te crew /3x He, hu Sztigar jest tu! .. To już wiesz ka jo jest Studio Kornik To mój chop BRk I ten harpagon z wąsem Ten co ma chęć na I stawia na Martę Siedź"
  • Sztigar Bonko Hot16Challenge (feat. DJ Falcon1)
    "1 sznupa 2 sznupy 3 co za jazda rozpędzom sie tak jak sportowa Mazda 4 sznupa 5 dej awio marin, bo poleca w kosmos jak Jurii Gagarin 6 - jo lubia me gusta, krynci mnie we łbie i nie moga ustać 7 i 8 nie"
  • Sztigar Bonko Kauabanga
    "W rytmie Funku krzycz Kauabanga W rytmie Funku krzycz kauabanga (i rusz ten pierdolony Tylek MAN!) Oo - hoo , Jo na majka ida Sznupa się przyda - tu hamulców ni ma. Trzima mie puls a serce łupie, "Kaj"
  • XIII.stolet Psycho
    "Hej mistr Psycho, do noci kik vidn barev msce kik Ztracen soucit polovic tve mn se sla dny kalende Psycho Hej mistr Psycho ocele n a tvoje chvle pichz u svdom ztratil, zpocen tv psychyck dvojnk, najat"
  • System Of A Down Psycho
    "Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy Psycho groupie cocaine crazy Psycho groupie coke, Makes you high, makes you hide, Makes you really want to go:...stop! Psycho groupie cocaine"
  • Muse Psycho
    "("Psycho" - taki tytuł będzie nosił utwór będący pierwszym singlem promującym siódmy album Muse. Płyta zatytułowana "Drones" ukaże się w drugiej połowie 2015 roku.)"
  • Robyn Psycho
    "Psycho Just woke up but it's not a dream you're still and I'm freaking don't wanna know 'bout your plans don't know how this shit began psycho You say you love me I bite my lip But inside I am screaming This"
  • Puddle Of Mudd Psycho
    "Maybe I'm the one, Maybe I'm the one Who is the schizophrenic psycho, yeah Maybe I'm the one, Maybe I'm the one Who is the schizophrenic psycho She lays down on the fresh lawn She can make everything"
  • The Faint Psycho
    "I can't listen while I'm breathing fire I don't think straight when I get pissed off It'd be easier to just calm down 'cause I'm an asshole when I get called out Forget the words I said - I was not myself I"
  • Primal Fear Psycho
    "When the fallen angel calls And your kingdom slowly falls Human sacrifice will turn into your Enemies There are species you can't buy Not like your all corrupt alliance Can see and already feel The blade"
  • Teddy Thompson Psycho
    "Can Mary fry some fish, mama I'm as hungry as can be Oh lordy, how I wish, mama That you could keep the baby quiet 'Cause my head is killing me I saw my ex again last night mama She was at the dance at"
  • Elvis Costello Psycho
    "Can Mary fry some fish, mama I'm as hungry as can be Oh lord, how I wish, mama You could stop the baby cryin' 'Cause my head is killing me I saw my ex again last night mama She was at the dance at Miller's"
  • War Rocket Ajax Psycho
    "I have not been the same. Ever since that day when they held me down. And I can't recall the name. But the bubbles stopped and the old man drowned. My life's turned upside down. Since I met that man with"
  • Jamie Meyer Psycho
    "Here she comes There she goes What she wants God only knows Bad is good Good is worse Honestly Shes my kind of curse Kisses and lies Hello's and godbyes Takes me through pleasure n'pain She drives me"
  • Metal Church Psycho
    "Stick your fingers in the eyes of night Rip open the Belly of Death Now you'll see What is real Tear down the image of youth all around Steal the dreams from their minds And you'll be All their lies "
  • Pussycat Dolls Psycho
    "It's in with the old and out with the new, Hello clouds of grey, goodbye skies of blue A jump in the bath, a journey to the spa Endless weeks in your chaise The half universe according to moi Move please Hot"
  • Faydee Psycho
    "You go jump up in the air and go psycho yeah yeah yeah baby take it to the Floor baby you ain't gonna get it if your standing on the wall baby come Come come baby I got what you want baby once you get"
  • Buzz Poets Psycho
    "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH Send me on down, and take me on down 'Cause I don't say no wherever she goes I will follow Upside down the mind spins 'round but I bet she knows wherever I go I'll be back tomorrow Throw"
  • Vanilla Ninja Psycho
    "As I wake up every day All I know is I'm too tired Can't find the strength in me To put up with your suspicions All the crap you're telling me In those mails you're sending me You claim that I'm"

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