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t%C5%82umacz google
  • John D. Loudermilk Google Eye
    "Jump in me old jeep wagon bump it to the banks of the river Dig me a worm and a cricket squirm and a wade out into the water Oh goodbye google eye eat him up a google eye Eat him up a google eye google"
  • Spike Jones Barney Google
    "Barney Google, with his goog- goog- googley eyes. Barney Google had a wife three times his size. She sued Barney for divorce Now he's living with his horse. Barney Google, with his goog- goog- googley"
  • Teyana Taylor Google Me
    "What's the word? I'm the word on the street. Ain't nobody hotter than me Brawds wish they was me (hot!) I'm superb Fly like a bird 16 wit8h the baddest curves breezy checkin' on me. I'm hot, hot. But I'm"
  • Travis Google Search Engine
    "google..google..google(for the whole song in the backround) googles the website you should use to look up things that you want to pictures to movies they got it all with a real good working fire wall yeah"
  • Amanda Palmer I Google You
    "I Google you late at night when I dont know what to do I find photos youve forgotten you were in put up by your friends I Google you when the day is done and everything is through I read your journal that"
  • Kasabian Eez-eh
    "Eez-eh, I’ll make you mad Least stay sleazy If you want to, I take you out I got a feeling that I’m gonna keep you up oh Gonna keep you up oh Gonna keep you up all night Tired of taking orders Coping"
  • Gaba Kulka Love me
  • Kapon x AdE Singiel (feat. OCB, prod. Manifest)
    "Choć dziś grubą krechą oddzielam co było wczoraj Może ja byłem dziwny, może ty byłaś chora Tłum dookoła, elegancko mnie porywa Znowu jaśniej świecą światła Znowu noc minie jak chwila Ej, trzeba podleczyć"
  • Blasq Dwa Oblicza (feat. Słoń / WSRH)
    "BLASQ i Słoń brachu BLASQ i Słoń brachu Rapu dwa demony Wszyscy nagle robią rap dzisiaj, dostali fisia Pseudo rymy ciągle śmieszą mnie jak Jerzy Kryszak Ponoć masz talent wielki jak Marta Grycan Sprawdź,"
  • Abra Moore Dreamtime
    "Dream Time Abra Moore In dream time I sleep a thousand years A thousand clouds Pass through my eyes Making sunlight disappear In dream time I cross to the other side Cross the fields of gravity Where"
  • Axelle Red Temps Pour Nous
    "24 heures dans une journe 86400 secondes et toujours pas de temps pour nous clins au lit faut pas rver on nous sollicite de tous cts et au travail pas de pause pour s'appeler enfin on croit qu'on rentre "
  • Eliza Doolittle Pack Up
    "I get tired And upset And I'm trying to care a little less When I google I only get depressed I wast taught to dodge those issues I was told Don't worry There's no doubt There's always something to cry"
  • Graham Parker Bubblegum Cancer
    "Joe Camel was a friend of mine He had a fine line in seduction But the monkeys pulled Joe off the billboard sign Somewhere near Clapham Junction Now all the little children had no pied piper There was"
  • BWO Hanging on the phone
    "Reaching for your headset Try not get your hair wet When you call me when you call me Walking in the rain Guess who's feeling hyper Trying to decipher When I hear you when I hear you Driving me insane"
  • Woody Guthrie All Work Together
    "My mommy told me an' the teacher told me, too, There's all kinds of work that I can do: Dry my dishes, sweep my floor, But if we all work together it won't take very long. We all work together with"
  • Neva Dinova Supercomputer
    "With my silicone jacket and my flat glass screen I got the facts and the figures Typed 'em in with my fingers Got to Google a question 'bout the QuickTrip's nitrate Fair it ain't with the mud and the paint You"
  • Wuwunio Frytki z bigosem w
    "Na okrzykach fanek jak na dopalaczach teraz wkraczam rządzę w odtwarzaczach Granice przekraczam, ty rozpaczasz W tych rozgrywkach nie ma lepszego gracza Na płycie, kasecie, i na twardym dysku Tymi wersami"
  • Vixen Smart Fucking Phone (ft. Oxon)
    "(Vixen) Tani MC jak te telefony – po trzech latach konsumpcji Co drugi zawieszony, działa jak Szajsungi Planowo się starzeją, wracają do pudełka I lądują pod ziemią, bo wychodzi następca... ...co ma styl,"
  • Anouk Modern World
    "Crazy way to get your kicks Shoot the silicone in your lips If your figure makes you sad Suck the fat right of your back Make up your mind about your tits, girls You can puff'm up so no bra will fit girls There's"
  • Bomb The Music Industry! $2,400,000
    "I know what it looks like, the ships not capsizing. The drivers just drunk or asleep at the wheel. The map is illegible, we spilled beers all over it. Were all piss poor heroes, were aching to drown in a"

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