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  • Black Betty (Nick Cave Version) - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Black Betty (Nick Cave Version) Look-a look-a yonder (3x) Well the sun done gone The captain can't hold her (3x) The way I do now Ada got a gold mine (3x) Way above her knees The"
  • Henry Lee (Nick Cave version) - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Henry Lee (Nick Cave version) Get down, get down, little Henry Lee And stay all night with me You won't find a girl in this damn world That will compare with me And the wind did"
  • Nick Cave Dolls - Bongwater
    "-- Nick Cave Dolls Hi... Glad you called. Guess what I'm doing right now! Mmmm... That's right. I'm walking along Hollywood Boulevard. All I hear are people around me asking each other "Who's here? Who's"
  • Long Time Man (Nick Cave version) - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Long Time Man (Nick Cave version) Written by Tim Rose Yeah, they came to take me away Said I'd be sitting here for the rest of my life But I don't really care - I shot my wife And"
  • The Good Son (Nick Cave Version) - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous The Good Son (Nick Cave Version) One more man gone One more man gone One more man is gone The good son walks into the field He is a tiller, he has a tiller's hands But down in"
  • Nick the Stripper - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Nick the Stripper Nick the stripper hideous to the eye hideous to the ee he's a fat little insect a fat little insect and OOOOOOHHHH! Here we go again Nick the stripper dances"
  • The Gypsy Faerie Queen (feat. Nick Cave) - Marianne Faithfull
    "I’m known by many different names, My good friend Will calls me Puck and Robin Goodfellow, I follow the Gypsy Faerie Queen And I follow the Gypsy Faerie Queen she walks the length and breadth of England singng"
  • Nick the stripper - Nick Cave
    "Nick the stripper hideous to the eye hideous to the ee he's a fat little insect a fat little insect and OOOOOOHHHH! Here we go again Nick the stripper dances on all fours dances on all fours He's in his"
  • Nick of Time - Marcin Rozynek
    "Wasting time all these years Abusing dreams to live in sleep In a nick of time you can throw away this way The useless land can yield the bliss You must drop the rain on the thirsty fields In the nick"
  • Cave - Muse
    "Leave me alone it's nothing serious Ill do it myself It's got nothing to do with you And there's nothing that you could do You can see it and you can almost hear it too You can almost taste it It's nothing"
  • Cave - Kotoko
    "== Romanized Japanese == hisomu toiki shikeru koe ga kokoro no hida wareta sukima hiraku kizu ni shimikomu fukai yami ato sukoshi honno chotto de nukedasesou dakedo ne mayotte'ru docchi no DOA"
  • Cave - Muse
    "Lass mich allein, es ist nichts ernstes. Ich werde es alleine tun, es hat nichts mit dir zu tun. Und es gibt auch nichts, was du tun knntest. Bitte schliee deine Ohren und versuch weg zu schauen. So wirst"
  • Cave - Future Islands
    "In parting ways And parting hearts A dress of leaves blows to the winds Take these sacrificial remnants untended Bashed to dust And trust distressed Red cheeks caved in I don’t believe anymore Don’t believe"
  • Feelin Freaky!! Ft. Nick Cannon - B2K
    "Yo put the kids to bed Yo Shawty..I know you aint scared B2k and Nick Cannon.. Trackmasters..the Pied Piper Yo' the freaks come out at night I'm like Houdini with the magic stick When you turn out"
  • La Cara De Nick Lauda - Los Planetas
    "Ese viaje que hicimos No lo voy a poder olvidar Pasan imgenes por mi cabeza Que apenas me dejan estar T te pusiste delante Dijiste que ibas a conducir Con una sonrisa tan grande Que no pude ms que sonrer Todo"
  • Cave-in - Cave In
    "Last night I dreamt your faceThe skin was falling offThe flesh was turning greyThis is a cave-inI said I'd stayCave-inSaid I'd stayLast night I had a dreamYour eyes were lit by fireThe way you tried to"
  • Cave in - Ian Matthews
    "Better call the neighbors telephone the kids I think there's been a cave in 'cause of what I said Home is where the pain is ain't that what they say I've gone and caused a cave in and you were in the way"
  • Cave Thing - Bill Nye
    "A hollow space stuck under the ground Where lava, ice, and limestone are found They're caverns Caves and caverns Caves and caverns Caves and caverns It's a cave thing It's a cave thing, yeah yeah Different"
  • The Cave - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "In a place where comfort shouldn't be I found comfort and tranquility I found friends that mean so much to me, in a place I never thought I'd be. the cave's never coming down on me. the cave really means"
  • Miller's Cave - Hank Snow
    "(Dark old cave Miller's Cave) Way down in the state of Georgia through the swamps and everglades There's a hole in Tiger Mountain God help the man who gets lost in Miller's Cave I had a girl in way cross"

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