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t.love Old is Gold

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t.love Old is Gold

  • Gold - Prince
    "There's a mountain and it's mighty high U cannot see the top unless U fly And there's a molehill of proven ground There ain't no where 2 go if U hang around Everybody wants 2 sell what's already been"
  • Gold - Chet Faker
    "You gotta know, I'm feeling love Made of gold, I never loved a Another one, another you It's gotta be love I said it You gotta know, I'm feeling love You gotta know, I'm feeling love You gotta know,"
  • Gold - Monsoon
    "See the people in the city hall dancing What a lovely celebration Dont know,dont know why the air s cold And my bones kinda getting old Ive got to find the key that gets me to the backyard The gutter where"
  • T.Love - T.Love
    "Pele chce grać w T.LoveGierek chce grać w T.LoveBoniek chce grać w T.LoveBruce Lee chciał grać w T.LovePodobno Clinton chce grać w T.LoveFibak chce grać w T.LoveRambo chce grać w T.LoveMozart chciał grać"
  • Old - Paul Simon
    "The first time I heard "Peggy Sue" I was 12 years old Russians up in rocket ships And the war was cold Now many wars have come and gone Genocide still goes on Buddy Holly still goes on But his catalog"
  • Deceit Is Striking Gold - Cky
    "Speaking gibberish the shrieking drivel almost making sense Let down your guard and sign the donor card My hand denied one to many times Hear what youre told the truth is getting old A simple victim Just"
  • Rolled Gold - Adrian Furby Trio
    "Its calling for you man, so be real That old tree next to your house, You know the one with the possum family in it, Is creaking under the strain, Which is a metaphor for your life, woo. Hey sweetcakes,"
  • Go Gold - Guided By Voices
    "Not so tired in trials of lately Devil in the spaces Giving credit, going places You are told To go Feeling bold? Go gold Preconceived in half allegiance Ideas of the wicked Who remove you from your sickness Young"
  • Gold Ring - Spleen United
    "I lost my gold ring long ago long ago I lost my gold ring gold You're such a young girl wanna go? I want to go with such a young girl like you Across the mainland on my own on my own Across the mainland"
  • Hero's Gold - Ari Koivunen
    "We venture We battle We strive For a time and a space of our own Free possession Defying oppression We cry You live in your dreams and Your dreams are becoming Your god We rage We fight Not to fade out"
  • Glitter & Gold - Rebecca Ferguson
    "How good or bad Happy or sad Does it have to get? Losing yourself Don't cry for help You don't think you need it And old friends are just a chore And now you need 'em more than ever before All that glitter And"
  • Fools Gold - Thin Lizzy
    "In the year of the famine When starvation and black death raged across the land There were many driven by their hunger To set sail for the Americas In search of a new life and a new hope Oh but there"
  • Acapulco Gold - Catatonia
    "Doubters and cowards Heroes all deaf to the clarion call For whom does it toll For who does it toll But all the dreams subside They're wrapped in America's suicide Play in the road side sand Bleached"
  • Acapulco Gold - Cantatonia
    "Doubters and cowards, heroes all Deaf to clarion call For whom does it toll? For whom does it toll? But all the dreams subside They're wrapped in America's suicide Play in the roadside sand Bleached"
  • Stay Gold - The Berlin Project
    "Going down that same old road I've gone so many times I was dosing off an hour ago, but now I'm fine. Delirious with surprise Can you see it in my eyes I've bounced back before but not this time Happened"
  • Solid Gold - Cadillac Blindside
    "you don't know where you want to go but it only really matters where you've been. and even though we come through your town leaving always means we lose more than we win and it's easy to be lonely when"
  • Witches Gold - Mephisto Walz
    "Her house is empty and her heart is old And filled with shades and echoes that deceive With blind bent fingers, nets that cannot hold No one save her for still she tries to weave Once all men's arms"
  • Backwoods Gold - Black Stone Cherry
    "Back woods gold And I'm back on the road Playin' moonshine games But the taste is gonna be the same Hotrods to hell And the angels are rollin' I wanna go Where that hill-tea is flowin' Hotrods to hell And"
  • Black Gold - Jimi Hendrix
    "Black is gold is pure And true kings of this earth. 1. So I say it's up to us to straighten Out this mess... We got to go through hell... And then that's the last of this Miserable test... 2. Black"
  • White Gold - Metric
    "Piss-poor, ride in her sun bathing fireside We're here for the porn and the sirloin Get your T-bone Let your backbone slide Tunnel and sky collide Lose friends to the air waves and the airlines I wanna"

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