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taaaaakee myyyy haaand

  • Welcome To My World - Mo Thugs
    "Welcome to my world, you know procedure, nothin but playaz and truez, man. It's a jazz thang, and a sister gets wrecked foe her domain. Plain and simple, Ken Dawg rollin wit II Tru, who you wanna"
  • Dynaflow - Michael Nesmith
    "DYNAFLOW When I'm riding (riding) In my Dynaflow (Dynaflow) It's exciting (exciting) In my Dynaflow (Dynaflow) And I'm riding (riding) In my (In my) Dy na flow Dy na flow Such a far way to go (go) See"
  • Hold My Hand - The Rutles
    "I'm not the kind of guy who likes to play Big Brother But I've just seen your date outside, he's with Another I saw you both come in And clearly, you're not meant for him, so Please, please, hold my hand Hold"
  • Multiwitamina - Pierwszy
    "Zwrotka 1 (Pierwszy) Wiem, że nie podobam się, bo jestem za prosty chłopak, Ty skill pokaż, mój bit nokaut i git wokal Wciąż mówią, że już pozjadali mnie, szkoda, że na pokaz Bo na scenę coś nowego chcę"
  • My Crew - Canibus
    "My crew (4X) (Cheeks) Yo yo now now now now When I wake up before I gather up my pens I shine up my fronts I give a Dutch for all my mens throw on some Marvin Gaye I smoke my weed and clean my kitchen"
  • My Heart Depends On You - Fred Hammond
    "(Background vocals) Whoa oo oa oa oa ooooa Trusting in someone who's made of flesh and blood Such a frightful situation Continual emotional intensive care Is from too high expectations So like a flower"
  • All On My Own - Beat Union
    "im watching everyone now thinking that somehow my solitary rain cloud could wash me away cause you see sometimes that you need some time and im still haunted everyday by every word that you said still"
  • Whodad - Raptile
    "Now who dat, Raptile (wie Hook geshoutet), wit, da Basilisks eye, travellin skys, Spit, heavyweight rhymes, rip, average styles, cause we, ain't , (mmh,mmh,) havin that now, (Break) no, no, we be rockin"
  • Snoops Upside Ya Head - Snoop Dogg
    "Aiyyo soopafly, why don't you get work with one of them fly-ass remixes? Dpg style...hahahaha... Who's the man with the mic in haaand? Who's the man with the masterlplaaan? He goes by the name of snoop"
  • Contagious - R.Kelly
    "There was a story about a man comin in and find his woman in bed with well listen: It's 2 a.m. just getting in about to check my message. No one has called but my homies and some bill collectors. Cellular.."
  • Crazy game of poker - O.A.R.
    "Ohh myyyy 20 throw down in my best bridge and the man to my left has folded down well johnny doubled up with a royal flush i had three jacks and a pair of nines my mind is turning - just two shots more"

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