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tada dim tada dam

  • Kaze To Tada Mae Wo Mita - Aluto
    "Makka ni iro wo kae nagara, hi no hikari ga shizumu Kyou no owari wo miteirunda, asu e no mayoi sukoshi Biru no sukima wo irodotte, yawarakai iro ni natta Tsumetai kuuki ga nagaretara, kowaku nakatta Kaze"
  • Dim Bendith - Super Furry Animals
    "Ar ol llond poced o fadarch roes ti'r ty ar dan After a pocket full of mushrooms you set the house on fire Doedd pethau ddim r'un fath ers ith rieni arwahanu Things weren't the same since your parents"
  • Dim - Dada
    "If you've got a picture of your face Could you leave it on your way out the door I don't care if it's color or black or white I just need something to remember you by Oh, before my life went dim Oh, before"
  • Dim - Beth
    "BETH - DIME Mar en calma en un atardecer, y todo vuelve a ser como era entonces. Juego con la arena entre mis pies dibujando sin querer tu nombre. Cuntas veces te llam en la noche, cuntas veces te busqu. Por"
  • Dim - Alpha
    "You find out words are the same when you shout I'm forced out I'm someone childlike My first time Wonder when you'd come So the mermaid's run For now the magic's gone Falling under the water where i"
  • Dim Carcosa - Ancient Rites
    "Black stars shine on the ancient fortified town The sun invisible or since long down? Over the dismal landscape Above Carcosa No sound, only the wind sighed Behind mysterious moons, strange towers hide But"
  • Dim Halo - Greenwheel
    "Imagine no daylight only the moon as your guide When ours is to darkness what forgotten sun is too bright Eyes wide open now taking it all in stride I can see your eyes when the stars hang low Like"
  • Dim Reflection - Under The Shadow
    "Dim reflection in the window I look inside to say hello You look right past me like you don't know Where am I supposed to go? Just wait and bleed again Just wait until the end It's almost over and I forgot"
  • Never Dim - The Waiting
    "I think I smell the sunset Think I feel the close of day Clean shaven correspondents Are all crowded at the gate Smell the oil from their torches Their voices growing more irate Sheperd's staves are crooked Leading"
  • Joy Dim - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Joy Dim Like most kids I played with fire On the railroad tracks I nearly died Some pain inflicted upon myself Not all trial and error brings succes I guess All this time you've been"
  • Dim Visions - Ice Ages
    "One day it could all turn grey; from white to black it stops to change. And only grey will here remain to stay; forever day by day Grey is the reason for despair, grey days are getting old and bare So"
  • The Dim Locator - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous The Dim Locator Inanimational items elude I, and In-an-emotional-motion I swallow my Motive of quicker location is slammed my dim chance of skipping this thick world is thin They"
  • The dim locator - Nick Cave
    "Inanimational items elude I, and In-an-emotional-motion I swallow my Motive of quicker location is slammed my dim chance of skipping this thick world is thin They call me Dim I am the Dim Locator Dim Locator"
  • Dim Terim Bebim - Toni Francis
    "Combinei com meus amigos De tomar uma gelada Depois do expediente A hora ficou marcada Comeamos a noitinha E foi at de madrugada No outro dia no servio Eu no dei conta da jornada Mas que eu passei"
  • Dim The Lights - Handsome
    "no i dont wanna see it and i dont wanna believe it i dont wanna be around dont wanna reap what I've sown Chorus Dim the lights we said cause i dont wanna see whats become of me we play the slider asking"
  • Dim With Shame - Sacrilege
    "Farewell repulsive earth upon which I've wandered Nevermore your grandeur I shall behold Farewell, farewell oh sun and moon A new age entered enchanted by its gloom My bloodstained path concealed by lies Deceit's"
  • Dim Blue Light - Whitmore
    "see the moonlight shining in his eyes while he drives last adrenaline that barely holds onto his life cos i know you are a jousting confronting for everything cos i know it won't be you that come takes"
  • A Dim Entrance - The Good Life
    "Send me to bed My head's drowning out The thick and blurry sounds Of horses on the highway The days running down, And I'm drowning out This overwhelming sound Send me to bed And tamp out the lamp and"
  • Dam - Ryan Matthew
    "Do you think That you've come far Through winds so hard And are you as disgruntled As you appear Are you wishing that I wasn't here Well one day soon that dam is gonna break And it'll wash you away it'll"
  • Dam, Dam - Blue System
    "Dam dam dubi du dam I need you more than everyone Dam dam dubi du dam I know it hurts to be alone Oh, do you really go ? Baby, say it isn't so Do you really really know ? That I miss you baby (oh be"

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