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tahnee cain

  • Cain - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Pure Acid Park Cain Guess you heard About the incident At the high school It's unfortunate Out by nag's head Diamond marsh They say the body Was found in parts You need good friends Times"
  • Cain - Patty Griffin
    "One of the dead boys, he looked like OpieHe looked like Opie, one of the dead boys.Grandpa gave him a cup of cocoa and Rubbed his head for luck like he always did.All you need is a coca-cola.Thats what"
  • Cain - Tiamat
    "I gave you my love Though crystalized I sent you a rose with nevermore So many years So many hours And only thistles on my shore For all that it's worth The blood on my hands Is the blood of divinities And"
  • Cain - Artemesia
    "Here In This Land - My Blood And My Life But I'm Banished And Cursed For All Time "Where's Your Brother?", He Asked And The Sky Turned To Black "I Am No Guard For Him!", I Replied So I Walk To The East The"
  • Go Cain - Najwa Nimri
    "(darling, I see you I'm alright, now) Go cain Day after day I know that you're the one who's gonna win So go cain Ready for the fight The time is not right Ready after all this years For the love you"
  • Raising Cain - The Mission
    "I'm sick and tired of this masquerade I'm bored to death by the games we play For to long now it's been a charade Don't wanna stay around to piss on parade Gotta get the hell outta here Too late now to"
  • Miss Cain - Devendra Banhart
    "Hi miss Cain Thanks for the phone call Isn't it isnt it Strange All things to do change All they don't change at all Isn't it isn't it Strange All somethings go All somethings do remain Isn't it isn't"
  • Erika Cain - B5
    "B5 Don't Talk Just Listen Erika Cain (dustin) have u ever had a gurl that gave u a drop gaw u be starin to hard u can walk into a brick wall tell me did u holla and did did did did u get it and did it"
  • Pornographer Cain - Solefald
    "(L:) My appartment works fine No need for locations It's spacious enough for a camera and some Asians (C:) At the moment I am working on the Eastern Block I bet my ladies would love a Serbo cock (L:)"
  • Citizen Cain - The Black League
    "(Florida, Jarva et al.) Over here, fella!. He-hey, You Mister! Why don't you LISTEN? A few WORDS from a POOR OL' guy now. Just wanna tell you 'bout THAT THING That crossed my PATH changing the COURSE"
  • Twist Of Cain - Danzig
    "Yea, yea, yea Ooh I can feel it move me Feel it shove me As I break the law Said yea I can feel it's jabbing Cuts the numbness then I I come alive yea Twist of Cain Yea drives my brain Yea"
  • Abel And Cain - Marc Almond
    "(Race of Abel) Eat, sleep and drink God smiles on you contentedly (Race of Cain) In filth and stink grovel And die wretchedly (Race of Abel) Your sacrifice smells good To an angel's nose (Race of Cain) What's"
  • Sign Of Cain - Miguel Bose
    "From the firelight of a thousand tribes For every spark that flies A million shining flowers With every ember burns a dream We play a part in some great scheme The city's heart is still The sky is always"
  • Terra Nova Cain - The Church
    "Turn down the gravity, this is all too heavy I'll show you how the ancients once traveled They used to call this a Chevy Just before the continents sank, you could still go outside I was sitting on a hot"
  • Terra nova cain - Church
    "Turn down the gravity, this is all too heavyI'll show you how the ancients once traveledThey used to call this a ChevyJust before the continents sank, you could still go outsideI was sitting on a hot off"
  • House of Cain - Balance Of Power
    "Feels so good Feels so right Feels so good Look inside those crazy eyes Of a blackened, hazy mind Think you've found a secret power? Better close those eyes (Feels so good) Living under city towers "
  • Sons of Cain - Forest Of Impaled
    "The Valkyries Weep for me... above this battle*eld! Once they sang of my deeds... now they sing my lament! Just out of their reach... bleeding, I lie, waiting for death! The warriors way, duty met! miles"
  • Mark of Cain - Therion
    "Cain, firstborn son of Adam You killed your brother Abel. Now bear a mark of God in your eyes Pain is (the) sing of your symbol And you'll be borne down by (the) load. You will walk forever to live and"
  • Mark Of Cain - Noa
    "Lyrics: Noa Music: Noa & Gil Dor I am a young woman With callused hands and feet With an ever - growing problem Buried in me deep It has stripped me of my beauty With an overwhelming pain And"
  • Cain And Abel - Interference
    "Naked men in the desert are feeding the peasants And watch out for Cain he comes down like the rain Abel's not able to eat from the table Cause his throat got caught when Cain was using the razor Cain"

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