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taio cruz world in our hands

  • Our World - Da T.R.U.T.H.
    "(Chorus) Welcome to our world No killers, drug dealers Guerillas, no villains Christ told us that most of them won't feel us Welcome to our world No hustlers, customers Everybody in the building"
  • Our Hands - Bjork
    "Look no further Look no further Look no further Cruelest almost Always to ourselves It mustn't get any better off It's in our hands it always was it's in our hands In our hands it's all there In our"
  • Dancing with Our Hands Tied - Taylor Swift
    "I, I loved you in secret First sight, yeah, we love without reason Oh, twenty-five years old Oh, how were you to know? And My, my love had been frozen Deep blue, but you painted me golden Oh, and you held"
  • M367 (Out Of Our Hands) - Revelation Theory
    "Pain troubles me, filled up, it lives in here. Cold air I breathe, full of mistakes I've made. Stay back. It's out of our hands. Try too hard. Try to understand. It's out of our hands. There's nothing"
  • Santa Cruz - Lonely Kings
    "Crosswed wires inspire a subtle sting Stop when you've spoken a mouthfull Stop when you choke it down Sold when you have expensive tastes I bit this silver tounge It tasted bittersweet And if I'm lost"
  • It's Our World - George Duke
    "Givin' it up is what we must do Everyone on the line, no other way to choose The whole world is in our hands We can make a better place it's in the Master's plan We can do it if we try And if others ask"
  • It's In Our Hands - Bjork
    "Look no further Look no further Look no further Cruelest almost always to ourselves It mustn't Get any better Ahhhhhh-ohh-ahh- off It's in our hands It always was It's in our hands In our hands It's"
  • Love In Our Hands - Novi Ierusalim
    "I see heaven smiling Kindly in your face An angel's reflection I'm touched by your grace On and on we'll hold our love So close in our hands One day our love will be our life When nothing else stands As"
  • Santa Maria - The Frames
    "Let me off of this boat I'm sick of this ride The world is heading ever southward And I can't stay in here And you're lying awake Away on your side The feeling comes in waves and burns us And I don't"
  • With our hands - Edie Carey
    "This all started with our hands Underneath the table And I couldn't concentrate I don't even think I heard that band Cuz everything in me kept saying "Maybe you're too late" But you loved me still Though"
  • In Our World - Fifteen
    "In our world, we got six billion And some might say, conflict is unavoidable But I think we got choices, so I'll say everything will be alright Don't you know, it's just a simple choice we can choose to get"
  • In Your Hands - Charlie Winston
    "Mother, I've gotta get out of here So I can save our family From this poverty And when I make my money I'll send it back to you Father, Give me strength, I pray I have to end this misery It's causing"
  • The world is changing hands - The Kinks
    "There is a war going on, A Spiritual change, There is a world going wrong, Don't ya wanna run away and hide, And it seems so hard. We're on a psychic battlefield, Fighting for our souls, To make us free,"
  • Dynamite - Taio Cruz
    "I came to dance, dance, dance, dance I hit the floor 'Cause that's my, plans, plans, plans, plans I'm wearing all my favorite Plans, plans, plans, plans Give me space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands You,"
  • Hands - Jewel
    "If I could tell the world just one thing It would be that we're all OK And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful And useless in times like these I won't be made useless I won't be idle with despair I will"
  • Hands - Quindon Tarver
    "If I Could Tell the World Just One Thing It Would Be That We're All Ok and Not to Worry 'cause Worry Is Wasteful and Useless in Times Like These I Won't Be Made Useless I Won't Be Idle With Despair"
  • Troublemaker - Taio Cruz
    "I saw when arrived looking like a supermodel You ass from the side looks just like a Coke bottle I like the way you ride put that thing on both throttle So get, get get get up on the saddle I wanna see"
  • Hands - Swervedriver
    "I just love this part of the world The food's fine and the sun shines And the people seem so relaxed They ride motorbikes lidless It seems like nobody's ever been anywhere They didn't wanna be I guess"
  • Never gonna get us - Taio Cruz
    "They build you up to watch you fall,Tell you, you can do it all,But they really wanna see you down inthe shadows.Cos they can't ever learn to fly,They don't wanna see you in the sky,But they really wanna"
  • Fly away - Taio Cruz
    "We could fly away,ay ay ay ay(2 x)Somewhere far,someplace where no one else can goSomeplace where only you might know how to get thereSomeplace where only doves have seen the skiesSomeplace where only"

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