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take me to charge

  • Charge - Elbow
    "I am electric With a bottle in me Got a bottle in me And glory be these fuckers are ignoring me I’m from another century I am a preacher When I’ve got it on me And I’ve got it on me And glory be these"
  • Take Charge - Run Level Zero
    "darkness down there appears absolute it's the darkest of all pits unholy daemons taking charge vomiting stagnant water my veins, sweeping landscapes dripping oil, finding peace wonders of life, singing"
  • Charge - The Divine Comedy
    "Ladysmith wants you forthwith to come to her relief Burn your briefs you leave for France tonight Carefully cut the straps of the booby-traps and set the captives free But don't shoot 'til you see her"
  • Charge - Celesty
    "I ride, and send my troops into fight Soon they all will sing for victory My troops and sword will help me on my way... (And) I'll rule this world eternally Eternally!! Now, that daylight has arrived And"
  • Charge It - Tim Curry
    "Well you can Telex my accountant Call up Tele-Credit, too I know they sent a monthly statement But I never read it through You say you won't accept my Visa Or American Express And the computer is suspicious 'Cause"
  • Master Charge - Albert Collins
    "(Sax intro by Jon Smith) I got my wife a charge card Just the other day I owe five hundred dollars Just for yesterday I said, "Honey, here's a present Go out and shop around, buy you a couple a-dresses, browse"
  • Charge Me Up - Faster Pussycat
    "It's not that I'm lonely I'm just tired of keeping the rats company It's not that I need someone to help me Drag me out of bed and brush my teeth I'm as aggravated as an old hound dog Trying to remember"
  • Depth Charge Ethel - Grinderman
    "I entered the room and the canned laughter Ethel was angled across some dude's knee I offered to clothe her to feed and to bath her If she'd just give me a little exclusivity Depth Charge Ethel is something"
  • A Charge To Keep - Iced Earth
    "I must believe that what's a memory now Was the only way To know that all of those you love Were just stripped away And now, if I'm the one to lead us Into a brand new day At peace I must be with the brutal"
  • Charles In Charge - Relient K
    "New boy in the neighborhood Lives down stairs and it's understood. He's there just to take good care of me. Like he's one of the family. Charles in charge of Our days and our nights. Charles in charge"
  • No Charge - Tammy Wynette
    "My little girl came into the kitchen this evenin', While I was fixin' supper, And she handed me a piece of paper she'd been writin' on, And after wipin' my hands on my apron, I read it - and this is what"
  • In Charge - Uffie
    "You know who is in charge Don't make me say it again This little girl really is 'bout to break the market open No there is no weak beats cause you know what I'm about Recorded changes fuckin' beats"
  • Charge - Splendid
    "The way you love Have you got a name for it Cause I don't understand it The language is an annoying necessity And I depend on all the regular things Got a list tattooed on my memory Of how our tryst should"
  • Charge - Edita Gorniac
    "The way you love Have you got a name for it Cause I don't understand it The language is an annoying necessity And I depend on all the regular things Got a list tattooed on my memory Of how our tryst should"
  • Charge - Super Furry Animals
    "Hello and greetings my friend. We are all interested in the future for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives, whether we want to or not. And remember my friend, these future"
  • Charge! - Abigail
    "I am bastard evil angel Worship blood and fire Now you doing, slow and terrifying, really band fell Fighting beating nothing holds the storm Die die die Charge! I love the dead, Satan's revenge Let the"
  • Charge - Obtained Enslavement
    "(Music: Heks & Dden/Words: Pest) Am I here to stay forever.......or not at all? My flesh is yearning for the spirit world. A last battle must be fought, for those of flesh. Total destruction - lay the"
  • Alexander In Charge - Tub Ring
    "There was an average Monday There was a movie star There was a man with a gun There was a getaway car There was a moment's confusion Then all hell broke loose There was immediate action There was nothing"
  • The Charge (Knockturnul) - Cake Bake Betty
    "I can't, I can't hear I see, I see your nose Baby said when the poison's in the river We will know, know our home I wanted to chew on this I wanted to trace your list These days we are too rough and I"
  • Charge It To My Head - Commissioned
    "I was looking back on yesterday I saw my favorite photograph of you and me You were my pride and joy The one my heart beats for And you will always be The apple of my eye (Chorus) If ever I forget to"

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