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take me with you when you go

  • Take Me With You (When You Go) - The Jayhawks
    "(Louris, Olson) Pedal Blue Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. BMI Day is done, night is returning. Icy black, the muddy waters. I've got to know, won't you please tell me. Sinking like a stone,"
  • Take Me With You When You Go - Trace Adkins
    "(Mark Nesler/Jennifer Hanson) You can settle down in Mexico Runaway join a circus show Whatever, baby it's alright with me Take a walk in the pouring rain Sky dive from a jet airplane Love like"
  • Take Me With You When You Go - Tracy Byrd
    "(Mark Nesler - Jennifer Hanson) You can settle down in Mexico Runaway join a circus show Whatever baby it's alright with me Take a walk in the pouring rain Sky dive from a jet airplane Love like ours"
  • You Can't Take It With You When You Go - Rhonda Vincent
    "Watch where you're standing When you close that door 'Cause if you're on the wrong side It won't open anymore Be sure before you leave me that it's the only way Take off your coat and think about What"
  • You Can Take It With You (When You Go) - Tim McGraw
    "(Jim Dycus/Kerry Kurt Phillips) (Track 4 - Time 2:12) Well I'm gonna have to get a new mailbox 'Cuz all she left me was a hole And I'm gonna hafta get a new washin' machine As soon as I get some new clothes Well"
  • Take Me With You - morphine
    "You want to begin again. Pretend you're innocent. If you believe, you can convince yourself. I'm sure you can convince yourself. This town never gave you much back. Just rumors and a whispering attack. This"
  • Take Me With You - Phil Collins
    "If you see the light on in the window of my room I'll be looking out though the shades are drawn If you should hear someone quietly calling out for your hair Don't be alarmed it might just be me Take"
  • Take Me With You - Whitesnake
    "Every time I see my baby home, I wanna kiss a little better so I get stoned. Gonna spread her pretty legs so I can see, Sweet lip honey be the death of me And I will discover you'll be my midnight"
  • Take Me With You - Dima Bilan
    "Everybody's got a fantasy Part of being where you are For every action there's a price to pay So am I paying for it now? See what I mean? But I can see it Keep on holding onto me Is this how it's meant"
  • Take Me With You - Pacewon
    "(Intro - female singer) Every morning, every evening Oh I love love love love loving you (Pacewon) My girl love me, no question I guess Not to mention the attention I get But sometimes I get mad though,"
  • Take You With - Huffamoose
    "You shouldntve come by You shouldntve come by Ive got a letter for you this ought to do it for you You shouldntve come by You shouldntve come by Its all in the letter sweetheart plain and simple loved"
  • You Can't Take That Hot Rod With You When You Go - An Albatross
    "Today, they buried a good man. It got me to thinking about all of the worthless shit The plastic people worry their lives away with. Man, life isn't mortgages, Life isn't diamonds, baby (*shine*shine*) Life's"
  • When You Go Out Tonight - Saturday Looks Good To Me
    "When you go out tonight Wear your coat, and baby, take your knife 'Cause if it's only in my mind It's with your Coca-Cola eyes and your valentines But you don't know where the whole thing ends, so don't"
  • Where You Go I Go - September When
    "I follow you barefoot or with shoes And I will laugh on my way 'cos I'll get to you some day But it's a dangerous track It keeps haunting me back But it still don't leave me no choice I must keep following"
  • Take Me With You - Texas
    "I can't disguise the pounding of my heart It beats so strong It's in your eyes what can I say You turn me on Cause I don't care where we go I don't care what we do I don't care pretty baby Just"
  • Take Me With You - Prince
    "I Can't Disguise The Pounding Of My Heart It Beats So Strong It's In Your Eyes What Can I Say They Turn Me On I Don't Care Where We Go I Don't Care What We Do I Don't Care Pretty Baby Just Take Me With"
  • Take Me With You - Secondhand Serenade
    "Forgive me if I seem forward, But I've never been in front of anything like you, It's the last place I thought I'd be when I woke up this morning, Is it true that you are always this part-taking, And you're"
  • Take Me With You - Waking Ashland
    "It's so dark now That I can hardly tell If my eyes are closed or open I've got no way of knowing It's so quiet now I can't sleep At all tonight All I can hear are my lungs Breathing And the sound of my"
  • You Can't Take It When You Go - Dave Mason
    "Dont try to possess me Ill slip from your grasp the things that you seek have already passed in rushing to own everything thats in sight nothing is left no, not even your life You cant take it when you"
  • When You Go - Tracy Byrd
    "(Michael P. Heeney - Casey Beathard - Marlo Cannon) The yelling and cussing was different this time That's when I started to pack There's a place where two people can't change anymore And that's right"

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