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take over me

  • Take Me Over - De/Vision
    "Take my hand Forever yours Your wish is my command Heart of gold Her beauty almost painful to behold My world's on fire Commit me to the flames Don't ever leave me The flames get higher We'll kiss the"
  • Take Me Over - ATB
    "Looking down unaware of the world What a strung out beautiful girl Dawn is holding a sign, could use a little help here She's aware in her own little way Fading in and out of the day As she sits there"
  • Take Over - Aaron Shust
    "I tried to run, I tried to fight You But I'm done, I'm giving up I've learned to trust You, Your love Now I'm singing Can You take over, take over Can You take over me I've been here over and over again Here"
  • Take Over - Fun People
    "Nobody can stop me nobody cuold hear me (along these years) What you need is affection How much i need it,oh,yeah Take over,take over (taking it all upon me) nobody can stop me nobody could hear me (along"
  • Take Over - Youth Alive WA
    "My eyes are red from tears This world just seems to hard to take I'm losing control My soul feels dead inside These wounds could never be erased Can someone make me whole Look into my eyes and see You"
  • Take Over - Slim Thug
    "(Hook) Boss Hogg, we running this rap shit Slim Thugger, I'm running this rap shit Sir Daily, we running this rap shit Lil' Doodie, we running this rap shit E.S.G., we running this rap shit Rayface, we"
  • Come Take Me Over - Robbie Williams
    "Come Take Me Over Is this a long range effort, cause I'll pitch a tent I'm kinda used to feeling cold Should I walk naked should I bear my sould Won't you help me fill this hole And what I'm trying to"
  • take me over tłumaczenie - ATB
    "Zabierz mnie ponad Patrząc w dół nieświadomy o świecie Co za zejście pięknej dziewczyny Świt trzyma znak, może się tam przyda mała pomoc Ona jest świadoma na swój własny sposób Zanik sygnału i wyłączony"
  • Take over control - Afrojack ft. Eva Simons
    "Let's go take a ride in your car I will take the passenger seat Baby we don't have to go far Unless you want to show Be at a lovely place out of town Where you feel most steady Well you are the one that"
  • The Take Over - Screwed Up Click
    "(*talking*) Yeah (yeah), world premier (world premier) You're about to feel the strength of, the S.U.C. (S.U.C.) Screwed Up Click that is, representing for DJ Screw The legend (DJ Screw), my nigga (Hook"
  • The Take Over - Lil' Flip
    "(*talking*) Hey Hump, how much you paid E.S.G. To get on the H.S.E. album mayn (I gave that nigga three full cookies, told him Get his ass away come back and get a fifty pack) Hey y'all, E.S.G.. snort"
  • Big Take Over - Bad Brains
    "No one dared to show for that shower When nobody turned to be clean Was not even touched by the water Just another nazi scheme The big takeover All throughout this so called nation Prepare yourself for"
  • Over Me - New Found Glory
    "Turn the music up You sing right through the conversation And Im just listening Your missing chords Ill take a hint This is coming And I need it to convince myself You say youll never Change or get over"
  • Over Me - Tricky
    "Over me Hawkman: Boy take man F clune Ya fool boy think say more A comearound yo! Let's take the downtown Me have me gone in a me yard A me guard so if a boy want Me seen of a the scene And come"
  • Over Me - TLC
    "What are we gonna do Tron? We're gonna make 'em dance! Now I gave you a chance But you couldn't do right When I asked you for the truth All you do is lie And I'm like Why the hell do I stay around? When"
  • Over Me - Kim Mitchell
    "Drifted home at dawn from the midnight shift The house is totally cleared out I didn't hear any warnings, I didn't see any signs But you're all finished and you'll be moving out Well I guess you've"
  • Over - Miguel Bose
    "Take me to the forest of freedom A pilgrimage toward the great mountain Take me to a place I believe in I call my promised land Take me to the valley of lovers And let me hold the newborn in my arms Take"
  • Over - Jimmy Eat World
    "I'm not exactly sure what I should say Everything I do is a mistake Your attention is attention (It doesn't matter if it's fake or real) I'll take it if I get it, oh I've made up my mind I'll do it over"
  • Over - Daniel Bedingfield
    "Can't believe that its over, baby every bruise on my heart, you gave me see we tried but we'd fight then we cried now its over babe its over babe can't believe that its over, baby every bruise on my heart,"
  • Over - Blue October
    "When I had you When your love would pull me through When nights were long When your love would make me strong When time, regretful to say, in the gentlest way over you Maybe I should follow your lead"

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