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talk about

  • Talk Talk - Talk Talk
    "Well did I tell you before When I was up Anxiety was bringing me down I'm tired of listening to you Talking in rhymes Twisting round to make me think You're straight down the line All you do to me is talk"
  • Talk About - Jack Ingram
    "We've got to fight just to find something to talk about It ain't right that we're got nothing to say I always thought I could run Now I'm under the gun And I fight just to find something to say It used"
  • Something To Talk About - About A Boy Soundtrack
    "About A Boy Soundtrack Miscellaneous Something To Talk About Song: Badly Drawn Boy I've been dreaming of the things I've learnt about a boy Whose bleeding, celebrate to elevate The joy is not the same"
  • Talk about you - Angel City
    "(Bla, bla, bla...) (Yeah, yeah, yeah...)Talk, talk, talk, talk Party, last to arrive They all stop talking Standing in a circle of eyes They talk about you Talk about you Talk behind your back Trying to"
  • Talk About Sufferin' - Doc Watson
    "Talk about sufferin' here below And talk about lovin' Jesus. Talk about sufferin' here below And let's keep a-followin' Jesus. The gospel train is coming; Now, don't you want to go An' leave this world"
  • Talk About It - Cuban Link
    "(Cuban...Cuban, what up baby) what up daddy (Double R, D-Block, yo) (Jadakiss) Might catch me in a brownish coupe be ghetto like fishin' a nigga's 6 l's down in soup nuke palm size,45, just came chrome you"
  • Talk About You - Mika
    "Walk through the city like stupid people do A million faces, but all I'm seeing is you I'm stopping strangers and telling them your name Convincing haters, one day they'll feel the same We're common people,"
  • Talk about it - Precious
    "What a friend you think you are Seems so close but yet so far I see beneath the smile on your face I can feel your anger now In your heart deep down without a trace C'mon Lets Talk about it I said it once,"
  • Talk About Us - Kimberley Locke
    "Come home, late at night Something's on your mind You say that you're ok But it feels like your pushin' away I know just what to do To show you, I'm here for you So come to me, just let it out I'll ease"
  • Talk About Suffering - Greg Graffin
    "Talk about sufferin' here below and let's keep a lovin' jesus Talk about suffering here below and let's keep a followin' jesus Oh can't you hear it brothers (mother, father)? and don't you want to go? And"
  • Talk About Love - Deep Purple
    "Talking real world, all that pain Try to fix it still comes out the same Get down to Rosie's Won't you pull that plug Last week Someone made a mess of that rug Talking big house way up town One day one"
  • Talk About Jesus - Tait
    "You never told me, but you always said You'll be here, we'll pray for you Echoes in my head I still remember, longing to escape Like a man in prison chains, is my life in vain I cry out for you to hear And"
  • Let's talk about - The Busters
    "Take a seat watch the people right out there Tellin' stories 'bout their fabulous lives There's no need to fool with your partner To find out what lives all about I'm glad we talk about... Sex with animals"
  • Talk About It - Glenn Hughes
    "In the coldness of love's sweet illusion There's a sadness that stands in my way There's a note that I left in the hallway Tellin' you that I could never stay You never wanted me I'm outta time Now I've"
  • Let's Talk About - Eve
    "(feat. Drag-On) Ugh (Come on, uh) Uh-huh (Flame on, uh, come on, uh) Uh-uh-uh-uh (Flame on, uh, come on, uh) Yo, yo (uh, uh) Let's talk about who I am Blond bee, find me in the hood with my peoples Love"
  • Let's Talk About - Drag On
    "(Drag-on) Ugh (Come on, uh) Uh-huh (Flame on, uh, come on, uh) Uh-uh-uh-uh (Flame on, uh, come on, uh) Yo, yo (uh, uh) Let's talk about who I am Blond bee, find me in the hood with my peoples Love y'all,"
  • Talk About Me - 50 Cent
    "(Intro) Yeah! Ha Ha! (Chorus) Man everywhere I go, I mean like everywhere I be I hear niggaz runnin they mouth, you should hear how they talk 'bout me (Verse 1) I know Boo Boo I mean 50 he a grimey nigga 50"
  • Talk About It - Steriogram
    "The clock dont stop And the monkey sits on my back Never know when it will attack Will i pull through or will i fall I try to stand tall humility hits the floor Is this to much for me to absorb or can"
  • Talk About Us - Jennifer Lopez
    "I saw you and fell in love You saw me and fell in love, too You and me; we fell in love with each other last night I told you I was concerned You told me of your concerns, too Yet and still we both"
  • Talk About Dougie - Dougie D
    "It seems to be, a lot of talk about Dougie You can take it or leave it, you can hate me or love me Everybody got some'ing to say, and everybody's a critic But the only thing that I know, is to get out"

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