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tall me how are you margaret

  • Margaret - Edie Carey
    "Hearing her voice was like hearing the future so i covered my ears cuz i didn't want to hear her and just the same words come spilling out of my mouth looking at her is like looking in the mirror so i"
  • Margaret - Jill Sobule
    "Margaret, back in Junior High Margaret, all yellow curled She was the most popular girl Margaret, she was beautiful Margaret developed first We all thought she had all the luck in the world She never"
  • Margaret - Sobule Jill
    "(She's gonna sing, and you're gonna listen! One, two, one two three four...) Margaret, back in junior high Margaret, all yellow curled She was the most popular girl Margaret, she was beautiful Margaret"
  • Margaret - Marillion
    "O' you go the high road an' I'll take the low road, an' I'll be in Scotland before ye for me and my true love we'll never walk again on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. You'll take the acid an'"
  • Margaret - Chocolate Spoon
    "Margaret, Margaretbring back your future days to melet us find our wayin the mirror of your dreamsI wanna be a treein the jungle of your dream. Margaret, Margaretbring back your future days to meAin't"
  • Tell Me How Are Ya - Margaret
    "Ever since I was a girl I’ve had a Strength, a little perk (It) always worked Some just can’t lived without See all the boys, they’re into girl N’kinda silly in a way Catch em, make em shake Some just"
  • Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret - Mr. T Experience
    "Are you there God? It's me Margaret. I'm so scared God. Why can't I stop it? Girl or woman am I now a Christian or a Jew what's a girl supposed to do? Maybe I try too hard, maybe I go too far, maybe there's"
  • Big Tall Wall - Prince
    "Hey sugar Come here I got something 2 lay on your mind I'm gonna build a big tall wall Stone circle so U can't get out Big tall wall True love is what it's all about If I see U in a restaurant Ooh, baby,"
  • Tall Story Teller - Arabesque
    "He's always telling stories That's how he got his name - big Ballyhoo. It's very very boring It's ev'ry day the same - big Ballyhoo. Whatever he is saying He is telling a lie But he tells you why it's"
  • Walk Tall - Omd
    "Can't wait to see you say black is white Can't wait to hear you Tell me lies Say it with flowers But I'd swallow too much pride Stop counting the hours Till I'm right there by your side Walk tall I'll"
  • Walk Tall - John Mellencamp
    "The simple minded And the uninformed Can be easily led astray And those that cannot connect the dots Hey look the other way People believe what they want to believe When it makes no sense at all So be"
  • Tall Pines - Bill Monroe
    "Once in my youth, I stood on this mountain And planted some pines in the sand Every day I looked their way But just couldn't understand Why they never grew like I thought they should do I just couldn't"
  • Tall Trees - Crowded House
    "Watch out big ships are waiting Salt frozen on your cheek I saw a girl and boy arriving And a steamer put out to sea Tall tree Stand in the distance Remember When you were green Don't wipe The salt from"
  • 10ft. Tall - Ben Lee
    "I'm ten feet tall today I'm higher than a kite I sidle up beside Awake for five days and five nights I've got a glow today For everyone I know It hurts to watch me glow I'm blind so watch me grow I hit"
  • Tall Tales - Spiritual Beggars
    "Rising up -I've had enough of Your lying and backstabbing Who wants to listen? Who wants to know? You got a problem and you let it show I'm no fool - I see through you Pitiful, that's what you are You"
  • Stand Tall - Dirty Heads
    "Say what you say I just sail away, She can't stand me but I miss her face. I feel like driving but the tides too low, And now I'm waiting for the undertow . So I.. Stand tall It gets a little better, I"
  • Stand tall - Ice Cube
    "Now is the time...C'mon y'allStand tall, live your life to the limitCause haterism seem like a fucking epidemicAnd look at Ice Cube, I ain't no gimmickI'm straight from the hood, I got to represent itNow"
  • Tall Tales - Stolen Babies
    "The days are colored, the days are colored Painted by numbers with dirty little fingers The trail and error, the trail and error Put me away from this fleeting exterior Will I leave her in the distance? Out"
  • Tall me lies - Ashley Tisdale
    "It's in your eyes, feelings can't be disguised Cause the truth makes me want you to tell me lies My biggest fear is crying oceans of tears I would rather you not be so sincere How cold could you be? What"
  • Dear Margaret - The Kinks
    "Dear Margaret I beg of you Dear Margaret gonna tell on you Don't want to be patronized By those lying eyes Dear Margaret I wanted you You're warming me up So you can leave me cold Kissin' up to"

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