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tawer of song');

  • Song of sirens - Edge Of Sanity
    "War world now. Hear the song of sirens. The silence won't be for long. Hear the digging. All grave, too soon? Earth Pompeii. The second moon. BEACHWORLD... AND THE SONG OF SIRENS TO THE BEACHWORLD... AND"
  • Song of Solomon - Place Of Skulls
    "Rise up my love my fair one, come away. For lo, the winter's past the rain is gone, it did not stay. Open up, my love Perfect one, my love Until the day breaks the shadows flee away. Ravish my heart"
  • Song Song Song - Final Fantasy
    "Got a daughter who'll eat anything They like to feed her words, words, words And tell her, Watch for the plague, girl, check your stool Or we'll send you to reformatory school And make a man out of you They'll"
  • Song of Silence - Isle Of Love
    "Cisza jest w nas, obok nas Mija czas Cisza jest w nas, wokół nas Znika mgła /2x Trzymaj mocno, połącz w blasku dnia Nie dziel, pomnóż, pozwól niechaj trwa Cisza jest w nas wokół nas Trwa, błogo trwa Cisza"
  • Song - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) I think of you, I think of you. I had this friend who told me that coincidence cannot articulate the best events. She said she'd rather think of everything as accident, after all, it's all"
  • Song - Avail
    "do you remember when we met i was so intrigued you were so intrigued we spent our time telling our sides of our excitement of insecurities moving far away and from that moment on we were inseparable"
  • Song - Line Life
    "1: When I sit and I think of you, maybe you are for I my heart not stop thinking that , but I am for you that . I must listen to you, and I make it want that , because I love you . Probably, never"
  • Song - Smog
    "I'm a bit like a soldier In the way I wear no uniform And choose not to fight And fight all night For some other cause Have Mercy I'm a bit like the grave digger Who wields no shovel And digs no hole But"
  • Song - Chemical Garage
    "1.I never look for another day. I never saw a need of pray I never fought, that colors are. I never saw a rising star. I doubt that You are here. I never believed that You are real. I saw an Angel just"
  • Words Of A Song - Agents Of Chaos
    "Switch on the TV, look at the screen Money for a Rolls or a washing machine I pay my money and I pay my rent But every day it's always spent Maybe it starts to be the same Look out the window and it starts"
  • Song Of Evil - Saxon
    "Turn the wheel of torture Spin the rack of pain Now many souls will suffer To satisfy your game The smell of death surrounds you How can you hide your shame Can we stop this nightmare Before it starts"
  • Song of joy - Julio Iglesias
    "Come and sing a song of joy for peace shall come, my brother Sing, sing a song of joy for men shall love each other That day will dawn just as sure as hearts that are pure, are hearts set free No man must"
  • Song Of Love - Rebecca St. James
    "Jesus, king of my heart Father, my peace and my light Spirit, the joy of my soul You are Jesus, to You none compare Father, I rest in your care Spirit, the hope of my heart You are Chorus: The Heavens"
  • Song Of Love - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "The flash of a distant camera reconnecting thoughts and actions, Fragments of our missing dreams, Pieces from here and there fall in place along the line, Disappearing between you and me. Life is changing"
  • Song Of Love - Neil Young
    "The flash of a distant camera reconnecting thoughts and actions, Fragments of our missing dreams, Pieces from here and there fall in place along the line, Disappearing between you and me. Life is changing"
  • Song Of Innocence - Sarah Brightman
    "Empty of tenderness And empty of joy, Faraway from here, Faraway from you. Nothing of more sadness Than my sighs, When the day comes That I must leave. Song of innocence, You live always in my heart. You,"
  • Song Of Men - Power Symphony
    "(D'Orlando) Break of the day Light of the sun Make us forget what we faced in the night The horrors that lurk in the dark The perils that lie on the path I've heard a song of men The short living humans"
  • Song Of Something - Night In Gales
    "Stalkin' down the smilin' bone Goin' nowhere fast And somewhere in between these lines Another words at last I'm comin' for the kill Yet this song of something will Rippin' all the tongues within To be"
  • Song Of Midnight - Kip Winger
    "Song of midnight smoky sea Native eyes can read That the fire's sayin' What the risk would be What it meant to me Tried only to pretend Black eyes, sang a song of midnight, her potion Stone blind, tapestry"
  • Song Of Life - Minnie Riperton
    "(m. riperton - r. rudolph - l. caston - j. wieder) La, la, la, La, la, la, la, la, la... Come sing the song of life There's a song that sings to me All of life's music in sweet harmony And you can sing"

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