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tayol swift black space

  • Daaam! (Swift Mix) - Tha Alkaholiks
    "There go the bathroom right there Yo, get this party started Ay, ay yo E-Swift It's the Alkaholik funk One two, ah one two, yeah Yeah, ah one two, ah one two Ooh, we got to clown, E-Swift get"
  • The Black Hit Of Space - The Human League
    "Been out all night, I needed a bite, I thought I'd put a record on I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label, and wondered where the light had gone It had a futuristic cover, lifted straight from"
  • The black hit of space - Human League
    "I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label, and wondered where the light had gone It had a futuristic cover, lifted straight from Buck Rogers The record was so black it had to be a con The autochanger"
  • Deep Space - Rialto
    "What if there's another world Circling a distant star And on this planet lives a girl Won't you tell me where you are? (CHORUS) I'm in deep space I think I'm falling And I feel like I'm a million miles"
  • Space Police - Edguy
    "An ocean of stars gleaming like diamonds How many times have we wondered what lies behind And how do you wish to make explorations And travel through space and time To the crest of forever Shoot up to"
  • Space Monkey - John Prine
    "Space Monkey, Space Monkey What you doing out there? Why it's dark as a dungeon way up in the air Come gather round me you little monkeys and a story I'll tell About a brave young primate, outer space"
  • Space Time - Gojira
    "I fix my attention on this ball spinning round inside of me, deep inside Revolving conscious planet on an axis around this star By the light And the black holes in the vault of heaven make me wonder,"
  • Outer Space - Mob Rules
    "I see a new day's dawning And I hear the keeper's call I take it as a warning And awake them all Listen to the church bells See the clouds are getting dark There's lightning up in heaven When hell"
  • Dark Space - Kool Keith
    "Talk digital, all galactic iMax, start space Demon of three dimension intro-respection Shake the one.. The rap flow since the Scoob paid dues to G.O. Capture the picture all out the end Watch the"
  • Deep Space - Lord Jamar
    "(Intro: Lord Jamar) Uh, let's take a trip Trip into the mind... The mind of the wise... (Lord Jamar) Okay, uh, enter the seventh dimension Witness my ascension into the heavens Like Christ on the third"
  • Space Transmission - Porcupine Tree
    "You must listen very carefully to what I have to say. There isn't much time, because You Know Who has consumed all the instruments. For many eons now I have been trapped on this planet. He is keeping me"
  • Taylor Swift - B.R.O
    "Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ok, haha! Let’s go! Moi ludzie będą pić Narzucają tempo dziś Rano pewno zerwą film Dziś od życie nie chcą nic Ciągle powtarzają mi Weź ja i na"
  • Black - Collide
    "Black is the entrance the essence to which i confide my mystery into the escape within evil is the villain with a gun that kills just for fun i feel it all come down in pieces hold me tight its cold"
  • Cosmos (Outer Space) - Tatu
    "Games we don't want to play Same winner everyday Kill for the second best Feel no more, feel no less We have our minutes cut We lose our feelings but That's what the movies show This is where stories go Stars"
  • Lost In Space - Avantasia
    "Another star has fallen without sound Another spark has burned out in the cold Another door to the barren standing open And who is there to tell me not to give in, not to go? How could I know, how could"
  • Lost In Space - Faction
    "We've gone too far, what are we to do now? We pass the distant stars and I ask how, how, how Lost in space, we'll never get back Subject to an alien attack Lost in space the sky's all black Their scopes"
  • Out In Space - Travis
    "Oh my friend We have spent So much time looking for someone to blame 'Cause we're the same And jealous games Take up time we could spend on other things Oh my friend If it ends Let us go and then not look"
  • Window To Space - Redemption
    "(m. van Dyk: l. Boyarsky) There's a kid who sees the world A selfish kid: a good kid: a good kid By his own means he knew the price of life By his own means he knew the price for you He must reveal it"
  • Space (Amplitude Remix) - P.O.D.
    "(Here we come!) They want the fire, I heard they want the fire And I'm a powder keg my blaze like a lighter When I detonate it, it better fade to black, that's a wrap, now evacuate the explosion oh it's"
  • E Get Swift - King Tee
    "Get Swift (Everybody's dancin) Get swift (Quiet on the set) DJ Pooh's in the house But yo, this is for my deejay Alright, check this out [ King Tee ] This is for you little weak deejays The weak record"

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