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teabe bonus track

  • Bonus Track - Live
    "All the things that they make you say And all the love that you hide away I'll pick you up and it'll be all right I'll pick you up and it'll be tonight She rode a horse into my head She rode a horse into"
  • Bonus Track - Insane Clown Posse
    ""i hope you enjoyed your ride on the terror wheel. but it isn't over Just yet. we have a phone number for you to call to hear the name Of the third joker's card. the area code is 1-313, and for the"
  • Bonus Track - Longpigs
    "Good to heart Is sleep at night Hushing all your life Nice to have you near to me Good to feel your sighs But one of these days You're sure to be gone And I'll have to carry on Without You It's nice to"
  • Bonus Track - Greeley Estates
    "The streets are empty tonight and I I'm taking the wrong way home Thinking of all the things you've sent And all the things you've said Soon the rain starts to fall Can't see anything at all Cruel that"
  • Bonus Track - Story Of The Year
    "It's a silent murder It's a grave that sings your song It's a quiet failure It's the one that makes you strong We are heading down A long empty road We pass lost souls Blinded by the cold Watch the fire"
  • Bonus Track - Tyrese
    "(gibson/carter/job/scott/sayles) Rap written and produced by tyrese 3:53 Now as I look around What do I see Everybody wants to try to get to know me baby Now it's my porogitive to do what I want to do And"
  • Bonus Track - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
    "i smoke cannibus check this out you better work it trick filmoe for life with a grain of salt a tiga like me hate to take a loss finikey and helifikle know it aint simple hit you with cocaine and hot nickels sell"
  • Bonus Track - Andre Nickatina
    "i smoke cannibus check this out you better work it trick filmoe for life with a grain of salt a tiga like me hate to take a loss finikey and helifikle know it aint simple hit you with cocaine and hot nickels sell"
  • Bonus Track - Dog Fashion Disco
    "Don't do me no favors Don't give me no jive Don't do me no favors, girl I ain't got the time An unkind woman Went and stole my heart So many times before They tried to tear us apart So many times"
  • Bonus Track - Lola Ray
    "I like your hair alot It reminds me of an astronaut Take it from me baby what i need you've got I like to ride on bikes and tour the west side But i don't know where the plan will go Will it go now Your"
  • Bonus Track - La Oreja De Van Gogh
    "Lgrimas que anuncian conclusiones, manos que no dan sin recibir. Gritos que se esconden en canciones, sillas que no son para escribir. Caras divorciadas con la vida, tardes navegando en un caf, ricos"
  • Bonus Track - Rick Moranis
    "I'm wearing fifty ex-chinchillas And a gator each per boot Hog-tied around my waste-line Suede trimming on my suit Got a bear-skin rug and leather couch And antlers on the walls Goose-neck lamps and decoys"
  • Bonus Track - Probot
    "I'm going to fuck your life up I'm going to crush your soul Two demons stand beside me And now i'm takin' control I never sleep I got a sinister plan Your world is weak And i'm overtakin' command Because"
  • Bonus Track - Fabri Fibra
    "Io non so molta gente mi considera odioso io so solo che al microfono Sono pericoloso ascolto Master P mi fa sentire mafioso copio pure Dizzee Rascal C'ho il rap velenoso Metti me che fumo crack, il colmo"
  • Bonus Track - Audience Of One
    "Make me want you to hold All the white parts of What I know Only just as you let go All the promise of a real man Take it; take the picture of what you love I want to mess with what you love Make me want"
  • (Bonus Track) - Good Clean Fun
    "(Issa:) Hi there, this is Mr. Issa from Good Clean Fun You might remember me from such albums as Shopping for a Crew, On the Streets Saving the Scene From the Forces of Evil and Straight Outta Hardcore I'm"
  • Bonus Track - Hi Standard
    "When we met I fell in love On the beautiful summer day Her big boobs in her bikini Took my heart away When we first were making love Her hole was tight and wet But tonight found out she's a bitch And"
  • Bonus Track - Heideroosjes
    "A bag full of stories, it's all I have got But I'm not onhappy, oh no I am not Live out of a suitcase, but i like it a lot A bag full of stories, it's all I have got A bag full of stories, it's all I"
  • Bonus track - O.S.T.R.
    "Mogę tu umrzeć za ten rap za ten hip-hop za rytm teni choć sama śmierć w sobie jest pomyłką w zamyślepojmując statystycznie kto nas zechce uleczyćw rękach karty życia trzymam tylko niepotrzebne skreślićto"
  • Bonus Track - Skazani Na Sukcezz
    "Nie płacz kotku bo tu miejsca brak na dziewicze łzy cipka cipką taki świat ej...nie byłem chyba zły? Heeej kobitko, pierdol system (pierdol system) dla nich tabu dla nas to jest oczywiste odwróć się do"

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