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teach me how to fly

  • Teach Me To Fly - Alexis Schuster
    "I saw you with your girl the other day The two of you were standing by the door I thought- they look good together But he should be with me I've got more feelings I am more aware That when her hand is"
  • Teach Me How to Pray - Jim Reeves
    "(Daddy my daddy teach me how to pray) One night a sleepy little boy knelt beside my bed He smiled and looked into my eyes and this is what he said Daddy, my daddy, you've taught me lots today So daddy,"
  • Teach Me How To Love - Shawn Mendes
    "Your bodies like an ocean I’m devoted to explore you What do you desire I am inspired I’ll do ir for you Won’t you draw a map for me Laced with strawberries And i’ll get on my knees Put mt hand around"
  • Teach Me How To Love - Alexz Johnson
    "Teach me how to love, Show me where i stand Catch me when i fall Pick me up again Tech me how to feel When to take a breath How do people heal, when they're scared to death. Teach me how to love, when"
  • Teach Me How To Pray - Jason Upton
    "Mommy, I hear the baby crying Help me, are the words shes implying Whereve I been while my world has been dying Lord, teach me how to pray Not my will or my plans or the way I want it Im so tired of"
  • Teach Me How To Dance - Che'Nelle
    "oohhh ha ha ha could ya could ya could ya teach me x2 verse 1 straight up do u hav rythmn underneath yr feet, does the beat flow through that fine body do u enjoy sweatin out like me whoa, did u jus bust"
  • Teach Me How To Fight - Junior Boys
    "There's some things I forget And if it's wrong, I keep it in check 'Cause what could I do If we go out tonight With that blood on your shirt? Would it taste like a brand new shirt? 'Cause I don't know Can"
  • Teach Me How To Love - David Charvet
    "I dont wanna slip I dont wanna trip fallin in love again cause that's the way it's always been wanna get a ride it's the time of my life pickin up the peaces that I know I left behind I can feel it, comming"
  • Teach Me How To Dance - Chenelle
    "Chenelle Things Happen For A Reason Teach Me How To Dance Che'nelle Alright, Derick Brim Am as big as you Heey!Che'nelle Oouch! Che,nelle is got a story for you Baby Cham: Che'nelle is DJ and for Che'nelle: For"
  • Teach Me - Kyle Riabko
    "I'm not a lonely boy I have a million friends But I never know just where their story ends I am a business man Talk like a ladies man But all of my words are scribbled on my hand Teach me how How to"
  • Teach Me - Engine
    "So I belong to fortunes gone I'm lucky in life I've seen the signs and felt your mind I want to be high HEY, I love it when you teach me how to hate you Sweet candy smile it fades awhile And then you give"
  • Teach Me (ft. Kiesza) - Joey Bada$$
    "Won't you teach me how to dance, how to dance Won't you teach me how to dance, teach how to dance Okay life's like, lifes like, just like a tango, tango You gotta move that, move that, don't break an"
  • Fly - Blind Guardian
    "(Krsch/Olbrich) Stop be quiet now Out with the light and Then up and down it goes Fly Out with the light There at the door The inspiration I've looked for The spirit of the youth appears No one ever"
  • How to fly - Arashi
    "Tadoritsuku tougenkyou miteru dake bouenkyouSagasu furi shite nigete kitaKono mama de douyatte? Doko made mo sou yatte?Taisetsu na koto wa sugu soba niMitsuketa chiisana hana ni ookina tsuyosa woWasureta"
  • Teach Me To Sing - Enrico Garzilli
    "Hlose Teach me Teach me to sing Show me the key To play my truth Teach me to dance From earth to sky Teach me to fly As high as you Choir Teach me Hlose Teach me Choir Teach me to sing Hlose Teach me"
  • Teach Me To Kill - Slapshot
    "Hit me dad, hit me again, hit me with all your might I can take it, hit me hard, and I won't put up a fight 12 years of your abuse has turned me into a killing machine I beat my wife, I beat my kids, I'm"
  • Teach Me Again - Elisa
    "What's it to walk on a silent road, to be thirsty and wait for... wait for the rain? What is it like? You wake me up with a ray of light, tell me a joke and if you don't know one, nevermind Can't we just"
  • Teach Me Tiger - April Stevens
    "Hi Tiger Teach me tiger how to kiss you... wah wah wah wah wah Show me tiger how to kiss you... wah wah wah wah wah Take my lips, they belong to you... But teach me first, teach me what to do... Touch"
  • Teach Me Tonight - Natalie Cole
    "Excuse me, did you call yourself a love expert? Studied, graduated and qualified to show me what it's all about? Oh honey, talk is cheap, you're gonna have to convince me. Did you say I've got a lot"
  • Teach Me To Forget - Willie Nelson
    "You taught me how to love with all my heart with all my soul I trusted you And now you say we'll have to live apart a thing I don't know how to do You said someday I'd find somebody new and I'll have not"

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