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  • Ax - Martinho Da Vila
    "Ax, ax, ax pra todo mundo, ax Muito ax, muito ax Muito ax pra todo mundo, ax - Eu negro brasileiro Desejo pra esse Brasil De todas as raas De todos os credos Ax Ax, ax, ax pra todo mundo, ax Muito"
  • Ax! - Natasa Theodoridou
    "Pos ginan ola grigora kai xathikes makria, mes stis kardias mou ta nera vouliazi i monaksia, ax!!! ax!!! ax kai na ginotan mia fora na'moun sti diki tou angalia ax kai na mborousa mia stigmi ola"
  • Ax - Katinguel?
    "Vem dividir minha liberdade Quebrei suas correntes Queimei suas senzalas Trago em minhas mos a sua marca Como ela fez um samba Mesmo assim de dor Falo do amor Em forma musical H um carnaval cantando Ol!"
  • Ax - Daniela Mercury
    "Daqui de cima do caminho De cima do caminho Eu vejo o seu p no cho No cho, debaixo do p, no cho Escuto o seu corao Escute o meu corao A nossa msica a mesma voz Ningum desfaz o que nós Fazemos nesse"
  • Kristina Ax - Henry Fiat's Open Sore
    "Tiggare kan ingen vara I moder Kristinas barnaskara Fr om du r en riktigt svag en Fr du tillhra tiggarna i hagen Fy fan, ditt jvla svin Fittan Axn-Olin Fy fan Gubben Axn-Olin k hem Faschisten"
  • Team - Digimon
    "Boku ni dekiru koto kimi ni dekiru koto Soshite bokura ni dekiru koto Sora ni mieru mono umi ni mieru mono Soshite bokura ni mieru mono Ichi tasu ichi wa ni ja nain da ze Shinjiru pawaa ga tsurete"
  • Team - Noah Cyrus & MAX
    "look at me you think that I’m trying to fight ya but I’ll always be on your side you know me why you always on defense them making me feel like your fenced in how many times do I have to convince you that"
  • Team - LORDE
    "Wait 'til you're announced We've not yet lost all our graces The hounds will stay in chains Look upon your greatness and she'll send the call out Send the call out Call all the ladies out, they're in"
  • Team - Krewella
    "Last night, I saw the fear and the fire burn in your eyes The way you’re looking at me like a deer in headlights Didn't they tell you to not bring a knife to a gunfight? I ain't givin' up I ain't givin'"
  • Team - Iggy Azalea
    "It’s Look! Turn me up, break the knob right I get dressed like it's prom night I feed them lemons in the limelight They say I'm full, lost my appetite?! Hell no! Keep on pushing like a dealer Say: What? Hell"
  • For The Ax - Hammers Of Misfortune
    "I have come to collect on a bargain Now you must make good on your promise For the Ax, the source of your power An oath you swore in that black abyss Build a great road to the forest Use the ax to strike"
  • Team chaotix - Sonic Team
    "Once upon a time you could be a bad guy,And youd live to see another day.But now youd never manage,Boy, youd be brain damaged,Just to think that you could get away.The power has arrived in a dream team.A"
  • The Blood-Ax Speaks - Hammers Of Misfortune
    "Of unholy fire forged And by inhuman hands created You're free now! Blessed with endless lust for blood My appetite cannot be sated You're free now! Seven thousand kings I've slain And seven thousand"
  • Team Drama - Automatic
    "What can I say I've got no room to complain Every mistake I made was out ok But you're asking me questions, making suggestions Telling me how to do what I do best Considering we don't play requests it's"
  • Team Canada - Paul Brandt
    "Team Canada... at your service, From the land of the chills. If they can't thrill ya, baby, nobody will; Make way, here comes Team Canada. So long and free, Lead by our fearless hero, Gretzky. He should"
  • Team Chaotix - Gunnar Nelson
    "(SOS, SOS, SOS, SOS...) Once upon a time you could be a bad guy And you'd live to see another day But now you'd never manage Boy, you'd be brain damaged Just to think that you could get away The power"
  • Team Zissou - Seu Jorge
    "Nós vamos pra longe Pro mar azul E no me importa se vamos pro Norte ou se vamos pro Sul A nossa viagem is very cool Próxima parada a bela de Malibu Team Zissou On the water i love you Estamos felizes"
  • Team Chaotix - Sega Sound Studio
    "Once upon a time, you could be a bad guy, And you'd live to see another day. But now you never, boy, you'd be BRAIN DAMAGED just to think that you could get away. The power has arrived in a dream team, A"
  • Scream Team - Deerhoof
    "Guiding you, a voice is coming from behind the stage Finding you, a voice is found on a missing page Winding through, a plot controller from another age! Pulling the cord of mystery Cheating a clock Meeting"
  • Red team - Front 242
    "I am the next stage I am the next stage Are you able to follow the Red Team? Are you able to follow the Red Team? Death can take a thousand faces They all look familiar to me I live in a world of paradox"

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