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tech 9 im sorry

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tech 9 im sorry
  • 50 Cent Im So Sorry
    "50 cent 50 cent, uh Llod banks,uh Young Buck, uh Game Nigga~ G-UNIT haha its easy man, its easy man Ay yo i swith my hustle, no more dice games or limosuine you see blood in the snow after the shots in"
  • Lil Boosie Im Sorry (Boosie Bad Ass)
    "Lil Boosie I'm Sorry (Boosie Bad Ass) Lyrics (Lil Boosie talkin) I ain't never wrote no song sayin I'm sorry man but I'm sorry (Verse 1) Now since birth I hurt ya I made you turn purple stole change"
  • B.O.N Im Sorry
    "Im sorry about the man on the street with no place to sleep, beggin for small change and something to eat And Im sorry about the people who walk by with shame in their eyes, and still they're too greedy"
  • Brenda Lee Im Sorry
    "I'm sorry, so sorry That I was such a fool I didn't know Love could be so cruel Oh, oh, oh, oh Uh-oh Oh, yes You tell me mistakes Are part of being young But that don't right The wrong that's been done "
  • Jamie Rivera Im Sorry
    "I can see it in your eyes There's a certain sadness Was it me who made you cry Oh please won't you tell me why Was it something that I said Or maybe how I reacted Please don't make it hard for me 'Cause"
  • Chuckie Akenz Im Sorry
    "Yeah, It's Hard Times You Know, For The Both Of Us, And I Don't Really Know, I Guess We Just Gotta Move On Right, I Mean I Loved You, You Know But Love Ain't Forever It Was Almost 18 Months And We Spent"
  • Aventura Im Sorry
    "verse 1) I Know i played You I Know i messed up that was retard esla verdad Falle mi cielo Pero te quiero perdona me please take me back Every man in this planet at least has to screw up once (screwed"
  • Hot Chocolate Im Sorry
    "It started with a kiss in the back row of a classroom. How could I resist the aroma of your perfume. You and I were inseparable it was love at first sight. You made me promise to marry you I made you promise"
  • UnsraW 9
    "Gokusai asu wa hi ni nareru Dansai subete tachikire You say (Banzai) Suuhai no koe Bakusai Im a faithful... Were faithful... Look closely at my die See you Im a faithful... Were faithful... In fact anyone"
  • Sticky Fingaz Sister Im Sorry
    "(featuring Choclatt) I think one right here... Is long over due All ya'll All ya'll To all my sisters all across the world I applaud you I know can't nothing can't erase the pain we caused you I'm"
  • Lil' Flip Virginia Tech Song
    "Its Ya Boy Lil Flip We Just Had A Tragedy April 16 Monday 7:15 A.M. So I Thought It Would Be Selfish No To Speak On It So Everybody Who Lost Somebody At Virginia Tech On Monday You Can Play This To Help"
  • Nat King Cole Sorry
    "We used to be very happy We used to have so much fun We used to spend Our time together We were as close as anyone. I used to feel your every feeling I was a part of your every dream Im not saying that"
  • Kaskade Sorry
    "Moving fast or standing still The distance seems so much to fill I wanna say Im sorry My love, I was wrong I wanna say Im sorry My love, Ill be strong I wanna say Im sorry My love, take my hand"
  • Chris Daughtry Sorry
    "Will you listen to my story Itll just be a minute How can I explain Whatever happened here never meant to hurt you How can I cause you so much pain When I say Im sorry Will you believe me Listen to my"
  • Number One Fan Sorry
    "I thought you would know if I turned around If I go you'll live without all the things I hoped you'd say by now never came out Dont say what you mean Im not ready for that All the things sounded so appropriate at"
  • Billie Piper Saying Im Sorry Now
    "(This is B y'know First class y'know this is B here uh uh uh yeh) Nobody knows this but me All i could see was someone Who didnt love me for me How could i have been so dumb? I tried to act like i knew You"
  • Natacha Sorry
    "Louf mir itz nid dervo- u los mir itz ndlech zue ou wes weh tuet - gloub mir- s isch itz gnue rcht het niemmer- scho klar aber das isch mir ganz egau- s muess itz eifach si Sorry-das I- itz nmm cha bliibe Sorry-"
  • Avant Sorry
    "I know I was wrong and that-s not fairPlaying games with your mind cause I new you caredWalking out of the door every other nightAnd I knew two wrongs wouldn-t make a rightNow things have changedAnd what"
  • Glenn Lewis Sorry
    "Look at what mess i made If i paid attention, maybe then you might have stayed Deserted you, in the middle of the night one to many times and askin why(askin why) Where did all the promises go Of love"
  • Krosfyah Sorry
    "(Yeah man)I'm sorry (yeah right player)Im sorry (now you're sorry) I wanna tell you a true true story when my baby went away and left me sittin in the chair al alone couldnt believe my babe is really"

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