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tekst piosenki andy tielman dressed

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tekst piosenki andy tielman dressed

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tekst piosenki andy tielman dressed
  • Zelo PTP Ślizgam się tekst
    "Nastał czas surferów Ślizgam się przez to życie cały czas ziom Płynę po bicie Tak jak płynę przez świat I tak Ślizgam się przez to życie ponad 11 lat Raz bywa gorzej a raz bywa lepiej Co ma być ot będzie Żyję"
  • Płomień 81 Tekst
    "To nie jest kiepskie bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down rap propaganda Znamy kilka miejsc niebezpiecznych jak Bagdad Znamy wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty"
  • Sesame Street Dressed Up
    "Dressed up All dandied and dressed up All feathered and pressed up And feeling so fine Dressed up In our best formal design Outshine all the rest of you Aren't we devine? We beg your pardon but Fancy,"
  • Annie Fully Dressed
    "This is Bert Healy saying ... Hey, hobo man Hey, Dapper Dan You've both got your style But Brother, You're never fully dressed Without a smile! Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly They stand out"
  • Mustard Plug Dressed Up
    "I don't know how it started but it can't end too soon The way the tide is turning I think you're singing the wrong tune You're addicted to an image you can never attain The time and money spent enough"
  • Various Fully Dressed
    "Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus THE AMERICAN: So you got what you want What a nasty ambition! Set me up, pull me down Then exploit my condition I should have guessed, woman That if pressed,"
  • Jim Reeves All Dressed Up and Lonely
    "I put your favorite suit on and the tie that you loved so I'm all dressed up and lonely with no place to go I could go to a movie but in almost every show You see a happy ending and that would hurt me"
  • Murderdolls Dressed To Depress
    "I got a snotty nose I got nappy hair My mommy don't love me And my daddy don't care My sister's a slut And my brother's a drunk And I'm standing in the mirror now Getting myself all dressed up Everything's"
  • Lita Ford Dressed To Kill
    "You're dressed to kill Come a little closer, so I can look you in your eyes So I can see what I been missing, so I can see through the disguise You're dressed to kill You got me in the sight of your"
  • The Snakes All Dressed Up
    "Waiting all day for the night to come down There's a midnight sun hanging over this town People getting high with a moonshine glow Take your woman now and join the show Drinking my fill from a loving cup Cruisin'"
  • Depeche Mode Dressed In Black
    "She's dressed in black again And I'm falling down again Down to the floor again I'm begging for more again But oh what can you do When she's dressed in black My mind wanders endlessly On paths where she's"
  • Bang Tango Dressed Up Vamp
    "Outside there's this flickerin' sound I can feel it rising above me Above the ground My eyes, they gleam like fluorescene signs As I start across the sky I can smell freedom Prepare to cross the line Ridin'"
  • Symphony X Dressed To Kill
    "Dark desires of the cynic queen laugher echoes her name He feels his breath decay Opens the past to an empty page Watch his life drain away Arrival - dressed to kill, scarlet memories Watching and waiting"
  • DoubleDrive Dressed In Light
    "Make what you can do seem ever true and everlasting ringin' in my ear rings out my head it is a world of principles you can not go anywhere you will not go anywhere all dressed up but nothin's"
  • Damien Rice All Dressed Up
    "I pack my suit in a bag I'm all dressed up for Prague I'm all dressed up with you All dressed up for him too Prepare myself for a war Before I even open up my door Before I even look out I'm pissing all"
  • John Entwistle All Dressed Up
    "I've often wondered how I'd feel To say that I got married Now it's here and I don't think I'll be goin' Sittin' on my backside in my best suit My arms across my chest I don't think I'll be goin' How"
  • Brad Paisley Sharp Dressed Man
    "Album: Sharp Dressed Men: A Tribute to ZZ Top (2002) Track 02 Clean shirt, new shoes And I don't know where I am goin' to. Silk suit, black tie, I don't need a reason why. They come runnin' just as fast"
  • Charlie Daniels Sharp-Dressed Man
    "Clean shirt, new shoes and I don't know where I am goin' to Silk suit, black tie, I don't need a reason why They come runnin' just as fast as they can 'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man Gold"
  • C.K.Y. Dressed in decay
    "Imperfection she's been toldThe positives are undersoldA gain of envy, a loss of healthPreparing to consume herselfShe does not see the pulsing veinsShe does not feel her own restraintsBefore the eyes"
  • Nazareth Dressed To Kill
    "Here we are in the west And our cars are glistenin' The bear he roars in the east But we ain't listenin' We won't play games in his backyard But we let him build his wall We say our God is on our side Hope"

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