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teledyski TOP ONE
  • Garret Top
    "Slow paces are taking me home My head dont really know where Im coming from In that dark street Ive just been in Ive heard a shot and somebody scream People get down everyday but... hey Rain started to"
  • Live Top
    "this is not helping me at all what you are doing here in the name of god and love it's the distribution of fear pyramids, healing wires, analysts with fame I haven't got your degree and I forgot your name pick"
  • Bob One Top a top
    "ejj stop,typy mają szok kiedy widzą ten lot ja nadaje krok w litrach leje się pot to jest taki kop że aż sypie się strop to ten styl top a top weź to zapisz ja nie będę pchał się na afisz to jest ta gadka"
  • Renata Przemyk Top
    "Nie żadne Alpy żadne Tatry Nie marne szczyty Sowich Gór Nie średni stok do przejścia łatwy To nie mój wymiar nie mój gust Ja czuję himalajskie wiatry Stamtąd chcę widzieć cały glob Bo mnie interesuje tylko"
  • Kabaret Skecz Teledysk
    "Kabaret Skeczów Męczących - Teledysk "Zgniłe truskawki" Yeah... Zgniłe truskawki, zajadam je do kawki. Yeah... Bo lubie zgniłe truskawki mieć, taki ze mnie trochę cieć. Truskawki zgniłe mam, i wszystkim"
  • Namie Amuro Top secret
    "I wanna taste you tonight Hit me! Tonight I taste you I wanna taste you Tonight I taste you I wanna taste you hoshii nara damatte taido shimeshite kossori neratte barebare hoka no otoko to wa chigau tte"
  • John Denver Rocky Top
    "wish that i was on old rocky top down in the Tennessee hills ain't no smoggy smoke on rocky top ain't no telephone bills Once i had a girl on rocky top half bear the other half cat wild as a mink but"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers Top Rankin'
    "They don't want to see us unite: All they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting They don't want to see us live together: All they want us to do is keep on killing one another Top rankin', top"
  • Bob Marley Top rankin
    "They don't want to see unite 'Cause all they want us to do is Keep on fussing and fighting They don't want to see us live together I tell you all they want us to do is Keep on killing one another Top rankin',"
  • Lazee Top Totch
    "Intro: TJIIA Tjiia.. Tjiia.. Tjiia Tjia, Tjia, Tjia, Tjia Tjiia.. Tjiia.. Tjiia Okay, you hear me Okay, Okay TJIA Verse 1: Ayo, I got a resoloution , I'm getting money, fly This is my moms peluting, We"
  • Mae On Top
    "I know we both need a change I thought I had it made In the worst way We made our share of mistakes Like a hurricane Oh bringing me on display For the world to see, yeah But would you believe I'm on"
  • Silent Majority Top 40
    "got the house got the car got the gold record you're goin' far there is something that's a bit peculiar here got the child pretty wife smiles record sales soar you soar higher there is something that's"
  • Eva Cassidy Red Top
    "My little red top See how you got me spinning Going round and round And I don't want to stop You've got me so if I don't go around Well I'm sure gonna drop gonna drop gonna drop So red top you just keep"
  • Looptroop Top dogz
    "Jag vill plocka hela jvla landet, naturliga rvarbandet P nya tillslag, skapar drag, vinner slag Vssar mina blad, hller gard i Stockholms stad Kr p med samma stil, rockar samma stil Samma smil, samma blick,"
  • Alabama Tar Top
    "It was July hot 'cross Georgia on my way to Myrtle Beach I just got my diploma so I set out in search of me The honeymoon was over, and Alabama was far away From being little more than just a southern"
  • T.I. Top Back
    "Haaaa...Mannie Fresh I got you nigga I'm gonna show these niggaz what to do with one of your beats I'm shuttin the whole block down Here comes trouble homey I'ma tell you how the king like to ride"
  • Daniel Johnston Mountain Top
    "On top of a mountain top I stoop and thought one day I could really see a lot And if I had my way A lazy young sod I was So deep in love those days As if there was nothing was But only love I crave And"
  • Amy Grant Mountain Top
    "(Brown Bannister) I love to sing and I love to pray Worship the Lord most everyday I go to the temple, and I just want to stay To hide from the hustle of the world and its ways And I'd love to live"
  • Audio Two Top Billin'
    "Check it out MC am I, people call me Milk When I'm bustin' up a party I feel no guilt Gizmo's cuttin', up for the Suckers that's, down with me The one of us, that's how I feel To be down you must appeal To"
  • White Kaps Big Top
    "hi dee ho, we have a show step right up come one come all kiddies, bring your parents, they'll enjoy it too we have a chinese rat, it's as big as a dog we have the snake lady, look at em' looking at"

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