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telegram of love lola fisher aldo giulino

  • Telegram - Nazareth
    "(PART 1: ON YOUR WAY) Nazareth Sent a telegram today Tomorrow you'll be on your way Could be Memphis or L.A. No questions just get out and play. Wake up call to catch the plane You know you're on the"
  • Telegram - Saul Williams
    "I'm falling up flights of stairs, scraping myself from the sidewalk, jumping from rivers to bridges, drowning in pure air. Hip Hop is lying on the side of the road, half dead to itself. Blood scrawled"
  • Telegram - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "I figure it out what to say But now that you've gone away And everything's turned out wrong I turned around you were gone Girl To my surprise I could not be The boy that you love You ran away And over"
  • The last time (ft. Fisher) - The Thrillseekers
    "You touched me You answered You loved me No one on earth could ever make me Make me feel So loved, so complete You have your own way The only answer to every reason That I can dream of The one solution"
  • Lola - Elefant
    "Can you tell me what you're thinking? I just melt inside your eyes Kiss me like they do in movies Modern child of the night I was watching you for hours Standing there beside the pool When you wear those"
  • Lola - Noir D
    "Home againSing that song of painThat follows me... Oh I try to find herOh I try to answerI touch her handAnd death smilesShe really wants to take me I've seen the doorAnd the walls cry(So) let it drain(Your)"
  • Mr. Fisher - Marcy Playground
    "Mr. Fisher Magic Monkey Wrenches Plumbing Service Open in the trenches All the la-de day long With a la-de-da-de day song And his girl, Sally Pickwit Fancied chemistry and Made some liquid For her radiator Now"
  • Dolly Fisher - Ghinzu
    "Guess what we've brought you now for christmas We thought about a special gift Her name is Dolly, Dolly Fisher She s a kind of voodoo doll Break the coffin, she's inside Press the button, she walks Whatever"
  • Lola - Lindsey Buckingham
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Afraid to move Afraid to lose A piece of faith A piece of heart Surprised to find someone willing to lose Just to keep herself from falling apart Bang the drum Bang it"
  • Telegram to your heart - Modern Talking
    "Oh reach out to my dream All the masquerade of loneliness You're a fool, baby It seemes words can not express Oh, only your lonely heart can show You're made for me I know It's the time for our love A"
  • A Telegram To Your Heart - Modern Talking
    "Oh reach out to my dream All the masquerade of loneliness You're a fool, baby It seemes words can not express Oh, only your lonely heart can show You're made for me I know It's the time for our love A"
  • Air Fol Lol Lol Lo - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Miscellaneous Air Fol Lol Lol Lo Air Fol lol lol lo Chorus: D G D Air fol lol lol lo ho ro;Air fol lol lol lay, G "
  • Lola, Lola (English) - Ricky Martin
    "Your ojitos pecking all over my skin Your andares causes my abstention Your kisses are half lie, half truth They make me accept the apple of paradise Alone, alone You like to take a walk Lola, Lola In"
  • Saturday Night Fisher - Malibu Stacy
    "Early morning Have a look at your clock It's great to be there It's all that much You just have to be there You won't have to talk With smiles upon your face Everyone will love you Such a feeling Coming"
  • Loli lolita lola - Alabina
    "Dejame contar la historia De una nina Una nina mas hermosa Que la primavera Yo lo veia hasta lavilla Cuando a mi vera Su boca era la mas bella Cuando ella sonreia Loli lolita lola, chiquitita lola chiquita"
  • LOL - Little Jackie
    "I see his thumbs working overtime lately Immersed in a text you sent discretely She probably a cool chick, light-skinned, pretty Come to think of it she probably a lot like me It's a low blow but I act"
  • Lolo - Eminem
    ""Obie Trice/Real Name No Gimmicks..." 2 trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside (Repeat Refrain 1) "Ooooohhhhh!" Guess who's back, back again Shady's back,"
  • Lola From The Copa - MC Lyte
    "Lola hopped into a cab, she went to work As she walked into the club, the fellas went bezerk They screamed her name out -- Lola, Lola Yeah, she was the star of the Copa She smiled and danced til morning Lola"
  • Telegram ( Eurovision 1977 ) - Silver Convention
    "Since you're gone I'm all alone Stop Just can't make it on my own Stop Operator, did you get the line? Rush a cable, for I've got no time Gotta send a telegram, telegram to my baby Yes, I'm gonna"
  • Search 4 bobby fisher - Dilated Peoples
    "Yo.. it's like this man Every once in a while when motherfuckers pop off at the lip Somebody get brought into this shit that don't have nuttin to do with this shit right? But none the less You wanna start"

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