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tell me again what you fell

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tell me again what you fell

  • Fell - School Of Fish
    "Well the girl in the front row is leaving She's leaving because it's twelve fifteen I wish she would stay the whole evening Just wish she would stay and see what I mean And I can't find the girl in the"
  • Fell Out - Bleach
    "What's wrong with me, I just been layin' around Wishin' it'd be like it was before I fell out Now is there any chance, that I can find romance Like we had back then, Oh I want it again You said you'd"
  • Fell you - Natural
  • Fell - Cassie
    "You will never know how i fell inside the pain i kown is real it hurts to speak of the past that i had with you the times that you hurt me the times you let me down i let you push me around now look where"
  • Tell Me Again - Ron Sexsmith
    "Please tell me again, I was somewhere else Lost, walking in the rain looking for myself For somehow I find myself missing Please tell me again Blue flowers on the hill wheres my valentine Im leaning"
  • Tell Me Again - Billy Walker
    "Tell me again how I'll soon forget you and won't even think of your name For time goes slow I want to know just how it is that I will lose this pain Tell me again how there'll be another and how that someone"
  • Tell Me Again - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    ""Tell Me Again" (Words and Music by Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman) Verse One A little boy sitting on a metal folding chair, In what appears to be a Sunday school room. He could see that shepherd"
  • Tell me again - 1208
    "Looking at you And all that we?ve been through I just can?t forget What?s going through your head? So I read what you left on the bed Different signs, haven?t said It?s easier to Try to kill my pain, My"
  • Tell Me Again - Jill Phillips
    "The comfort is gone I don’t know where I belong You’re moving me on I want to be The one who falls down to her knees And follows your lead I’m fighting fear I need someone who"
  • Darkness Fell - Wolfgang
    "And so she woke up from a dream That was beautiful and starry and oh so wild It was all still clear in her eyes And though her mind was foggy and blank She wondered why her life coudn't be as lovely It"
  • Tell Me What You Want - Nivea
    "When I first met you, I really didn't think that much, whatever it be between us two, I wasn't trying to fall in love. But, somehow you knew that, I had been hurt before, because you did all the right"
  • Tell Me What You Want - The White Tie Affair
    "The sun has come up and the time is here I stare into your room and see that your still not there I'm reflecting the parametics, and it's all falling apart Your heart stands still, but time moves on Whoever"
  • Tell Me What You Want - Mase
    "Total: Tell me what you want from me Take a look at what you see Let me know if it's right here Something you can have for years Tell me what you want from me Take a look at what you see Let me know if"
  • Tell me what you want - Terror Squad
    "2x Yo If you want it in the morning and you need it in the night I'm a give it to you baby I'm a give it to you right Would you do whatever I want? Would you give me all that I need? Ugh yo yo Don't"
  • Fellow Traveler - Ginny Owens
    "You can't change who I am Or the way that I think And I won't change how you live Or the words that you speak But neither of us is a stranger To joy or pain And no matter how we're different We're very"
  • Tell Him Again - Johnny Clegg & Savuka
    "Tell him again he don't care much to hear Mtsheleni madoda akafuni ukulalele I was talking to him again But the never understands me He thinks it is very strange That I should question what he hands me He"
  • Tell Me Again - Diana Ross
    "(Wintley Phipps) You alone know how I feel down deep inside I promised you I'll never stray from by your side But now I'm looking back on all those yesterdays The many times I let you down I'm begging"
  • Tell Of Tales (Tell Me You Need It Again) - Will.I.Am
    "It's a fly Love song... It's a fly Love song... It's a smooth Love song... It's a true Love song... It's a Love Love song... It's a Love Love song... It's a make Love song... It's a take Love song... Yeah... Check"
  • Tell You Again - Julie Doiron
    "Turn out the light and close your eyes and hold me next to you Dream of my smile, sounds of my voice and feel my blood rush through My arms and my legs, my hands and my toes, my feet, my fingers, too. I'll"
  • So I Fell Again - Phantom Planet
    "I can't say if this feeling coming over me is real, But I know it's something you cant steal, So I'll buy another problem to approach, Sell a virgin lie that cant be touched. So I fall again, so I"

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