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tell me how are ya

  • Tell Me How Are Ya - Margaret
    "Ever since I was a girl I’ve had a Strength, a little perk (It) always worked Some just can’t lived without See all the boys, they’re into girl N’kinda silly in a way Catch em, make em shake Some just"
  • Tell Me How Ya Feel - UGK
    "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN~! Ladies and gentlemen! You are now tuned in to the very best (the very best) This, is a Jazze Phizzle, produc-shizzle U.G.K., Pimp C (Sweet Jones) Bun B~! I'm out here grippin"
  • How Are Ya' Fixed For Love - Frank Sinatra
    "How are ya fixed for moonlight ? How are ya fixed for stars? How are you fixed for kissin' ? While we listen to soft guitars? How are ya fixed for someone to watch"
  • Tell Me How - Chad Brock
    "Tell me, how'd we ever get this far And lose each other We say we're gonna stay good friends, But I know better You leave so little room for doubt, You seem to have this all worked out, But there is one"
  • That's How Ya Feel - Young Jeezy
    "Yeah, ay Jeah Ay nigga If you at the light right now nigga And the nigga sweating you my nigga Looking at you cause you got the big boy shoes on ya shit my nigga Ay roll down ya motherfucking window nigga Blow"
  • Ya Know How It Goes - Grand Puba
    "Yo Doogie let's hit this OFF yo Aiyyo check this Aiyyo Rob Sutton hit the button! Hah! Yeah You know time is it (3X) Check it check it check it out yo Check I beg your pardon who's the one with the roughness? Super"
  • Tell Me - Brian McKnight
    "Been around the world from A to Z I wanna tell ya I believe that you could very well complete me I hang on every word you say Think about you all night and day It's not fate, it's destiny And if you feel"
  • Tell me - Bobby Valentino and Lil Wayne
    "Bobby Valentino (Ya back son) Ah aiyyo Tim drop that beat for me Hey slide over here and talk to the boy What are you drinking? I'ma buy the bar I was just thinking of seeing you tomorrow Waking up"
  • How Are You? - Saga
    "How are ya' feelin' now? How are ya' feelin' now? I've got some news for you You and your attitude Back off, I won't go near it Your world goes 'round & 'round You might be feelin' down But we don't wanna"
  • How Ya Like Me Know - Kool Moe Dee
    "I throw my tape on And I watch ya Three second later I got ya shakin' your head Dancin' instead of sittin' The rhymes kick The beats hittin' you Just like a home run Slammin' like a slam dunk Riding"
  • Tell Me How You Feel - Joy Enriquez
    "Verse 1 : You're on my mind Had another sleepless night And all I think about Is that I want you here and now All I wanna say Is that I want you in my life I need you to hold me Make me feel so right B"
  • Do What I Tell Ya - Infectious Grooves
    "Muir-Siegel- You'll do what I tell ya! And I watch you sweat. Then I'll watch you shake And then you beg. And then you scream "I'll do what you tell me!" You'll do what I tell ya! That is right, Punk! See,"
  • Tell Me Where You Are - Kim Wilde
    "Written by ricki & kim wilde Although I'm standing here beside you You make me feel like I'm all alone And I've been trying hard to break through But if you need me I've got to know Baby, I've got to"
  • Tell Me Where You Are - Hit The Lights
    "I found how to get to her now I'll whisper in her ear when shes asleep And beg her to love me When the morning comes she'll never know Cause right now I think I'm on my way out I've been tying bells to"
  • Tell me you are joking - Sophie Zelmani
    "He couldn't believe what his mama said, They put him in the car and he got scared, She looked at him in such a painful way, Oh please mama, don't torture me this way She held in close and tears fell down,"
  • How Do Ya Feel - Five
    "We won't stop, we don't even know how to stop You see with positive minds, we create positive vibes And with those positive vibes, we create positive lives So if there's something that ya want, you know"
  • How Do Ya Feel - 5ive
    "We wont stop. We dont even know how to stop. Ya see, with positive minds, We create positive vibes, And with those positive vibes, We create positive lives. So if there's somethin' that ya want, Ya know"
  • Do-Ya - Warren Brothers
    "(Brett Warren/Brad Warren/Bob Dipiero) I'm tired of waking up every morning without you And you thinking I'm down with it Normally I'd try to choose my words carefully But today I ain't gonna fool with"
  • Tell Me Remix - Bobby Valentino
    "Bobby Valentino (Ya back son) Ah aiyyo Tim drop that beat for me Hey slide over here and talk to the boy What are you drinking? I'ma buy the bar I was just thinking of seeing you tomorrow Waking up"
  • Love Ya - Keri Hilson
    "All them seem like they just want us to be over Don't wanna sound like haste when they don't even know ya They've got some much to say Like they are lookin' out for me Never gave me no reason to think"

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