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tell me what music

  • Music Music - Eyedea
    "I'll be writing till I'm dead or maybe till I'm alive All the emptiness I've bled has only helped me survive Something melted inside when the tones hit my pulse And stifled the idle eagerness to grow into"
  • Tell Me What You Want - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "Lyrics: Daryl Hall, Sara Allen Music: Daryl Hall When I look in your eyes I can see there's more than passion there Something ugly and lovely is tuning in just behind your stare Yeah, I've seen it before"
  • Tell Me What You Want - Hall & Oates
    "Lyrics: Daryl Hall, Sara Allen Music: Daryl Hall When I look in your eyes I can see there's more than passion there Something ugly and lovely is tuning in just behind your stare Yeah, I've seen it before"
  • Tell me - Olivia Lufkin
    "Keep me happy, out of line Keep me sweet and satisfied Come with me darling Don't say no How bout we just take it slow Sexy baby you sure know How to make my eyes glow Come with me sugar Do not fret I"
  • Tell me - Erick Sermon
    "feat. MC Lyte, Rah DiggaGet this party started Def Squad, yeah, Flipmode Raw Footage, uh, yeah While I write y'all, jump in take a ride with me New hummer, no Lisa's, a few dom pieces The L-Y-T-E, I"
  • What About The Music - Uriah Heep
    "I don't mind talking, girl But there's a time and place Right now we're alone, yeah But it's just gone to waste Look up and see the moon Slide down the clouds The radio is playing softly now So if you"
  • Tell Me What - Fine Young Cannibals
    "Tell me what Tell me what Tell me what I gotta do To make you notice To make you look this way What Did I have To say? Tell me what Tell me what Tell me what I have to say To keep you with"
  • Tell me what - Mai Kuraki
    "Tell me what I sing a song daisuki na kimi no tame ni Do you cry weep for dream daijoubu donna toki ni mo zettai ni shinjite ireba subete ugokidasu yo hitori dake dewa ne mitsukaranai mono futari de"
  • Music And Me - Nate Dogg
    "Verse 1 Hey OG, could you tell me how to find some good weed I need it homie oh so bad That last bag was the best weed I ever had Bass, so deep, I cant even seem to feel my feet Girls, so fine, I cant"
  • Music - Erick Sermon
    "Just like music.. Uh-huh, aiyyo yo, uh-huh yeah yeah, uh uh uh There's no doubt, no doubt, no doubt, uh Worrdd up.. Ahhh babyyy.. Just like music.. To relax my mind, so I can be free And ab-sorb sound"
  • Music - Starlight Dragons
    "This song is about music Ay,ay,yeah C'mon (Chorus) Dance to the music Music is in the sound Music keeps you off the ground Music bounds you down Music keeps the beat So I can hit my feet C'mon"
  • Music - Skylark
    "Sparks of fire, a moment of pleasure, that night when music was born. Steps of iron, like tears of a Dragon, that night when music was born. Nowhere to run when I've lost my direction Nowhere to catch"
  • Music - James Taylor
    "Things may always stay the way they are, still my head looks for a change from time to time. I don't really mean to look that far- turn on the music, strike up the music, let the music change my mind. Now"
  • Music - The Beautiful Girls
    "Hey girl i love you, Dancing 'round like that will drive me crazy. But why would i want you, When it's plain you're not ever wanting me? Well my whole life all i had was this guitar. Never gonna"
  • Music - Vivian Green
    "As far back as I recall You've played a major part Inspired me to see my place, in life You give me reason to create Everyday is brand new There's something you introduce And you've touched me in those"
  • Music - Nightwish
    "Before you knew Your home was in the wind and surf The birds and rain, voices of the northern lights Then you came I joined you beyond the aeons As you blew your cave bear bone And began to hum Eradicate"
  • Music - Joss Stone
    "(feat. Lauryn Hill) Nothing in this world got me like you do baby I'd give up my soul If I couldn't sing with you daily I'm not the only girl In love with you it's crazy I appreciate your groove Now"
  • Tell Me Again - Geoff Moore And The Distance
    ""Tell Me Again" (Words and Music by Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman) Verse One A little boy sitting on a metal folding chair, In what appears to be a Sunday school room. He could see that shepherd"
  • Sweet Music - The Yardbirds
    "(Lance / Cobbs / Bowie) Sweet music, Sweet music. Why do my heart skips a beat? - Pretty music, What makes the soul come out of me? - Pretty music, Somebody's really gotta tell me, - Pretty music, What"
  • Mr. Music - Slightly Stoopid
    "play on mr. music play on play on mr. music play on but give it to me lord mr. music you know it sure sounds good to me it's just the feelin' i know that you can't refuse i say now what have you"

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