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tell me where

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tell me where
  • Babyface Tell Me Where
    "Written by chuck boom, a-tone, babyface (1996) Performed by tevin campbell I know your story He stayed out late last night and he didn't even call But don't you worry You can cry on my shoulder I just"
  • wigwam Tell Me Where To Go
    "Looking closer in the palm of my hand So many lines that i don't understand All i want is my sweet paradise The secret lies behind your dark blue eyes Hold me closer and look up in the skies Give me sweet"
  • Kim Wilde Tell Me Where You Are
    "Written by ricki & kim wilde Although I'm standing here beside you You make me feel like I'm all alone And I've been trying hard to break through But if you need me I've got to know Baby, I've got to"
  • Tommy Shane Steiner Tell Me Where It Hurts
    "Why is that sad look in your eyes? Why are you crying? Tell me now, Tell me now Tell me why you're feeling this way I hate to see you so down, oh baby Is it your heart breaking all to pieces? Making you"
  • MYMP Tell me where it hurts
    "Why is that sad look in your eyes Why are you crying? Tell me now, tell me now Tell me, why you're feelin' this way I hate to see you so down, oh baby! Is it your heart Oh, that's breakin' all in pieces Makin'"
  • Haddaway Tell Me Where It Hurts
    "Words & Music by Diane Warren (c) 1992 Realsongs, the Diane Warren Trust Just tell me where it hurts now baby, And I'll love you with a love so tender And if you let me stay I'll love all the hurt away"
  • Garbage Tell Me Where It Hurts
    "What is my day going to look like? What will my tomorrow bring me? If I had x-ray eyes, I could see inside I wouldn't have to predict the future I wish that you would do with some talking How else am"
  • Ago Tell Me Where You Are
    "Life without you is just right, can't you see? I feel fine since you're gone, should I say disappeared? I kept holding all my tears since I saw you for the last time I've been through another year, I must"
  • Bryan Duncan Tell Me Where You Are
    "You never said goodbye Before tearing away, and I could never find you It's good to hear your voice Tell me are you O.K.?, sounds like you're so far away Take all the time you need, just stay on the line I'll"
  • Hit The Lights Tell Me Where You Are
    "I found how to get to her now I'll whisper in her ear when shes asleep And beg her to love me When the morning comes she'll never know Cause right now I think I'm on my way out I've been tying bells to"
  • Feeling Left Out Tell Me Where It Hurts
    "Tell Me Where It Hurts Indie in Indiana Hours early, and this money burns holes in my pockets One foot after the other A ring - a phone call from my mother "I know what was making me sick" said my mom"
  • The Adored Tell Me Tell Me
    "It's not the fashion anymore to act abused; it's not so timely anymore to be confused. Tomorrow's just another day for you to lose to come unglued. You're reading letters, sitting, waiting for a call,"
  • Charlie Sexton Tell Me
    "Dazzle of the night And my As I walk along I wonder what's really wrong There's truth in her eyes There's a promise there to give Looking out your window What do you see? Tell me honestly Tell me tonight,"
  • Indra Tell Me
    "(Indra/J.P. Nabet/M. Zhade) Tell me where are your feelings (tell me, tell me) I send you all of my love (wanna be loved by you) Tell me where are your feelings (tell me, tell me) I send you all of my"
  • Lionel Richie Tell Me
    "Sad,sad story, about all the things I've heard. Now baby, there's something on my mind. You said I was your true love. But I hear you're foolin' 'round. I gotta know girl what's going down. Oh, tell me,"
  • Molella Tell me
    "There wouldn't be tomorrow if you are not here close to me my life'll be full of sorrow and I will miss you endlessly I dream of you the fog is over my desires and I move I see your eyes and every night"
  • Velvet Empire Tell Me
    "You're the one who game me time, heard me when I spoke my mind, Told me that I'd never be alone. Always there to make me smile, even if it took a while, All those hours talking on the phone. Hanging out"
  • Elisa Tell Me
    "Tell me who you are now what you're waiting for, will you be the same after you've gone through every door teach me how to play your game and whatcha wanna be will recognize me when you've lost your honesty. Tell"
  • Nayaree Tell Me
    "Walkin' through my mind Old but not so blind Learn to live without time Lookin' for the good days Tryin' to stay the same I'm your slave to the grave We all need to find a way To create our own reflection We"
  • Shades Tell Me
    "Yeah, come on, Motown Girls, help me sing it 1 - Tell me your name ('cause I wanna know) What car do you drive (And tell me where can we go) How much money do you make (How can I be down) As long as you"

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