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  • Templar - Ancient Rites
    "Clad in armour, strong of will Eye for an eye, kill for a kill "Allah Ahkbar", "God wills it" Cross and half moon in total war "Allah Ahkbar", "God wills it" No quarter given, life evened the score "Allah"
  • Black Templar - Legion Of The Damned
    "Nocturnal mass, irreverent Celebrate, rites of hell Templar court, will condemn Those shackled to the cross Lay down in the coffin Let the lid be closed Face your fear of death And go beyond the devil's"
  • The Templar Flame - Hammerfall
    "So where were you when darkness came to life? Inside a dream that controlled your inner plight Take a look at me, you've ruined what we had Inner visions, infrared, it drives me mad Out of control The"
  • The Baphometic Goat Of Knights Templar In The 12th Century - Mystifier
    "in a night within the woods from saint-jean d'angely philip IV and clement V meet to cinspire against the knights templar ambition, avarice and luxury the templars become rich in order to purchase the"
  • Ground Fx Machine - Templar
    "I like the way you move me and all the things you tease I like the way you groove me when you're on your knees You let the garden watered down now I'm stuck in your disease A dyin' flower in the ground are"
  • The Accolade - Symphony X
    "Into the morning sun Down his chosen road he rides to save the world Cross of crimson, robe of white Sworn to the quest for the rest of his life Play shields and wooden swords Slaying dragons as a knight"
  • Night of the seagulls - Cathedral
    "We are the blind dead No eyes inside our head Our senses lead us to your nightmare Centuries of death we wear Pharaoh's cross in dust we bare Immortal horses slowly ride us to you Through the black mist"
  • In The Sign Of The Octopus - The Hellacopters
    "You know it's time to get the facts straight Rosicrucians Freemasons You know the people in the shadows Hashish eaters Knights Templar The hour of illumination Few and unknown Many and known It's all"
  • El Naufragio - Tahures Zurdos
    "No quiero esperar que el viento llegue ni debo templar s la lluvia pasa. Por odiar el silencio, a la cordura, pronunci miserables palabras. Un decir forzoso, decir forzado, un decir sin salida posible. Por"
  • The Keeper Of The Holy Grail - Grave Digger
    "[1] The Grail is veiled in mystery Ancient books of history At Last Supper with his discipleship Jesus raised it to his lips And when Christ was crucified A lance was stabbed in his side The Grail collected"
  • Keeper of the holy grail - Grave Digger
    "The Grail is veiled in mysteryAncient books of historyAt Last Supper with his discipleshipJesus raised it to his lipsAnd when Christ was crucifiedA lance was stabbed in his sideThe Grail collected the"
  • Templar's Revenge - Death SS
    ""I die innocent, but I summon within a year, To the Court of God, the Pope, The hired assassin and the King. The last King's descendant will die in torture, killed by a Templar!..." I am coming back from"
  • Hypnos 164 - Cathedral
    "Paralyzed sunset, blind eyes to the dawnForm magic wings - drift through black skiesCrystal voyager eternal in peaceSends dreams to humans - laid to rest in weary sleepSuperior lifeform with velvet textured"
  • Me Tienes Loco - El Cruce
    "T eres todo lo que siempre busqu en una mujer Tus piernas me hacen templar t humor irónico me pone a tus pies Soy un velero y t eres mi puerto, soy prisionero por propia voluntad No hay mejor copia del"
  • Pawns in the game - Templars
    "Charging down the field with shield and lance in hand Showing no mercy to your foes, gloriously defending your land doing deeds for the church, no idea that your being used While false charges are devised"
  • De Mis Recuerdos - Alberto Cortez
    "Recuerdo de mi infancia la alegra de medirme la edad en cada marzo. La tremenda ilusión con que vea crecer todos los aos mis zapatos. La fuga cotidiana y la paciencia de jugar con mi sombra a la escondida. El"
  • Moronica (acoustic Version) - Mansun
    "2 foot long and your neck keeps growing 10 foot tall, 'round your head it's snowing 25 grand and you work 3 hours 15 girls through a hole in your trousers Bigger, better, faster, more You're much more"
  • Touch The Sun - Crimson Glory
    "(Music: J. Drenning, J. Lords) (Lyrics: B. Martinez, J. Drenning) Looking down upon your world Desperate changes it goes through My black-eyed point of view... Though you think you know my face Occupying"
  • Wednesday - Tori Amos
    "nothing here to fear i'm just sitting around being foolish when there is work to be done just a hang-up call and the quiet breathing of our persian we call cajun on a wednesday so we go from year"
  • En Sus Marcas Listos Fuera! - Daddy Yankee
    "Atencion todas las babies(babies, babies) primera y ultima llamada(llamada, llamada) para que se reporten, a esta competencia Mueve ese bom bom mueve ese bom bom mueve ese bom bom en sus marcas listos"

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