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ten yaers after

  • Breakfast After Ten - Blue October
    "White kitchen walls with a thousand windows Turn on Winston in the den And I'm still asleep but I can hear the piano When you make breakfast after 10 And I smell the coffee on your fingers I still smell"
  • Ten - Sesame Street
    "10 A number 10 from Tennessee Kissed a blueberry-beaked budgie And after that he lay in bed While ten blueberries grew on his head (counts as the blueberries pop out all over the number 10) 1,"
  • After Mam Ten Stan - Parzel
    "Obudziłem się nic nie pamiętam Patrzę na niedopalonego skręta Mam światła w oczach kiedy wstaję Czuję ze jestem wciąż najebany To jest Parzel Znowu to gramy Znowu to gramy Kurwa zgadłeś Jakbyś przecisnął"
  • Ten Words - Eureka Birds
    "Take these lights dear Burn them ten long years by daguerreotype by your side Take these lights dear Burn them ten long years After you're gone what will be the use? For I will reach you I will seek"
  • Ten Hut - Sheek Louch
    "D-Block, Ten Hut (Shoot!) My Street Niggaz are you ready Less more! (Sheek) I ma ryder clap off hop in a divider {Lets go} Keep the car in neutral let it roll back {Arrghgh} Big A.K. tied to the ski rack,"
  • After Eight - Taco
    "After eight, a rendezvous with Kate She works late, I've had a hard day watching color TV After nine, I plan a tease, then dine Tonight I'll tell her the words she longs to hear Tonight I'll make it clear Kate"
  • After Hours - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Chorus (After Hours it was cool x8) Q-Tip: Ten after one I think I'll hop the horse Downtown late of three of course Just came from fishing couldn't get a catch Downtown they'll probably have a batch A"
  • After party - GANG ALBANII
    "To jest Gang Albanii After party A nie Bailamor czy jakieś kur* szanty Z moim zespołem tworzymy mieszankę I wjeżdżamy pokazać ci jak się tańczy Byłem najebany nie pamiętam niczego Popek przez skypa pyta"
  • After the love has gone - Ten
    "If we should come too close, we run awayDidnt we want this after allClimbing so high that we become afraidWhat if we cant survive the fallfor as we dance the orchestra plays blind and scorelessstill the"
  • Ten Wild Dogs - Tyr
    "Ran around on this ground all you have got Yesterday went away still you did not understand in the end we have to leave Can't believe, I can't believe, still I just can Not believe that I would deceive"
  • Ten Cent Wings - Jonatha Brooke
    "If I knew what I was after, I'd remember where I'd been If I was sure of something better, I'd go, I'd go But I am just another picture, and I watch myself like you I imagine what you're thinking, I know,"
  • Ten Dollar Man - ZZ Top
    "(Gibbons, Hill, Beard) Mister Ten Dollar Man with that gold in your hand, Comin' 'round here after sunlight With your peaches and your Pream And your rollin' magazine, Tellin' me you'll make me feel alright. Now,"
  • Ten Thousand Strong - Iced Earth
    "A gathering summoned by the elder The consequence of what's imminent A prophecy dark and foreboding Forces them to face human intent The chosen seek refuge in the mountains Reluctantly the love ones recognize The"
  • Skin After Skin - Soilwork
    "I count them all this must be number ten Am I right is it over again? my body shivers and shivers again I nail their faces to the wall Oh...those sweet pictures do you realize what youave done? pictures"
  • Life After You - Daughtry
    "Ten miles from town and I just broke down Spittin' out smoke on the side of the road I'm out here alone just tryin' to get home To tell you I was wrong but you already know Believe me I won't stop at nothin' To"
  • After Making Love - Monrose
    "Get back on it Get Uhhuh - No falling asleep now Get back on it Get Uhhuh - You need to be saying something that you really ??? Get back on it Get Uhhuh Get back on it Get Uhhuh After Making Love Baby"
  • After the fire - Lack Of Limits
    "You can't have me the way you want me I can't have you the way I want you Well, you say, still you want to be my friend But I know that kind of friends you have a lot I don't care, I'm leaving you behind"
  • Word After Word - Esham
    "Im not a atheist... Oh, he let me grow up in the mother fucking ghetto Thanks for nothin' mother fucker thats for real One of the ten commandments is thow shall not kill Tell that mother fucker with"
  • After (feat. Kartky) - Przyłu
    "nagraj to za mnie jeśli spadnę na dno i nigdy więcej nie patrz na mnie jak dziś i każdy z nich musi być arcydziełem bo che mieć pewność że odechce mi się żyć nagraj to za mnie jeśli spadnę na dno i nigdy"
  • Ten - Biplan
    "as busiu ten kur saule ten kur medziai kaip lietus as busiu ten kur sienos kaip vanduo o as toks mazas ten tiktai ten jei tu noresi ten tiktai ten tave sutiksiu ten kur zole as busiu priverstas ziuret"

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