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terranova storm

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terranova storm

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terranova storm
  • Baby Pandy Storm
    "It was lightning It was frightning It made me look like a fool It gave me quite a fright You should have seen the sight It made me look really uncool Chorus: Yeah it was a storm..... (storm) It was a storm......(storm!) Storm......(Storm!) It"
  • Blackmore's Night Storm
    "Storm A timeless and forgotten place, The moon and sun in endless chase Each in quiet surrender as the other reigns the sky... The midnight hour begins to laugh A summer evening's epitaph The winds are"
  • Electrical Storm Electrical Storm
    "The sea is swells like a sore head and the night it is aching Two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed and the day it is breaking On rainy days we go swimming out on rainy days, swimming in the sound On"
  • Saliva Storm
    "Storm Life is like a melody, sing deep within my soul, sing deep within to me And all these chains that shackle me They wont let me take control They wanna take control of me Ive got to rise above my life To"
  • Glenn Kaiser Band Storm
    "rain pourin' down my shirt, we all need a place to be ain't nothin' for us here no more, if we got eyes to see but the heavens are cryin' out all night long to the morn hold us close, close within this"
  • Soundgarden Storm
    "Storm has his weakness minds of steal The brain to capture hopeless ones Fear has pass out random … Words unspoken will always Will always Restraint What’s there on face, fece .. We waiting for you"
  • Grace Jones Storm
    "Strange weather I'm having inside my head, This crazy atmosphere puts my mind to bed, But the storm in my skin is the fire where you've been, My waking eyes watch this life begin. Here comes the Storm"
  • Plazma Storm
    "I'm feeling Our wounded souls end up crying It's been getting light Since we ended up trying It's alright it's the life we have learned And faced the point of no return It's the grip found in time I needed"
  • C J Stone Storm
    "Say say say! Where do I go today, day, day? Who will be my temptation? Where is my destination? Ill find, find, find your trace; Dont you hide, hide, hide yours ways; Ill have so much to give, thats the"
  • CJ Stone Storm
    "Say say say! Where do I go today, day, day? Who will be my temptation? Where is my destination? Ill find, find, find your trace; Dont you hide, hide, hide yours ways; Ill have so much to give, thats"
  • Jos Storm
    "Send me your positionIt's getting lonely down hereThings I've been up to latelyHave kept me from seeing clearWhy do you keep on runningThis love is fading way to fastAll the stars are burning (for you)But"
  • Guano Apes Storm
    "Come come try draw your scale try to make it special don't throw it all away the time might be untrue don't screw the day theres something more to do You are so special you are a special germ you are"
  • Heather Nova Storm
    "Thanks to Bajo Philip for submitting the lyrics Storms out on the water I watch you getting closer Are you coming home All these years we've wondered Trying to break the cycle All these years of hope And"
  • Fernando Ortega Storm
    "Sometimes it takes a storm To really know the light The scent of rain The weight of clouds Pulling down the sky Sometimes it takes a storm To know how you feel To understand indigo And the varnished sun Lighting"
  • Bee Gees Storm
    "Can you hear me Are you near me Can you see me See me at all Do you know me Can you show me If you hear me Don't let me fall Is it raining in the sunshine And the wind blows in my eyes Lying face down"
  • Theatre of Tragedy Storm
    "Can you see the storm getting closer now?Tell me how it feels being out thereA moment's glimpse of his vignetteAs he shone a light on the falling wallInstant pictures form shattered personsWhenever he"
  • King Diamond Storm
    "18 was yesterday today she was A woman in every single way Abigail was walking in the forrest where The darkness, it seem to come alive It was hours ago she left her home The chapel in which the Balck"
  • Saddle Club Storm
    "A new day has begun The worst is over now but the damage has been done And you bear the scars of everything that youve been through Now you have someone who believes in you Free like the earth, strong"
  • Mar De Grises Storm
    "My vertical scream becomes A horizontal pain As i go towards the sun I go sober and drunk While i sit and play Or i love and burn Don't matter It's all the same (why) can't i hear the storm? If i can hear"
  • Osmo Ikonen Storm
    "I bet you got your make up on Even when you call him on the telephone And when you do you use your sexy tone The same one that use to put me on my begging bones I bet you go out every night You dine and"

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