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thake it off

  • Off - The Bates
    "Come on leave me alone now come on set me free Ive got more than enough now why dont you understand me Why dont you leave me alone now I aint got no time Ive got no time to waste Offsure it would be a"
  • Off - Reel Big Fish
    "Well first of all I'd like to say f**k off (f**k off) If you don't get it why don't you go shove your head back up your ass And don't waste my time, I don't need your opinion No-oh oh oh oh Chorus Cause"
  • Take It Off - De La Soul
    "(It's hurting.) (Smell your breath!) (You smell like Jabba.) (Your nose is what's doing it.) (You're talking into the recording... YO!) (Okay Lucky, start it off.) Take take take take take it off..."
  • Set It Off - Andrea Martin
    "Do we look? Where is love? Has it gone? Do we search or move on? Hear the wind as it blows And my heart says the next time I'll know Set it off, I suggest y'all Set it off, I suggest y'all Set it off Come"
  • Set It Off - Peaches
    "Motherfuckers wanna get with me Lay with me, love with me, all right Motherfuckers wanna get with me Lay with me, love with me, all right Motherfuckers wanna get with me Lay with me, love with me, all"
  • Shake It Off - Take 5
    "Shake it off Chillin' in the club, got my boys with me And the party's all jumpin' in the VIP The deejay's playin' my favorite beat And I'm havin' a good time, baby Looked across the room, what"
  • Shake It Off - Wilco
    "Sunlight angles on Wooden floor at dawn Ceiling fan is on Chopping up our dreams What is left of them Take to sleep again Where I dare pretend I'm more than I seem Tears give trigger Yours remind me Of"
  • Set It Off - Iza Lach
    "Y'all want this party start it right, Y'all want this party start it quickly, Set it off on the left y'all Set it off on the right y'all Set it off, set it of, set it off. Set it off on the left y'all Set"
  • Set It Off - Audioslave
    "He was standing at the rock gathering the fog getting there with no directions and underneath the arch turned into a march and there he found a spot to set this fucker on set if off set it on my"
  • Take It Off - Regi & Kaya Jones
    "Ooh.. Take it off... Yeah.... And you , you can't remind me of who I really am I've got your T-shirt on but you can take it off So take it off So take it off When I'm with you, I want you I'll"
  • Set It Off - Vains Of Jenna
    "All those lines i've written, are they really true? Are those scribbled lines, how i felt for you? Emotions became lust when i tasted fame I can't hold back, i'm just playing the game I lied to my diary"
  • Break It Off - Koufax
    "Stop taking advice from your family They've never been right on anything The funeral's planned for your freedom and property It's all being booked for your new life It's all in time Break it off before"
  • Fend It Off - Stone Gossard
    "He intermitted honesty by adding up his dignity He put it in his pocketbook, a wooden nickel in his sheath (Thats why we say) Love, fend it off (We say) Love, fend it off Hed leave her heart in misery Shed"
  • Take It Off - Omarion
    "I love how you doing the things you do Ghetto girl with the braids and the Nike shoes I don't mean no disrespect to you But a nigga really tryna F**K wit you See you looking at me with those hazel eyes Big"
  • Get It Off - Monica
    "(feat. DirtBag, Missy) Yeah, Imma set it off C'mon now (Missy) Yeah Ohh This that hot shit ya'll set it off New Monica shit C'mon (Monica) You remember when I was just a young one And I was to afraid"
  • Set it off - Monica
    "Yeah, Imma Set it off Cmon now Yeah Ohh This that hot shit yall set it off New Monica shit Cmon You remember when I was just a young one And I was to afraid to quickly let you show me thangs Hol"
  • Called It Off - John Newman
    "There is nothing I won't do to be the world and stars for you Just so we don't have to move Can't you see? I'm meant to be your man I'll be that sun that doesn't rise, shut the blinds and start the light You"
  • Set It Off - Young Gunz
    "Jay-Z) WOOO!! (Intro - Swizz Beatz) ("Hey! Hey!" in background) Swizzie! Young - Young Gunnaz! Hey! Man I don't know what they talking about man I just know that (let's go!) (Chorus - Swizz Beatz) It's"
  • Turn It Off - Boston
    "(Anthony Cosmo) I'm conscious of liars that cross my path The sinners ambitious to rule this land The gardens are dead and the walls have bled People betrayed in a secret rage Turn it off, somebody's"
  • Turn It Off - Drive Like Jehu
    "Turn it off wipe that look off your face. Turn it off look what you done to this place. yer flawless sense of timing. you got so many lines the faucet just keeps on running water down in style"

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