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that somebody was you

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that somebody was you

  • That Somebody Was You - Babyface
    "Written by kenny g, babyface, walter afanasieff (1996) Performed by kenny g with toni braxton There's been so many times My heart has been broke in two I kept on waiting in line 'cause nobody's heart"
  • That Somebody Was You - Toni Braxton
    "There were so many times my heart has been broken in two I kept them waiting enough Cause nobody's heart was true For every time I gave into love I was always in the blue And just when I was about to"
  • Somebody - Atomic Kitten
    "The times i've seen you down In despair walking round And felt you that were alone Baby, someone was by your side To dry your tears, to make you smile But you would never have known (you would never have"
  • Somebody - Reba McEntire
    "(Dave Berg/Sam Tate/Annie Tate) At a diner down on Broadway they make small talk When she brings his eggs and fills his coffee cup He jokes about his love life And tells her he's 'bout ready to give up That's"
  • Somebody - Jukebox The Ghost
    "I want it I need it I want somebody I want it I need it I want your eyes to turn I need it I want it I want somebody Baby Now this is my turn I don't want any more doors Cause I'm walkin' on string They"
  • Somebody - Heaven 17
    "You've got to face the fact That in the world today They try and take away the blue skies And all the children that play But it's a curious fact In every hour in every place That when the right time arrives"
  • Somebody - Hurts
    "i am not a victim i am not a fool i am not the pawn to be abused it was never real it was never love and i have enough i don;t wanna listen i don’t wanna try cause you that know that i will never miss"
  • Somebody - Fleetwood Mac
    "Don't think your dreams are sane They're taking over your life I stuck to you but I found out That you was the crazy kind Now way inside your heart Do you have a grain of love for me 'Cause all I see is"
  • Somebody - James Taylor
    "I am somebody And I love somebody Do you respect somebody Cause we all need somebody Everybody is somebody Baby, I am somebody So dont you treat me like nobody As if you feel for somebody So just because"
  • Somebody - Eagles
    "You feel bad, but not bad enough You know you had it coming 'cause you played so rough Back over your shoulder got an icy chill Man, you thought you'd get away with it Now you know you never will Somebody,"
  • Somebody - The Eagles
    "You feel bad, but not bad enough You know you had it coming 'cause you played so rough Back over your shoulder got an icy chill Man, you thought you'd get away with it Now you know you never will Somebody,"
  • Somebody - David Byrne
    "Somebody, somebody's gettin' outa bed Somebody, somebody's gettin' herself dressed Somebody, somebody combin' back her hair Somebody, somebody dancin' down the stairs And on the TV and in magazines She"
  • Somebody - KRS-One
    "Oh, do it now, oh, do it now Yeah, we celebrate diversity in the university Everybody can't be a queen, everybody can't be a ho and a bitch (Ha ha) Everybody can't b e a philosopher Some of y'all gotta"
  • Somebody - The Chainsmokers, Drew Love
    "in the town full of fancy cars and crowded bars and supermodels looks exactly the way it did inside my head when I dreamed about it all the things I could live without I need it now cause they’re all around"
  • Somebody - Slightly Stoopid
    "Wait and see because you know you need somebody I said, the loving you lost is just one of the costs When you're living in the streets and you're running from cops And everyday that's just the price you"
  • Somebody - Justin Bieber
    "Every time i wake up next to you I talk to god And i am so damn grateful Cause you make up for all the things i am not Didn;t know i need nothing Till i needed you Im a world that’s spinnin’ It ain’t easy"
  • SOMEBODY - keshi
    "Baby, why the hesitation? 'Cause I know that you can feel it, too You want more and I can taste it Let me show you what I wanna do Tryna get trapped in your leg lock Go another round, make the bed rock Yeah,"
  • Somebody - Bazzi
    "Yeah Oh, wait Abusing all my authority Shutting down these sororities Music is the priority All the other shit is a minority Superman, they can't stop me now Bad vibes, I just block them out Michigan"
  • Somebody - Mary Mary
    "Everybody has bad days When they feel like no one cares Call your friends in the middle of the night And they just can't be there I know someone who's available And He'll answer every time you call He"
  • Somebody - Toby Keith
    "Yeah the big boss man, he likes to crack that whip I ain't nothing but a number on his timecard slip. I give him 40 hours and a piece of my soul, Puts me somewhere at the bottom of his totem pole, Hell"

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