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that you need

  • Need that - Day 26
    "(jermaine dupri)puff u said you wanna danceput you put your hands uppoor some more drink in your cupand pass what that is that your .. oncome on(brian)that girl just looking at yamakes me wanna save yalet"
  • All That You Need - Joe Ely
    "I been workin on the farm Just me and my brother Jack Choppin a sea of cotton Till I thought Id break my back Everything changed When my daddy got hurt Our lives were so connected to that brown ol flatland"
  • Need - Tyrone Wells
    "Lady's and Gentlemen...Tyrone Wells I don't love you baby Don't love you at all I don't want you baby Don't want you at all I fear it's worse than that I fear it's worse than that Chorus: I need you, I"
  • Need - Mudhoney
    "Give me love laced with lies There ain't much I haven't tried Give me love laced with lies There ain't much, baby, I haven't tried There's so much, so much, so much I need There's so much, so much, so"
  • Need - Off By One
    "Every time I ask you out you tell me maybe next time Could it be my bad breath or something of that kind You keep stringing me along like I am just a fool and I need to know I need to know Chorus: Cause"
  • Need - The Send
    "Oh, I could never have what I need without you Oh, I could never know who I really am without you I need something that I won't let me down I know you are always there to break my fall You're not that"
  • Need - Archive
    "You've got time, time on your hands Bury your head in the sand Take your time, hurry it up Guess you'll sit there and just drift away You've got worries more than enough Cause it's rough yes I know that"
  • I Need That - TLC
    "This is a special song just for Our fans on the internet Sometimes you need that Ha, tlc's back boy Again and again Woo Ooh, i-i-i-i (i, I) Ooh, ooh Ooh, i-i-i-i I-i-i-i-i You and me (you and me) Trading"
  • I Need That - Lil' Kim
    "(Intro: Kiely) Haha, 3LDub baby, A Girl Can Mack (Verse 1: Kiely) Yo, if you don't like expensive things Then you can bounce if you don't wanna get it together You could be out, 'cause I'm all about gettin'"
  • I need that - 3LW
    "Haha, 3LDub baby, A Girl Can Mack Yo, if you don't like expensive things Then you can bounce if you don't wanna get it together You could be out, 'cause I'm all about gettin' them things From the truck"
  • Need - Cindy Morgan
    "Paint me a window so I can seeOver the rainbow inside of meI needHow I needCrimson and clover, wagon and hayThese are some sweet things, so lovely and gayI need How I need'Cause I'm not the strongmanI"
  • Need - Kansas
    "I lost you a long time ago I tossed our love as far as I could throw I can't help feelin tentative and blind I only wish that you could read my mind I need to pitch it all into the wind I need to face"
  • Need - Psychotic Waltz
    "needing, feeling alone light never seems to shine hiding under a stone now I understand that deep inside you need to make me feel something inside her she's closing the door screaming inside her smile she"
  • Need - Lady Sovereign
    "I Lost You a Long Time Ago I Tossed Our Love As Far As I Could ThrowI Can't Help Feelin Tentative and BlindI Only Wish That You Could Read My MindI Need to Pitch It All Into the WindI Need to Face a Wall"
  • Need - The Benjamin Gate
    "The fear I carry in my heart The things that change and turn around me What is it that I become? What is it that it's all undone? I long to be close to You So close I disappear into You Doesn't matter"
  • The One That You Need - Friends
    "I, I wonder where you are aha Why, why did you have to go? I would give to anything to you, the love that we shared was oh so true Want to be by your side! chorus Ill be the one wholl stand by your"
  • It's Me That You Need - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Hey there Look in the mirror Are you afraid you might see me looking at you Waiting, waiting at windows Oh it's me that you need Yes it's me and I'm waiting"
  • It's You That I Need) - Enchantment
    "A Man Without Love (Quando M'innamoro) -Artist: Engelbert Humperdinck -peak Billboard position # 19 in 1968 -English words by Barry Mason -Music by Daniele Pace, Mario Panzeri, and Roberto Livraghi I"
  • All that i need - Ce Ce Peniston
    "Another day another trouble I just wanna give in When things seemed right They just went wrong Have I been hoping for too long Once or twice I've been beaten down And my face been kicked around Sometimes"
  • All That I Need - CeCe Winans
    "All that I need is love You're crying night and day You wonder how you ever lost your way Nothing matters, you must survive Your heart is slowly dying and so you cry All that I need is love From the moment"

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