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thats probably why it feels just like

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thats probably why it feels just like

  • Thats How It Feels - Wave
    "its such a crazy ride you feel it deep inside it seems like i could touch the sky, the sky just being close to her she heals me, shes my cure from all the pain out in the world thats how it feels when"
  • Probably - Lisa Loeb
    "I probably want to hold your hand I probably want to kiss you You'll probably misunderstand I'll probably miss you Lately it seem nothing's clear I probably need my glasses You come in and out of"
  • Thats Just Like Love - Black
    "Too many souls are lost, so many dreams lie broken. Will you try to help them chase the night away, turn on the booming silver day. We do it in swingtime, we don't count the skinny seconds passing by or"
  • Feels like sex - Geri Halliwell
  • Probably - Kevin Devine
    "You probably don't wear your glasses But you probably need them to read You probably value your downtime And you probably don't get much sleep And you probably don't like the movies But you probably go"
  • Probably - Flunk
    "Probably, probablyProbably, probably...ProbablySend me a mortarProbablySend me a mortar...I'll torture you because I've got no moreIt's not a word you like to hearIt's just to see how much I careAfter"
  • It Just Feels Right - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie) This ain't no special night No silver soft moonlight I couldn't even tell you if the Stars were out tonight Ain't no Christmas eve Ain't no Halloween It's just a night like most every Night"
  • Thats Life - Over It
    "Everything just seems to go this way. With the start of a new day I didn't know just why we stood there. This time I know for sure I can see right through your lying eyes, grab my hat and I am out the"
  • What It Feels Like - Day26
    "(Chorus) Summer nights on the beach Underneath the rain drops Wind blowin' through ya hair This is what it feels like Rose petals in the tub Listenin' to your favorite song Everytime our bodies touch This"
  • What It Feels Like - De/Vision
    "I can't believe we can't be friends I can't believe Is it the beginning is it the end I cannot tell Everybody needs a helping hand In a hostile environment Are you the cause or an effect Plaything of a"
  • Feels Just Like It Should - Jamiroquai
    "I'm coming down to see ya I'm looking for fast and cheap I'm looking for the city streets I'm gonna get experience I've been to see the candy man Just turn it up and drown He said Feels just like it"
  • Hey...It Just Feels Better - Lux Courageous
    "Shake it off of yoru skin You can only run on thse killer legs of yours for so long You know how you move me and make panic like a child You could be lying so well But anything that leaves you seems to"
  • Feels Just Like It Should - Pat Green
    "Let's jump in my El Camino - Uh huh Roll the windows down Thought we could see what kind of trouble we can find out on this messed up little town The Boss on the radio- uh huh Take whatever comes We'll"
  • Feels Like Summer Again - The Wallflowers
    "My mind is open And my heart is full I aint got any weight That I cant pull And right now I know that anything Is possible Im gonna bang my drum Blow my horn I forget what these pills Were ever for I believe I"
  • Thats why - Michael McDonald
    "Look back loneliness, you won't see me behind youHey now emptiness, no more leading the wayGo on desperateness, i don't need you beside me no moreCome on happiness, i can feel you gaining groundHey now"
  • Thats Why - Michael Learns To Rock
    "Baby, wont you tell me why, there is sadness in your eyes?I dont wont to say goodbye to you.Love is one big illusion I should try to forget.But there is something left in my head. Youre the one who set"
  • Feels Like Home - Newton Faulkner
    "I know it's gonna take some time For you to feel that it's all right And I'd making people choose a side But I don't mind You trying to get some people on yours And know that it takes some time But I must"
  • Feels Like Love - Danger Danger
    "DANGER DANGER - Feels Like Love {B. Ravel, S. West} So many nights I sit and wonder Why do I feel the way I do Maybe my heart is trying' to tell me ... somethin' Maybe I'm fallin in love with you Bridge: Girl"
  • Feels Good - Naughty By Nature
    "(feat. 3LW) [3LW] Ohh.. hey naughty.. Oh where's my kitty kat, where's my kitty kat at Welcome to our party, sexy little shorties Written on your hit and licking lot from my Bacardi Rub it on my body,"
  • It Feels Like - Krosfyah
    "Party so nice don't feel like going home tonight Nice company music so sweet we feeling right All kinds of people come together black or white Showing respect for one another throught the night West in-dians,"

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