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the friends of mister cairo

  • The Friends Of Mr Cairo - Jon & Vangelis
    "She came, as in the book, Mickey Spillane That Saturday night dark masquerade Had filled his friend with lead, the same, sweetheart But then, as nothing happens quite the same Investigation is the game He"
  • Cairo - XTC
    "Thanks to Erich Sellheim Well, let me tell you about my girlie She goes by the name of Sleepy Shirley She become a real life wiro Since she learned how to do the Cairo And she go Up up down down"
  • In Cairo - Hot Hot Heat
    "Walking oh so slowly. Don't know anybody. Feels like I'm in Cairo. Talking oh so quickly. Please explain what they mean. Taking matters too light. How did this start a fight. Why did I tie them tight?"
  • Cairo - Bananarama
    "Call me jenny baby when you want me Call me jenny jenny when I cry With me big black empty handbag You give me little lollie when we hungry Give me Coca-Cola when we dry In the good times and the"
  • Cairo - Amazulu
    "Calls me honey baby when he wants it Calls me Annie baby when he cries Oh, with me big fat Annie humbug You give me little honey when me hungry You give me cola, cola when me dry Oh, with me good time"
  • Mister Serious - Over It
    "Lily-white A little scared Tiger stripes In the corner of your eye. Motion Blur Racing thoughts Fireworks For you Mister Serious. You don't wanna hear it. You don't wanna hear it. Truth hurts your"
  • Hey Mister - Custom
    "Hey, Mister... I really like your daughter, I'd like to eat her like ice cream maybe dip her in chocolate... Hey Mister on your way to work in your Volvo, suit, and tie We'll be crawling in your bed soon messing"
  • Mister Misfortune - Hadouken!
    "Come along mate, you gotta cheer up I know you're down on your luck but Don't be down in the dumps, don't be down in the dumps, Yeah don't be down in the dumps, I know you're down on your luck but you"
  • Road To Cairo - Howard Jones
    "A fella told me This here road leads to Cairo I got to get me a ride I got to go back Go back to my children I got to see my little bride I been travellin' Gone a long long time Don't know what I'll find Scared"
  • Mister Masonic - Jebediah
    "Little man running around town, nothing more to say Doing everything the same as you, did it yesterday Young man, there because of what you were told to do Your dad and his friends all knew what was"
  • Downpour In Cairo - Bad Company
    "Take me inside, don't leave me here I'm breaking in two, shaking with fear Throw me a line or let me go Just don't leave me here in the rain My soul is on fire, I'm a desperate man I'm battered and torn,"
  • Friends - Gary Numan
    "See the strange boy keeping to the shadows He's a very good friend of mine I've seen you running from the ladies Don't tell me you're not that kind I've got the time if you've got the money Mister you'll"
  • Night boat to Cairo - Madness
    "It's just gone noon half past monsoonOn the banks of the river NileHere comes the boat only half-afloatOarsman grins a toothless smileOnly just one more to this desolate shoreLast boat along the river"
  • Please Mister Please - Olivia Newton-John
    "In the corner of the bar there stands a jukebox With the best of country music, old and new You can hear your five selections for a quarter And somebody else's songs when your's are through I got good"
  • Mister D. J. - Charlie Daniels Band
    "Mister DJ won't you please play me a song? Play it for an old boy who's a long, long way from home With a thousand miles ahead and a thousand miles behind A dollar in his pocket and a woman on his mind You"
  • Hey Mister! - The Rutles
    "When you woke up this morning did you feel all alone? Did you get a grip on yourself? Were you just flesh and bone? Did you long for the centerfold spread of some bimbo girl magazine to appear by your"
  • Hey Mister - The Jam
    "Because it's real you think it's a joke Because it's on your doorstep you have to have a poke At someone It's only a cliche because it's all true Time after time it happens through and through To a new"
  • Mister man - Culture Club
    "On the street they're preaching violence Mr Man it's in your head On the street the midnight cowboy Needs no gun to shoot you dead Why do I act the way I do Ain't it obvious I'm just a man like you Mister"
  • Mister Sandman - Emmylou Harris
    "(Pat Ballard) Mister Sandman, bring me a dream Make him the cutest that I've ever seen Give him two lips like roses and clover Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over Sandman, I'm so alone Don't"
  • Mister Booze - Frank Sinatra
    "(S. Cahn, J. Van Heusen) With Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. (chorus) The rest are solos. Booze, Mister Booze (Mister Booze), Mister Booze Mister B double O, Z Eeee, (that sure spells"

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