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the age of my life

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the age of my life

  • Legal Age Life - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Well, legal age life at variety store, Dealing in dope by the Exit door. Waiting to work like a worm at the core. Standing so long in the snow I'm sore. I'm the king I am therefore What kind"
  • Age - Jim Croce
    "I've been up and down and around and 'round and back again, I've been so many places I can't remember where or when. And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend Never really was a friend"
  • Coming Of Age - Breaking Point
    "All my life I've been waiting For someone like you That I could believe in All that I'm wanting, all that I'll say Just take what confines us, we'll throw it away and Say it No need to hold, hold your"
  • Age Of Glory - Dragonhammer
    "Lost in time, over the line This is the age of glory Your life for my life Dying in the night You want my energy Agony When you are falling down Broken swords Can you feel my temptations? Look at my eyes My"
  • Age Of Innocence - Iron Maiden
    "(Murray/Harris) I can't be compromising in my thoughts no more I can't prevent the times my anger fills my heart I can't be sympathizing with a new lost cause I feel I've lost my patience with the world"
  • Age of Rhythm - Al Stewart
    "Today I feel like Dorothy Parker Today I've got the critical eye I paint my world just a little bit darker Don't even have to try Everyone seems a little bit desperate Oh so witty, but over the edge I"
  • Age Of Wizard - Secret Sphere
    "So far away from the eyes of reality rise the doorways of fantasy Ride, man, in the valley of eternity Where the lands are free from falsity (PRE CHORUS) Now the time has come to hear the bards for a"
  • Coming Of Age - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek) Yeah... Come experience... life as we know it As some of you should know it, yeah, yeah Place, Marcy, Brooklyn Actions... well, y'all know the actions Uhh, I got this shorty on"
  • Burning Age - Full Blown Chaos
    "Another day of breathing Acrid and thick, I inhale Feel it burn inside When will the smoke clear Seems like its been forever Seen only death and disease With every breath I'm dying See my fate in from"
  • New Age - Marlon Roudette
    "If love was a word, I don't understand. The simplest sound, With four letters. Whatever it was, I'm over it now. With every day, It gets better. Are you loving pain, loving the pain? And with everyday,"
  • Old Age - Dolour
    "Old age barks louder everyday an old woman's hands press lightly on my face what's she want with such a little boy, with hands so cold? youth keeps right on growing old Is medicine all I need right now? to"
  • Ice Age - Ras Kass
    "(feat. Kurupt & El-Drex) Ay how come you wont gimme no pussy tonite? Aight well shake the spot then, you think you special I hear your car keys jinglin, get the fuck out El Drex what you wanna do, Shai"
  • New Age - Thaurorod
    "Like a veil spreaded on the unknown Just like silence that leaves you alone They have searched for the signs from the sky Trying to prove who is wrong, who is right Still we're all alone in a world we"
  • Stone Age - De La Soul
    "* BizMarkie starts out the song beatboxing while De La Soul chants the words "I'll beatbox" * Ah mic test one two Aww man, I check it better Ah whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? I"
  • At The Age Of Decay - Junius
    "In the end you know the life we live Lays out on a grid Point out peaks and curves Down we spin As I look upon my future self I see a kind of hell The parts I've tried to save Are the ones I'll sell As"
  • A black age of fire - Cradle of Filth
    "Brief in its vicious eloquence Removing the dross Love will arise from the ashes of your loss Then and only then Will the pleasure of Eden be mine And the sinews of life itself will be tied In the very"
  • Modern Age Slavery - Beneath The Massacre
    "Honour is at stake. Slave is my name. Honour at stake. Modern age slavery. Living each day as the last of an existence deprived of meaning. Forced fed mentality. Imposed value system. To accept our condition"
  • Golden Age Of My Negative Ways - Less Than Jake
    "Sit back and watch the train wreck, Watch me jump off the deep end. I won't lie, my mistakes take up every minute of my life. It's been the down fall of me, That misery just loves my company. And this"
  • Girl Of My Age - Kaiser Chiefs
    "You were the one in the back in the map I cracked you a smile and you cracked us one back What are you gonna say Are you turning away I see you here everyday Maybe we could be friends You were the one"
  • Legal Age Life At Variety Store - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Well, legal age life at variety store, Dealing in dope by the Exit door. Waiting to work like a worm at the core. Standing so long in the snow I'm sore. I'm the king I am therefore What kind"

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