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the answer

  • Answer - The Ataris
    "I sat and thought the other day how it seems strange That we could walk through life so blind And how a lot of people never change. I'm not trying to say I have the answer All I know for sure is that"
  • Answer - Jennifer Knapp
    "all the things i want to say all at once they wash away As You walk by, out of mind My thoughts fly away all the things I long to hear Suddenly they reappear You say in that hour Your holy Power Will"
  • Answer - Herman Brood
    "ANSWER He's the uninvited guest gonna check out his place he's gonna eat y'r snatch he's gonna come on your face He's the very last idol at the end of the rainbow respectable psycho king of the floorshow In"
  • Answer - Xandria
    "We fought the truth As long as we lived our love Fearing all the solutions we found We drowned ourselves In the lake of tears that we cried 'Til we found out that love is its ground Call me a fool, but"
  • Answer - Mick Karn
    "(Children) In danger, never shall I fear In Armour angels will appear (Women) More More More we need Need to find the answer (Men) More and more I believe the answer (Women) You see as I saw My will"
  • Answer - Tye Tribbett & GA
    "This song is for those who feel alone & for those who can't seem to find no love Only those who stay awake at night and just cry Some of you just want to run away & just hide There is an answer for you This"
  • Answer - Ataris
    "I sat and thought the other day how it seems strange That we could walk through life so blind And how a lot of people never change. Im not trying to say I have the answer All I know for sure is that we"
  • Answer - Sarah McLachlan
    "I will be the answer At the end of the line I will be there for you While you take the time In the burning of uncertainty I will be your solid ground I will hold the balance If you can't look down If"
  • Answer - Incubus
    "(mmmmmmmmmmmm........ hemp? !) Step outside the bounds and take a Big look at the times we live in. Who appointed you? You're just an avid image on my screen. So take your bias point of view away from My"
  • Answer - Pearl Jam
    "(Bad Radio)Lets goLive for the eveningNot silver and goldLove is an answerWhy haven't we been toldFather the lessons you've taught us...don't work so wellLive for the eveningAll I wanna do and all that"
  • Answer - Blue October
    "If I can't crawl inside of you, I'm laughing with a broken face I stumble across my self esteem. But to picture the pleasure is making me want my space. Understand... that God wrapped you like a bow. But"
  • Answer Me - No For An Answer
    "No one answers me, No one will ever answer me, What is the difference from flock to flock, Are we so different or is it just talk? It seems so self-righteous that we'd stand apart, We wave mindless flags"
  • The Answer - The Guess Who
    "It's no good anymore When your hands are tied Cause your friends found you out When you broke down and cried and the bright colored balls That you held inside Weren't the answer No, no, no Not the answer It's"
  • The Answer - Britney Spears
    "Yeah, I've been waiting for you So patiently And now you're here Ohhhhhh You're my answer Thank you (Yeah) Ohhhhhh I think you're my answer Uh, Here I go You're the answer All this time I've tried to"
  • The Answer - Godhead
    "Save me from myself Turn me into someone else I answer to no one You won't speak for me I answer to no one I will never be a someone I will always be alone Take me to where I'll like it Give me the strength"
  • The Answer - Automatic Loveletter
    "From ocean to sky, summer and fall I have been there through it all From laughing and crying to pain that comes easy From shades of gray meaning that turn out so sweetly I wonder when I wonder what I'll"
  • The Answer - Bad Religion
    "Long ago in a dusty village Full of hunger, pain and strife A man came forth with a vision of truth And the way to a better life He was convinced he had the answer And he compelled people to follow along But"
  • The Answer - Savages
    "if you don't love me you don't love anybody If you don't love me You don't love anybody Ain't you glad it's you? Ain't you glad it's you? Ain't you glad it's you? there are things I know we should better"
  • The Answer - Phil Keaggy
    "The search for happiness and purpose in life Is more intense than ever. I've searched, you've searched, We've run in the night, and still felt untogether. In word and song I sing along, A song to be"
  • The Answer - Floorpunch
    "I won't apologize for my actions When I did whatI thought was right You got what you deserved The only answer was a fight You brought it upon yourself I did not ask for any of this I know violence"

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