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the b-52s

  • Juliet of the spirits - B 52s
    "Juliet I can feel your glowOf passions ready to explodeSecrets youve kept should all be toldLike blossoms ready to unfoldJuliet youre not afraid anymoreJuliet- Juliet Im not afraid anymoreSweet loves coming"
  • Love in the year 3000 - B 52s
    "Love in the year 3000Love in the year 3000Love in the year 3000Robots-Bootybots-ErotobotsRobots-Bootybots-ErotobotsIt would feel real differentI might be a little bird - come onOn your shoulderAnd I'll"
  • Nip it in the bud - B 52s
    "Oh Wo Oh Nip it in the budNo Wo Oh Nip it in the budOh Wo Oh I say 'Froze you'No Wo Oh Nothin' I can doCan't, oh oh, can't give it in Ho Oh Oh WoooahWo Oh Oh Nip it in the budWo Oh Oh Nip it in the budYou"
  • There's a moon in the sky - B 52s
    "There's a moon in the sky It's called the moon And everybody is there, including, Saturn, Mercury Saturn, Venus Saturn, Mars Saturn, Jupiter The Van Allen Belt Roll-roll-roll-roll-rollin' in Andromeda"
  • Roam - B 52s
    "I near a wind Whistling air Whispering in my ear Boy Mercury shootin' through every degree OOO girl dancin' down those dirty and dusty trails Take it hip to hip rocket through the wilderness Around the"
  • Breezin - B 52s
    "I don't need a reason I am just breezin' Makin' changes as they come Ain't gonna bother anyone Give and let live Love and be loved We're workin' on a positive vibe So let the love rise to the top Up here"
  • Topaz - B 52s
    "New cities by the sea Skyscrapers are winking Some hills are never seen The universe expanding We're gazing out to sea Blue dolphins are singing Minds swim in ecstasy Clear planet, ever free Topaz Our"
  • Deep sleep - B 52s
    "Walking backwards into the seaBodies, Angels, like musical peaksDreamed up by you and me in our sleepYou come walking over pillows and sheetsWalking backwards into the nightCaught tight in the sheetsOur"
  • Deadbeat club - B 52s
    "I was good, I could talk A mile a minute, On this caffeine buzz I was on We were really hummin' We would talk every day for hours We belong to the deadbeat club Anyway we can, We're gonna find something"
  • Hallucinating Pluto - B 52s
    "See the fool who mimicks the sunBurning out like a quasar-pulsingYour lunar laugh and smokey dreamsBare your soul and take controlWhile the spaced out space chickKeeps the cosmic beatAnd day-glo daffodilsAre"
  • Is that you mo-dean - B 52s
    "Wain' for bus #99 goin' to the store for hot dogs and wine! When all of a sudden, I felt real cold And wound up in the body of a big ol' UFO On the bus, to the plane To the UFO and to outer space baby"
  • Modean - B 52s
    "Waitin' for bus number 99 Goin' to the store for hot dogs and wine! When all of a sudden, I felt real cold And wound up in the body of a big ol' UFO On the bus, to the plane To the UFO and to outer space"
  • Strobe light - B 52s
    "Where's my telephone?"Is that you baby?""Yeah.""Got something to tell you.""Oh, what?"I want to see you tonightI want you to walk in the doorI want you to lay on the floorCause tonight's the nightWe make"
  • Song for a future generation - B 52s
    "Wanna be the ruler of the galaxy Wanna be the king of the universe Let's meet and have a baby now! Wanna be the empress of fashion Wanna be the president of Moscow Let's meet and have a baby now! La! La!"
  • Devil in my car - B 52s
    "HELP! The devil's in my car.HELP! The devil's in my car.HELP! The devil's in my car.Ho, devil's in my car, whoa pleasePLEASE! Leave me alone!We're really tearin' tar.We're goin' 90 miles an hour.Ho! He's"
  • Private idaho - B 52s
    "Woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo, woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo hoo hoo, who hoo hoo hoo hoo you're living in your own private idaho living in your own private idaho wa! on the ground like a wild potato don't go on the"
  • Dry county - B 52s
    "It's one of those lazy days I've got nothing to do Let the wind blow round my head Let a cloud be my bed When the blues whomp you up on the side of the head Throw 'em to the floor and kick 'em out the"
  • Junebug - B 52s
    "She's the wildest hon in the wild kingdom She's the wildest thang to float down Well there's alligators and razorbacks, But I don't care, I like to go down tubin' with you, Junebug When Junebug floats"
  • Trism - B 52s
    "She has to leave She has to go The fastest way Is by trism Steps off the curb Stella Corona hopes for the best To be home by sunset Gotta be home by sunset She asked me to give her a ride She said she"
  • Loveland - B 52s
    "Loveland, LovelandI got a searchlight, I got a lovelightLovelandBeauteous isles of LovelandHey, hey I got itI'm talkin' about love, whoaLove, love power is the power of the hour, hoLove, love power is"

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