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the brandt bauer

  • Frans Bauer - Geheime Liefde - Frans Bauer
    "Kvoel me hier weer zo eenzaam Ik kijk maar steeds op de klok Of jij bij me zult komen blijft nog altijd een gok ik kan bijna niet wachten tot jij hier bij me bent Ik heb in hel mijn leven Nooit zo'n liefde"
  • Als Willy Brandt Bundeskanzler War - Funny Van Dannen
    "Als Willy Brandt Bundeskanzler war Hatte Vati noch volles Haar War Ute Lemper noch kein Star Als Willy Brandt Bundeskanzler war Die Welt war jung und Deutschland ein Wort Und Squash war noch gar kein"
  • Bauer Cotton Eye Joe - Klaus & Klaus
    "Hier ist Bauer Cotton Eye Joe singt uns einen und da geht so hier ist 'ne geile Show im Stroh so geht das Lied vom Cotton Eye Joe. Hier ist Bauer Cotton Eye Joe singt uns einen und da geht so hier"
  • Bauer, Ich Bitt' Euch - Reinhard Mey
    ""Bauer, ich bitt euch um Pardon, Pardon Sollt ich euch stren heut nacht Nur eure Tenne aus Lehm, Pardon Fr meine arme Fracht" "Komm armer Hund, die Scheune ist voll Bis oben und hat keinen Platz Kommt"
  • Der Bauer Im Ruin - Transilvanian Beat Club
    "( [ ] cover) ...wenn ein alter Mann geht, wird er einem fehlen, doch vergessen wird er nie wenn ein alter Mann geht, mausetot auf seinem Pferd, hinaus in die Prrie... Hail, hail Johnny, zu gehen wie"
  • Der Bauer Im Ruin - Ewigheim
    "...wenn ein alter Mann geht, wird er einem fehlen, doch vergessen wird er nie wenn ein alter Mann geht, mausetot auf seinem Pferd, hinaus in die Prrie... Hail, hail Johnny, zu gehen wie ein Cowboy, du"
  • Der Bauer Aus Dem Odenwald - Die Streuner
    "Der Bauer aus dem Odenwald Der Bauer aus dem Odenwald Der hat 'ne schne Frau Da seine Dienstmagd schner war Da wut er ganz genau Schiebe nach, schiebe nach, schiebe langsam nach Schiebe langsam aber gut... Und"
  • The Best Of Both Worlds - Billy Bauer
    "The Best of Both Worlds Here I sit with my legs crossed and wonder why The world spins around my head from time to time The best of both worlds seems attainable through my eyes But sometimes confusion"
  • The Longest Way - Paul Brandt
    "(Paul Brandt) I'd love to take my time I'd let myself unwind Cause sometimes it feels These wheels keep spinning at the speed of sound I'd take the scenic route Ain't that what life's about I would stop"
  • Shades Of Grey - Billy Bauer
    "Shades of grey things you left behind Cloud your mind toss and turn at night Rain falls down deep within your veins Fill your soul up with different shades of grey Shades of grey Shades of grey Cus'"
  • Mr. Nice Guy - Billy Bauer
    "I'm tired I'm tired of all these games The games they play when they think it's ok Ready or not here I come this hide and seek it isn't fun...yeah All we needed was some time To breathe All we needed"
  • 0 0 Zen - Axel Bauer
    "D'où vient ce vertige ? En l'an 3000 et des poussiéres On s'arrache de la terre Dans les vapeurs cosmiques A la soute les ombres malsaines A la proue notre vierge noire et querelleuse Brutale et païenne Ouvre"
  • Sammy Please - Billy Bauer
    "Here's a sad story from a kid with a messed up home He's got no parents and he's all stoned He passes each day by smoking weed from time to time Cus' it makes him feel alright Let me tell you bout'"
  • The King - Paul Brandt
    "the other day i got in a fight it involved me and my foot in my mouth and my wife then i got thinking wouldn't it be grand if with every word i said my wish was the world's command i'd be the king i'd"
  • That's The Truth - Paul Brandt
    "So tired of listenin' to the politicians You can't believe what you see in the news Lawyers try with motions and revisions To spin a tale and tip the scales of truth I work hard to make an honest livin' Do"
  • The Sycamore Tree - Paul Brandt
    "In the sticks down an old dirt road near a small Kentucky town When his daddy would come home Out past the old red barn in a sycamore tree Is where little Zach would go And high above the guilt and pain The"
  • Outside The Frame - Paul Brandt
    "The shadows move slowly They climb up the walls Till the light hits the metal and glass It shines through the dust Revealing the love In an old black and white photograph That was before But it's not anymore CHORUS: 'Cause"
  • On The Inside - Paul Brandt
    "I was watchin' the crowd as you walked through the door How easy you captured their eyes And it wasn't your dress and it wasn't my drink You lit up the room with your smile When you sat down beside me"
  • We Are The One - Paul Brandt
    "Unaware angel falling into sleep I never quite believed that I'd get in this deep I don't have a doubt We are the one Oh I love to watch you as the day begins Sun comes through the window Starts to kiss"
  • Calm Before The Storm - Paul Brandt
    "Your blue eyes looked so peaceful While the storm raged on in me Teh tears filled up my eyes and now I finally see I've been livin' high and mighty But now I'm at an all-time low Now I'm reaching out to"

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