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the devil within mapleshade

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the devil within mapleshade

  • World Within - Crown Of Thorns
    "The spiritual rape Jehova's mind pollution But nocturnal possession it breathes in me It's true love It feels like I'm alive I search for joy There shall never be another dawn I have become the beast -"
  • The Devil - The Rapture
    "You say you're falling in love. I cry from heaven above. This time can only be kept... by those who never have wept. It's strange these things that we're told. Live fast and never grow old. Live fast and"
  • Within - At The Gates
    "Feel the vibrating words of power Magick the portral, language the key As my journey within begins Once again the gates stand open before me Time has come for me to climb the tree of life And sail the"
  • Within - Apulanta
    "I don't know if I want to flow for evermore And I don't want to know how slow the time must flow And I don't want to hear no cheap apologies And I don't want to wish for anything more Within myself I"
  • Within' - Kiss
    "Cry without tears See without sight Night without day And every day's black as the night Fly without wings Feel without touch Touch without feel And everywhere nothing is real I wanna see from within I"
  • Within - Dreams Of Sanity
    "And as the dragon rises He stands so tall Waiting for the daylight To fly away He'll never fall Spreads his wings and flies away to Avalon Guided by forgotten powers He lifts up high Into the dawn Though"
  • Within - Arise
    "I feel the shivers running down my spine, it wakes the powers of my undivine. My mind betrays me I'm leaping back in time. All those memories left behind, In the torture chamber where I lived to be: All"
  • The Beast Within - Madonna
    "Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy And blessed are those who hear And who keep what is written therein For the time is near He is coming with the clouds And every eye will see him Everyone"
  • Deep Within - Within Temptation
    "Is there a place deep within A place where you hide you're darkest sins There's a strange kind of ambiance, its surrounding you lure me, towards the truth Candles die down ass you leave the room In my"
  • Black Devil - King Diamond
    "There he was that little man, sitting by the altar... Black Devil Carved in stone so dark and could... Black Devil Help me, Help me, cause I don't know what's going on It was the early morning of the seventh"
  • Devil Die - Jester's Funeral
    "music by Stefan Schmidt & Bastian Emig, lyrics by Stefan Schmidt Day by day I'd like to scream for reaching out again! Back to places I have seen, straight back into hell! No way out, I'll see it every"
  • Devil - The Servant
    "Knocking on my door was an evil silhouette Knocking this morning a black silhouette Knocking on my door was an evil silhouette And his eyes were glowing like two lit cigarettes Me and the devil were standing"
  • Kill The Devil - Cage
    "The evil one we can defeat him. Our mission make him dead and gone. One from each religion assembled to take him on. They would go to the ends of the earth and below to end the game and kill the Devil"
  • Pay The Devil - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) One man's meat is another man's poison One man's gain can be another man's loss I'm travelling down the lonely highway 'Cos a rolling stone don't gather no moss Once I thought I could"
  • Devil - Gothminister
    "Hey Devil What is you plan to day I didn't ask for it to be like this Hey Devil is it never enough for you Or won't you quit 'til I'm on my knees You make it really hurt when everything is doomed and"
  • Devil - Stereophonics
    "Ever dance with the devil baby? Oh no... Make my day Do you feel lucky? Oh no... Tomorrow's another day Can you walk on water maybe? Oh no... Turn water into wine? Can I buy you a drink there lady? Oh"
  • Devil - Staind
    "She sits alone again and tries her best not to pretend that all she used to live for was the love that wasn't there. And every time she needs to do the things that she believes will fill the void inside"
  • Devil - Drugstore
    "You turn your back on your own flesh You got a piece of me You were so young, so rich But I saw you with that mirror Right between your feet The world swings around you But I could never find you D-D-D-Devil Never"
  • Devil - System Of A Down
    "Plagiarized existence exist, Among the writers of the word, Shake your spear at Shakespeare, Shake your spear at Shakespeare, Loud and noisy, Strong refrigerators, Gaining independence, Gaining independence, Stupid"
  • Devil - Lullapop
    "I'm addicted to the leather said the devil to the angel I'm allergic to the feather and it doesn't go together I don't believe that you will ever change and I don't blame you cause you're made that way who"

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