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the easter song for kids

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the easter song for kids

  • Easter - Dream Theater
    "- ("uncovered" show at ronnie scott's jazz club, london - 1/31/95) - steve hogarth and john helmer (marillion - from the album "season's end") A ghost of a mist was on the field The"
  • Easter - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) A ghost of a mist was on the field The grey and the green together The noise of a distant farm machine Out of the first light came A tattered necklace of hedge"
  • Easter? - Jefferson Airplane
    "Golden velvet robes on Pope Paul, he's talking--he's stalking devils offlesh. Rides through the streets instead of walking. I think his holy storyis a mess. All I did last Easter all I did was paint some"
  • Easter Song - Barry McGuire
    "Hear the bells ringing, they're singing That we can be born again Hear the bells ringing, they're singing Christ is risen from the dead. The angel upon the tombstone Said He is risen just as He said. Quickly"
  • Kids Song - White Kaps
    "tra la la boom d'e, went to pre-school today i could not help to find, my teachers always lie tra la la boom d'e, learned a new tune today i think its kinda gross, and this is how it goes three blind"
  • Song For The Kids - Diesel Boy
    "Thanks for spending your dough on your new CD I can't wait till June when we get our royalties But the money you spent was not in vain It was spent on plies of cocaine Take your wallet's out and buy some"
  • Easter Parade - The Blue Nile
    "The line of traffic comes to a stand still For the love King, out in the morning air I find a place I started from The wild is calling, this time I follow Easter parade In the bureau typewriter's quiet Confetti"
  • The Kids' Song - Moxy Fruvous
    "The Kids' Song (Live) (All) We took the babies we knew and the toddlers we knew, Said we'd like to get a slice of life from your point of view 'Cause you cry and laugh a lot more than us older folks do It's"
  • Easter Parade - Emmy The Great
    "Is all that we've become, Just nothing but hats and bags We're waiting for taxi cabs So you light cigarettes And i'm taking drags In the air, a sea of words, That didn't come soon enough In my mind a"
  • Easter Parade - Judy Garland
    "Never saw you look quite so pretty before, Never saw you dress quite so handsome, what's more I can hardly wait to keep our date, this lovely Easter morning, And my heart beat fast as I came through the"
  • Easter Bunny - Disciple
    "Guess I'm filled with the Christmas spiritCelebrate a jolly man in redHope my kids don't find out Santa Clause isn't realMaybe I should have told them about Jesus insteadLast time I heard about it He didn't"
  • Easter Theatre - XTC
    "Gold sun rolls around Chocolate nipple brown Tumble from your arms Like the ground your breasts swell Land awake from sleep Hares will kick and leap Flowers climb erect Smiling from the moist kiss"
  • Before Easter - Tracy Chapman
    "I may beg Beg for money I may lie an lay my body down Sell what I would give with love One day before Easter comes But I wont let Jesus find me I walk I eat I sleep In these streets I may be found Alive"
  • Easter Morning - Wild Strawberries
    "Gretta's in the corner but she's miles away Mary's coaxing Adam to stare time in the face And me and Joey Carpenter are listening to the naked miner Talking about the way things were before the world was"
  • Easter Romantic - Big Business
    "Scratch at the door, they offer no help Open the curtains and see for yourself We're not hesitating, we're biding our time Wait for the moment we step into line ?? We scratch at the door, they offer no"
  • Easter island - Kris Kristofferson
    "Guarding the carcass, we stripped and devided To carve up and covet they wait there alone Keeping the secret the rest have forgotten And staring in silence from sockets of stone Built and obeyed with the"
  • Easter - Patti Smith
    "Easter Sunday, we were walking. Easter Sunday, we were talking. Isabel, my little one, take my hand. Time has come. Isabella, all is glowing. Isabella, all is knowing. And my heart, Isabella. And my head,"
  • The Kids Song (Live) - Moxy Fruvous
    "(All) We took the babies we knew and the toddlers we knew, Said we'd like to get a slice of life from your point of view 'Cause you cry and laugh a lot more than us older folks do It's a Spicer show"
  • Kids - Jamiroquai
    "Now we're getting nasty. Everybody's talking about the kids The kids got funky soul and groove emotion But if you don't give the kids the chance to use it They're always morethan likely to abuse it Everybody's"
  • Kids - Home Grown
    "Hey, think back when you were just a little kid, yeah When everything you did , you always had so much fun Lincoln logs and Tinker Toys At school the girls would chase the boys For some dumb reason"

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