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the edge of the world

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the edge of the world

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the edge of the world
  • Screeching Weasel The Edge Of The World
    "alone, awake again at three a.m. and i can't get her off my mind. the girl in question's not just any girl- she makes me feel like i'm alive. but i will stay here waiting silently and wish this wasn't"
  • Fisher Edge Of The World
    "At the edge of the world is a big tin wall Put it there when I was a child Trying to define - explain - infinity Chorus At the edge of the world At the edge of the world At the edge of the world"
  • Shyne Edge
    "Uh uh, Uh, Uh Ayo, mac 10s and fake friends Lawyers little game homicide 25 with the fucking nigga face 'em But I'm still trill, still holdin Rollin gully until I'm froze, close in a box with a bomb in"
  • Axel Rudi Pell Edge Of The World
    "In the city of angels city of sin Who will survive? Who's gonna win? Who's been a joker? Who's been a fool? The game in the night has this old fashioned rule We're losing our minds, losing our souls Who"
  • Within Temptation Edge of the World
    "Can I swallow the soil, Make it all beautiful? Can I carry it, carry it, carry it now? The truth can't bare the sunlight. You're afraid for the day it does. Hell when I told you so, I got burn, burn,"
  • Royal Hunt Edge of the World
    "Learned how to steal since that day - God, who knows? Nexr scene : I shoot - cop's dead - boy, is THAT news... "Big House" is waiting. You know how it goes - sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear"
  • Glenn Tipton Edge Of The World
    "Have you ever been Very near to where The beams of the sun meet the atmosphere Have you ever flown Through the frozen spray Of niagra falls on a winter's day Have you ever swum Where the sea turns black And"
  • Eternal Reign Edge Of The World
    "Hands are shaking, my body's aching, wild thoughts spinning through my head Pressure's rising, my skin is tight, is this the beginning of the end Heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel No way"
  • Criss Angel Edge Of The World
    "There've been days I've been searching for so long Looking for the reasons to keep hangin' on I'm not sure how I should feel It's gettin' worse 'cause your not here And it's crazy loosing to myself All"
  • Faith No More Edge Of The World
    "Come here, my love I'll tell you a secret Come closer, now I want you to believe it I'll tell you all the things You want to hear Don't worry, baby There's nothing to fear Hey, little girl Would you like"
  • Axenstar Edge Of The World
    "A journey without end, it seems like forever We have walked alone So maybe soon will know Whatever future adventures lies ahead Under the rainbow, beneath the sun Tonight I wonder will all be undone Unholy"
  • Opus Atlantica Edge of World
    "From the edge of the world I'm looking for answers, a simple solution Into the fire, flames dying slow Give me a reason, give me an answer Give me the key to the dream maker's soul Oh, I got the face of"
  • Iona Edge Of The World
    "Mist that hangs like silk Soaking in the rain Trees that rise like ghosts Bearing people's names And a sea that takes me Where I do not know But I gladly go Shrouded in the sweetest grass I've ever known This"
  • War Rocket Ajax Edge Of The World
    "Well I wanted to live a rock and roll song. And I wound up singing "I Was Wrong." Somewhere between Mike Ness and the Beatles. I was lookin' for a haystack in the needle. I was tuned in to the world's"
  • Pendragon Edge Of The World
    "Sometimes I feel like a twig floating down a stream Don't know where it's going Don't know what it means And that stream always ends up at the sea And it's strange, as this is where I wanna be And I know"
  • Blind Guardian The Edge
    "The world turned innocent Can you hear me? I confess I'm no redeemer Can you hear me? What shall I do? I witnessed everything Faith won't leave me Mind my tongue It's like a fire Faith don't leave me Glow"
  • Michael Card The Edge
    "Most of us will never know How dark this world can seem When life becomes more nightmare than a dream. So to all of you who have survived A visit to the edge, I trust that you will understand this pledge. Chorus: I"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Song From The Edge Of The World
    "Let me take you down To testify Under the brow of a sparkling sky We'll dance away A distant day And shout our sins In a passion play Over we go Diving for pearls Over we go From the edge of the World Let"
  • Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer Falling Off The Edge Of The World
    "Happiness is a place in the sun Says dickie boy with a warm gun Charlie darwin I believe you now Put the monkeys in a uniform Stormin' norman up on the hill Twenty rounds with georgie b. Let 'em choke"
  • Magnum On The Edge Of The World
    "Midnight skies burn on, many stories untold On icy nights winds blow and touch everyone You still think you are so far away But you'll pay dearest price of us all 'Cause you stand on the edge of the world And"

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