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the enemies the enemies

  • Enemies - Powerman 5000
    "I'm a punk, I'm king, I'm a coward Full of promise and destiny But you don't understand me anyway (that's okay) You can run and hide and duck in the city You can drag yourself all over the world I'm"
  • Enemies - Helmet
    "You never rid the butterflies The hate you feel You can't disguise It's animal, it's chemical It's only human To hit so low I know what you need I can tell you lies and We'll be enemies So dissatisfied The"
  • Enemies - Ryan Cabrera
    "In the backseat of a yellow taxi feel your heart beat deception is intense and you think I didn't know Its like Bombay traffic in my mind, how can you keep up with all your lies, and you think I didn't"
  • Enemies - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. X-Con) Yall muthafuckas better keep yall eyes open (Ha) You ain't gotta see ay muthafucka to get hit I got some enemies I know they coming to get me And if I gotta die taking some yall with me They"
  • Enemies - Wayne Wonder
    "Hood, aaaa, yeah, yeah, comon' aaa aaa mm me enemies, me unlock it an me bucket an me pop it an me put it pun me enemies You wont get away from the WRATH THAT COMES WITH ATROCITIES. I got ya where i want"
  • Enemies - ASHES dIVIDE
    "I've done hell to my safe holding Out for my body in such lose feeling I blame these sad things on me Cut a smile in my face so you'll intake some fleeting comfort Close in I won't let you out of my touch But"
  • Enemies - Dogstar
    "It must have been maybe it was I don't remember when When I fell for myself I fell off the chair That sat me next to you Could I take all the love That I have for myself Could I give it all to you Can"
  • Enemies - Valete
    "It Must Have Been Maybe It Was I Don't Remember When When I Fell For Myself I Fell Off the Chair That Sat Me Next to You Could I Take All the Love That I Have For Myself Could I Give It All to You Can"
  • Enemies - Motor Ace
    "Said too much I've run aground My conscience says 'i'm not around' But I'm still looking for it So what's it like Does it make you pleased?? Now I'm diseased I'm never eased But I'm still looking for it Who"
  • Enemies - Die Kreuzen
    "Lots of jerks are passing me by People I meet say goodbye You're too much for me I can't handle This race of champs is gonna pass you by Nothing to say nothing to do If you're so slow don't follow me I"
  • Enemies - Xzibit
    "Yeah!!! AOWWWW, AOWWWW! Sometimes I'm my own worst ENEMY With friends like y'all, the fuck needs ENEMIES? I beat, I stab, I kill my ENEMIES Refuse to let you waste my ENERGY I heard they callin"
  • Enemies - Ascension Theory
    "Put your faith in me friend I won't lead you wrong Without me you're nothing Together we are strong A hundred battles fought And this is one more To lay claim to this world You'll need to fight a war The"
  • Enemies/Friends - Hope Of The States
    "Lately in the hospitals The halfway homes and choking jails There's people on the mend again With hope to carry on again It makes me feel that something's right For everyone who tries to fight No politics"
  • My Enemies - Eve
    "Uh, what? What? Huh [1] - My enemies, my enemies All of y'all is my enemies My enemies, my enemies Fuck y'all niggas, my enemies My enemies, my enemies Playa-hataz, my enemies My enemies, my enemies Fuck"
  • Natural Enemies - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "Damned right out of paradise It's all right between the eyes We are all the same at birth And at the end of a knife To the grave had it made Ignorant but mighty brave No matter how tight the choke They'll"
  • Essential Enemies - Riot
    "My hands are always open, my ground is nearly shaking Follow to each endeavor to bring my soul to closure I find no certainly, my eyes can't be set free Essential enemies flowing through me, my life I"
  • Immortal Enemies - Hatebreed
    "When the conflict never ceases And the enemies are immortal Only their names and faces change So a stance must always be held Claw at my pride you facade tears away Another day dies, I'm looking, I'm tasting Attempt"
  • Inseperable Enemies - Star One
    "This is the end of bloodshed and wars We finally found peace Side by side we explore the stars Then we came to know that we are not alone Light years away in a fortress in space A place we call home We're"
  • Enemies (Remix) - Wayne Wonder ft. Fat Joe, Mobb Deep
    "Uh oh (Buck 'em down buck 'em down) Infamous Mobb Deep ya heard (Havoc: Fat Joe) (Wayne Wonder whattup whattup whattup whattup!!!) Yo, from Queens to The Bronx, Jamaica to Jamaica you understand My pound's"
  • Close Enemies - Example
    "There's light at the end of the tunnel There's fight at the heart of a struggle You're smile should've told me you're trouble No more, no more, no more You owned me You buried all my worth with a shovel You're"

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