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the flood

  • Flood - Geoff Tate
    "(Geoff Tate // Lead & Backing Vocals) (Jeff Carrell // Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals) (Howard Chillcott // Synths, Steinway Piano & Backing Vocals) (Evan Schiller // Acoustic Drums & Loops) (Chris Fox"
  • Flood - Sebadoh
    "A cap comes off the 40-ounce The bowling captain's out to pounce Uncap the joy, out of control The Night Cat goes within my soul Yeah, all right, gonna ride with The Flood tonight Yeah, all right, I'm"
  • Flood - Greenwheel
    "Pull me from the wreck or watch and stand serene shards of broken glass shattered like the innocence we lost so long ago See me empty and fill me with a false sense of warmth and cold, so cold I don't"
  • Flood - Jars Of Clay
    "Rain rain on my face It hasn't stopped raining for days My world is a flood Slowly I become one with the mud But if I can't swim after forty days And my mind is crushed by the thrashing waves Lift me"
  • Flood - Everon
    "The wind and the rain And the deep blue sea Ahead and around As far as the eye can see Is it only cheap comfort Or an easy way out But did I have any choice But breaking out ? What good is a life If all"
  • Flood - Tool
    "Here comes the water. All I knew and all I believed are crumbling images that no longer comfort me. I scramble to reach higher ground, some order and sanity, or something to comfort me. So I take what"
  • Flood - Averi
    "It seems I lost myself again. Let it build up some more without release. Find a space and time to loose it all again Because you're standing on the crack that's breaking me. How much longer does silence"
  • The Flood - The Swellers
    "The flood carries us away I'll hold my breath for other days I won't make this wager, where's the light for me Now that you've raised the stakes? And they're always waiting. Fuck waiting! My hands are"
  • The Flood - Escape The Fate
    "I can't believe the drama that I'm in, the flood is getting closer But I don't think they know that I know how to swim You're feeling numb, from all that has become It leaves your gums, slips down your"
  • The flood - Mason Jennings
    "I remember the day it cameWashed everything in a humbling blueHighways and ferries the sameDrowned in the flood like the prayers we knewAnd I lost all track of my timeAnd some other current much faster"
  • The Flood - Take That
    "Standing, on the edge of forever, At the start of whatever, Shouting love at the world. Back then, we were like cavemen, We?d beam at the moon and the stars, Then we forgave them. We will meet you where"
  • The Flood - Katie Melua
    "Broken people get recycled and I hope that I will sometimes be thrown over pathways what I thought was my way home wasn't the place I know no I'm certain nothing's certain what we are becomes our prison my"
  • The flood - Magnum
    "They were just thieves and robbers You were a stepping stone Look how the innocent suffer Raging like a storm in you soul One thing they forgot to mention Making peace was their last intention There was"
  • The Flood - Kill II This
    "I pray once more for an awesome flood, Cleanse this world drowned in Heaven's blood Retribution pissing from the sky, All infection soon purified Purify all the ugliness that I see, All of hatred's animosity Water"
  • The Flood - Of Mice & Men
    "This world it needs a cleansing, removing all its filth. Wearing your masks of envy but I see you still. For forty days, walk the earth, removing all this curse. These forty nights, and you're drowning"
  • The Flood - Akissforjersey
    "These nights are longer But we press on through the flood The sea is calling But to go, nobody should Nobody should Nobody should But have we all forgotten what light from our eyes can do So in the end,"
  • Flood II - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "And her hallway Moves Like the ocean Moves And her hallway Moves Like the sea She says no no no no harm will come your way She says bring it on down, bring on the wave She says nobody done no harm Grace"
  • Satellite Flood - Runrig
    "She's late in years in the olden world Sharing the old morality with the olden girls Her only guide was the life in her hands Ways that only the wise could understand Satellite Flood It's a world crusade And"
  • Flood II - Sisters Of Mercy
    "And her hallway Moves Like the ocean Moves And her hallway Moves Like the sea Like the sea She says no no no no harm will come your way She says bring it on down, bring on the wave She says: nobody done"
  • Universal Flood - Autumn Leaves
    "Gazing obsessed into the sky The blue gate turns black Watching dark clouds float by As the memory appears Of the planets so distant and vast As a sign from those to the earth An object of once burning"

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