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the heart asks pleasure first

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the heart asks pleasure first

  • Pleasure - Spandau Ballet
    "Pleasure's in my car even in the bar as I'm searching in the love that's strong breathing in the song, I'm learning (I am learning) Pleasure in the sand warm within the hand she's holding it is on the"
  • Nobody Asks - Najwa Nimri
    "Not to make questions Perfect place But anything can happen Nobody asks, but nobody asks If you want the love Like you ever had Whenever you want Whenever you want You're running away From nowhere, nowhere This"
  • Pleasure & Pain - 112
    "You Always Said You Loved Me Though My Mind Right Now's Not Sure You Always Were There For Me Though My Heart Never Feels Secure Why Can't You Take The First Step To Let Me Know You Really Care Cuz Now"
  • If Anyone Asks - Randy Rogers Band
    "If anyone asks Im brokedown Or maybe Im just outta town You can say Im anywhere but where I am If anyone asks dont lead em on That anything is even wrong Do that if you can cause no one needs to know we"
  • Pleasure & pain - Dr. Hook
    "Baby rest easy, don't jostle the bed Don't fool with that pillow that's under my head 'Cos the warmth of your nearness is filling my brain With that sweet, sweet combination of pleasure and pain That sweet,"
  • Pleasure principle - Janet Jackson
    "You might think I'm crazy but I'm seriousIt's better you know nowWhat I thought was happinessWas only part-time blissYou can take a bowIt was all just one big night out on the townRiding in your limousineWe"
  • Pleasure Ground - Fatal Flowers
    "theres a bitter rain, an acid pain raging through my head and when I close my eyes theres too many fights too many questions asked, too much said see the pretty little girl walkin down my street, spring"
  • Pleasure Principal - Janet
    "You might think I'm crazy but I'm serious It's better you know now What I thought was happiness was only part time bliss You can take a bow It was all just one big night out on the town Riding in your"
  • Pleasure Kill - Psychopunch
    "Got nothing to loose man All my stupid dreams got blown away It's a mean time and I wanna go out on the streets where I belong Cause it's nothing cool I try to figure it out why everything I do goes wrong Hit"
  • Pure Pleasure - Absurdus
    "Now beware 'cos we're all going to die Explosion and flames thousand miles high Don't you know there's no mercy for you Our fate lies in the Big Bang Doom It will rip your heart out of your chest"
  • Pleasure Ryland - Cobra Starship
    "You know i try to get close to you. you don't realize what you're putting me through. the things i do, yeah, i do them for you. and i don't mean to seem presumptuious. but i feel when you're looking at"
  • First The Heart - Flipper
    "Every time it feels so good did you hear me? are you listening? ain't you listening? did you hear me? From The barrel to the trigger Passing flesh and blood I can see you somewhere smiling First the"
  • Pleasure - Jennifer Rush
    "(Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure) (Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure) I never knew someone could do The things for me you do The giving I find is all yours Then you leave me Thinking of you meves me inside Emotions"
  • Pleasure - Al Jarreau
    "Love me, love me tender My being surrenders to you 'Cause you know what to do So make me, make me tremble That will be a symbol of The L-O-V-E's there when We make love We make love Ya bring me pleasure When"
  • Pleasure - Feist
    "Get what I want And still it’s a mysterious thing That I want So when I get it I make sense of mysterious thing Cuz I’ve taken flight on such a serious wing I and you are the same And either fiction"
  • Pleasure - Meredith Brooks
    "I stayed up all night Thinking about this life I've been working so hard baby now it's time to fly and youre my pleasure baby I hit the ground each day no time to stop and stare but when I see you"
  • Pleasure - Yattering
    "Try to comprehend me Before you tear the aorta Stab with a knife... ...Once again Cut throat does not compare To the pleasure of raping a child Following her, I leered at her tiny boy Watched her delicate"
  • Pleasure - Nightfall
    "What I feel, what I think it is purely negative Once you pushed me down to fall I felt betrayed, I felt alone It's such a pleasure to meet you here again Since you denied me I turned out mean I wasn't"
  • Pleasure - Justice
    "Be the laws of attraction and the rules of the game there’s a chemical reaction between pleasure and pain use imagination As a destination use imagination As a destination use imagination And come closer forever"
  • Pleasure Pleasure - Bang Camaro
    "Rock it right! Bring the night! We don't care as long as you come tonight! We can tell you're watching us, baby We're on a roll. We can tell you're wanting us, honey We're in control Pleasure! (Pleasure!) Let"

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