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the hunger games

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the hunger games
  • Taylor Swift Safe & Sound (The Hunger Games)
    "I remember tears streaming down your face When I said, "I'll never let you go" When all those shadows almost killed your light I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone" But all that's dead and gone"
  • Coldplay Atlas (Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
    "Some saw the sun Some saw the smoke Some heard the gun Some bent the bow Sometimes the wire must tense for the note Caught in the fire, say oh We're about to explode Carry your world, I'll carry your"
  • Of Monsters and Men Silhouettes (The Hunger Games Catching Fire Soundtrack)
    "Grupa Of Monsters and Men piosenkę Silhouettes napisała na soundtrack do filmu "Igrzyska śmierci: W pierścieniu ognia"."
  • Florence & The Machine Hunger
    "at 17, i started to starve myself I thought that love was a kind of emptiness and at least I understood then the hunger I felt and I didn’t have to call it loneliness we all have a hunger we all have"
  • Abby Travis Hunger
    "Let me be the pinprick The Devil's smoke perfume The pipe's 'round which you wrap your lips I'll be these things for you That thirst inside your clenched fist I'll fix it with my dew Let just one drip"
  • Zola Jesus Hunger
    "I got the hunger It moves but won't lose it I'm not gettin' younger I use it, abusively Abusively I got the hunger, I got the hunger in my veins It's takin' me under till it takes me away I got the hunger,"
  • Carola Hunger
    "Walking I keep on walking Through the dark streets Of this lonely night I see shadows everywhere Though there's no one there It's the part of the town Where you can't turn around It's dangerous Searching I"
  • Christopher Cross Hunger
    "Out of this island Far from the cage that most will know Nothing was sacred No other footprints in the snow You took me down girl Down to a place where I don't go Now I hunger for you Baby I hunger for"
  • Of Monsters and Men Hunger
    "You are right, I'll move on But my lungs feel so small I couldn't breathe if I tried I lay my head on the floor My beating heart wanted more But I'll keep it in and keep you out I'm drowning, I'm drowning I'm"
  • Gary Numan Hunger
    "Tell you a story 'Bout a friend of mine Woke up in this room Looked like... black and white movies No light And someone strange in the bed She said "You could be here forever" "Can you"
  • Crown Of Thorns Hunger
    "(Music: M. Tervonen. Lyrics: M. Olsfelt/M. Tervonen) A starving restless soul - As fueled by years of wasted time Dying to live like a burning flame - So come beloved Hunger! So desperate and filled"
  • Annihilator Hunger
    "I like to feast on thoughts of anger I like to prey on evil minds and I like to rip the very fabric that keeps them all intertwined I'm full of lies, just hold me as you die I wrench this vice, my human"
  • Asp Hunger
    "Down in the abyss Down in a hole an' Down where I drag all the dreams I've stolen I'll eat your mind out I'll eat your sorrow Just stick it in and I will swallow I have been waiting for you longer Than"
  • Stan Bush Hunger
    "When i see what i wantI'm going to take itIf it's against some lawYou can bet i'll break itMy need to feedGives me the will to surviveI gotta find it fastTo keep me alive* i can't believe my hungerHungerI"
  • Howard Jones Hunger For The Flesh
    "Spare a thought for the souls Who cannot leave this earth The attachments bind so tightly, not a chance Not a chance of a new birth The river gently beckons But the answer is no Gripping their illusions They"
  • New Kids On The Block Games
    "Somebody said somebody wouldn't last too long, somebody's still going strong. Somebody said somebody was all a front, somebody's still talking junk. Think of what you say, think of what you do, think"
  • Barney Games
    "Oh, that was fun What do we play now, Barney? Let's see How about some cool games? Oh, that's a stupendous idea VJ There are lots of games we can all play When we're together, there's nothing better Than"
  • Jonas Brothers Games
    "I'm waiting for you right outside The place we first locked eyes (Oh) I feel like we're both losing sight We don't get to do this twice And I wonder Will you care When I'm gone And it's time And I've"
  • Nkotb Games
    "Somebody said somebody wouldn't last too long, somebody's still going strong. Somebody said somebody was all a front, somebody's still talking junk. Think of what you say, think of what you do, think"
  • Ryan Adams Games
    "You ain't but a fire on my sad estate Burning my house to the ground High and meadow, oh how she rides me Out in the meadow where the taxis don't ride A million times quicker than the pain Ohhh, games A"

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