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the iron maidens

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the iron maidens

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the iron maidens
  • Rachael Sage 93 Maidens
    "I am a maiden - one of 93 But I won't die the least mysteriously I go to school in the town of Warsaw Today they came for us all I am a girl they are not men I am a woman but don't know it yet I have"
  • Grave Digger Maidens Of War
    "Father tell me, what's troubling you How your worries upset your child I saw his eyes, heard his words I realized the hero's solemn distress Confide in me, I'm loyal to you But I can't kill, your son,"
  • Fairport Convention Three Drunken Maidens
    "There were three drunken maidens, lived on the Isle of Wight They drank from Monday morning, didn't stop till Saturday night When Saturday night came round, my boys, the girlies wouldn't go out These three"
  • Fireball Ministry Maidens Of Venus
    "overblown state of mind changes made for a lie seen as true judged fairly for a crime given up on a life spent with you fourtunes speant from behind broken image of a mind rusted, begging, towed"
  • Ensiferum Iron
    "The silence breaks the ground a shadow is riding the horizon An arcane man arrives to town remorseless and condemned Tasted the snake's poison broken every bone Felt a thousand gunshot wounds but there's"
  • Woodkid Iron
    "Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away, Where innocences burn in flames, A million mile from home, I’m walking ahead, I’m frozen to the bones, I am. A soldier on my own, I don’t know the way, I’m riding"
  • Crash Test Dummies Two Knights And Maidens
    "Once, there were two knights and maidens They'd walked together Out in the gardens In all kinds of weather The knights always pestered the maidens To love them together Out in the gardens And they could"
  • Iron Savior Iron Savior
    "Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your"
  • Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
    "(Steve Harris) Won't you come into my room, I wanna show you all my wares. I just want to see your blood, I just want to stand and stare. See the blood begin to flow as it falls upon the floor. Iron Maiden"
  • Iron Savior Iron Warrior
    "Here and now you wonder Looking at the past Start to realize Time's running fast Decisions made and chances missed But here you are Still standing strong Locked up in adaption Like a tiger in the cage Tainted"
  • The Swellers The Iron
    "Which one is the loser? Which one is the faker? Drown again, it’s part of the act so don’t hold me back. I’m sick, and I’m tired of throwing the anchor down, but it’ll keep us all on track. We either"
  • The Cardigans Iron Man
    "I am iron man Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, Or if he moves will he fall? Is he alive or dead? Has he thoughts within his head? We'll just pass him there why should"
  • The Bates Iron bed
    "From all the beds in paradise the coldest one it was yours and I was broke in your mirror and you washed your hair with gold BUT YOUR BED IS EMPTY NOW BUT YOUR BED IS EMPTY NOW You were a woman I was a"
  • Over The Rhine Iron curtain
    "Yesterday I saw The iron curtain Around your heart Yesterday I saw The iron curtain Around your heart Making me cry Making me wonder Bringing me down But making me love you Making me sad Making me sorry"
  • Iron Savior Iron Savior (Live)
    "Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your"
  • Stormwarrior Iron Gods
    "Thunderroars atone The iron fists fly highe Warcries are heard tonighte Studs are catching lighte The rebels assemble The foe's bloode will be shed The mutineers raise highe the flag Rebellion lies"
  • Wynonna Judd Iron Butterfly
    "BRIDGE; Come out-reach out Help someone under clouds over cast That's what life's about Iron butteries can't fly Oh, IRON BUTTERFLY, IRON BUTTERFLY VERSE; The shadow is as important As the light"
  • Rob Zombie Iron Head
    "What is the purpose Demonoid phenomenon Regulate the flux and reflux So get it on Loose upon the world Destruct a juggernaut Suddenly the rats are high Bleed the masses and watch'em cry Slumber like Houdini's"
  • Saxon Iron Wheels
    "My father used to work the seam far below the ground Digging for the coal to melt the steel But now he lies a twisted man one foot in the grave Just like the iron wheels that took him down Just like the"
  • Flotsam And Jetsam Iron Tears
    "What is this game we play with broken hearts and tears? Been played by young and old for oh so many years, Can you tell me honestly you've never been a pawn? Someone steals your love away, you turn around...they're"

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