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the joyrney dolores o riordan

  • Dolores - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) ready, one, two, a-one, two, three, four Dolores from the Silver Screen a bigger star than Charlie Sheen with quite a knack for being mean she is, yes she is, yes she is Dolores, you're a movie"
  • Dolores - RuPaul
    "Oh yeah Hey Yo no s Yo no s Yo no s The moon is bright tonight, Miami The highlights in your hair Your skin, it look just smooth as satin Everyone, they stare Is it in your eyes Or in your smile Makes"
  • Dolores - Frank Sinatra
    "Writer(s): Frank Loesser, Louis Alter How I love the kisses of Dolores Aye-aye-aye Dolores Not Marie or Emily or Doris Only my Dolores >From a balcony above me She whispers Love me and throws a rose Ah"
  • Dolores - Freedy Johnston
    "Dolores was her middle name She read the book and everything Now I know how old I am Have you ever seen that film? Talking to a hotel mirror with my glasses off Now you know just what he's crying about Dolores"
  • Dolores - Charles Aznavour
    "Sans doute je ne serais pas qui je suis Je ne serais pas o j'en suis Si je n'avais jamais connu Dolors Sans doute je n'aurais jamais russi Je n'habiterais pas Passy Si je n'avais jamais connu Dolors Sans"
  • Dolores - Skangur
    "Tell me when I'm wrongDoloresTrust me when I'm out of homeDoloresAll we need is love Take your time and hurry upTell me what you need DoloresAll this I will satisfyLet me feel your loveWhen I'm goneCause"
  • Dolores - Vanguart
    "I know my words are sickwell, so do ibut come gather round n i'll tell a tale about a man that sold his eyesTo lose weight and to get cuteto reach a girl who's just like youto forget a girl he never hadThen"
  • Ay Dolores - Reincidentes
    "Las diez menos cuarto en el reloj La noche abre su puerta en tu cabeza En la tele un culebrón, la comida en el salón Esperando una sonrisa, un te quiero, una caricia Las llaves tornan gris tu habitación Entrando"
  • DOLORES DREAM - Kurt Elling
    "The white, electric skillet of a day threatened to sear us all away - fat frying, spluttering - rank Chicago smeltering along, smothered in heavy, wooly sweat, the city knew a sad regret for staying long"
  • O Sono De Dolores - Angela Maria
    "Ai, dolores, todo mundo chorou, Por causa de voc. Que bom seria se voc pudesse ver, Do jeito que eu fiquei e que tudo ficou, Por causa de voc. Hoje eu quero todas as flores, Para enfeitar o sono de dolores, Que"
  • Wake Up Dolores - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) My legs are tired My face feels hot Wake up Dolores Please try to walk Oh sacred night Ocuiltin Moyacatla Our light is dim We have so far to go The stones are hard On this"
  • Dinner With Dolores - Prince
    "Dinner with delores Must be some kind of sin Like a brontosaurus She was packin' it in The first night we dined And by the next time This girl was eatin' all but the tip And by the stroke of midnight She"
  • Sorry Dolores (ft. Quebonafide) - ReTo
    "jak podszedłem miała biały t—shirt napis Dole Vita Jak odejdę napisz więcej coś niż : ‘kur* szkoda typa” całe moje pokolenie pogrążone w narkotykach Rest in Peace, wieczny odpoczynek dla Lil Peepa jak"
  • Dolores - Funny Van Dannen
    "Als ich aufwachte stand ein Gerippe im Raum und ich sagte: Hallo Skelett Es hauchte ich heie Dolores und es setzte sich zu mir aufs Bett Ich sah ihre goldene Armbanduhr und ich fragte sie: ist die echt? Sie"
  • Maria Dolores - Nana Mouskouri
    "Introducción: Dios te ha dado la gracia del cielo, Mara Dolores Y, en tus ojos, en vez de mirada, hay rayos de sol Djame que te cante, morena de mis amores Un bolero que ensalce tu garbo Que es tan"
  • Maria Dolores - Joan Baez
    "Dioste ha dado la gracia del cielo Maria Dolores Yen tus ojos, en vez de miradas hay rayos de sol Dejame que te cante morena de mis amores Un Bolero que ensalce tu garboque estan espanol, Ole ole! Te"
  • PROBLEM Z DOBOREM (Parodia „Sorry Dolores” ReTo ft. Quebonafide) - Michał Sieńkowski
    "kiedy wyszła miała stare jeansy z plamami od picia jak podejdziesz powiedz coś więcej niż „Mogę o cos spytać?” pokolenie tych dziewczynek w przymierzalniach ciągle znika fota w lustrze - obowiązek, potem"
  • O - Omarion
    "O...Let me tell you girl Woa, oh, oh, o... hey, here I go, here I go I know you heard EM say it time and time again that they would ROCK your world And change your life But I can't blame them Cause"
  • O' - Wide Mouth Mason
    "O. Stay with me tonight Stay with me tonight 'Cause I'm all alone again O. Lay your body down Pretend I'm anyone It really doesn't matter The light And angle in the room You wear the same perfume As"
  • O - Coldplay
    "A flock of birds Hovering above Just a flock of birds That's how you think of love And I always Look up to the sky Pray before the dawn 'Cause they fly always Sometimes they arrive Sometimes they are"

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