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the kite string tangle

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the kite string tangle

  • Tangle - Upstate Escape
    "What I wouldn't do to be the tea In your cup And everyday you'd drink me up And what I wouldn't do to see You wake up everyday You see, the funny thing is you know how I feel And yet instead of moving"
  • Kite Song - Yoko Ono
    "I flew a kite, i held on tight to its string. Each time i go anywhere, i held on tight. In the middle of the night i woke up in fright, Thinking maybe in my dream i let go of my kite. When i was in a"
  • Kite Flying - Willard Grant Conspiracy
    "Beneath the blue Organ Mountains Beneath the sky and the stars Far from the trail I hear You sigh I hear you sigh In the skin, in the skin Where memory begins In the skin, in the skin It stretches thin"
  • Kite - Kate Bush
    ""Come up and be a kite" Beelzebub is aching in my belly-o. My feet are heavy and I'm rooted in my wellios. And I want to get away and go From all these mirror windows. I look at eye level, it isn't good"
  • Kite - Nick Heyward
    "Life's like that Delicious with clause You never get the truth just promises galore Fool at heart Don't look down Everybody loves you when you're playing the clown Oh, oh mother dear Don't let them shoot"
  • Kite - Strangelove
    "You are a lonely child Nobody prays for you Sadly, faces will remind That you're not real anymore Shadow sleep softly Dreams will fill your mind You are a frightened child Nobody knows of you Sadly, people"
  • Kite - U2
    "Something Is about to give I can feel it coming I think I know what it is I'm not afraid to die I'm not afraid to live And when I'm flat on my back I hope to feel like I did And hardness It sets in You"
  • Tingle Tangle - The Lightning Seeds
    "(I.Broudie/F.Skinner/D.Baddiel) We still believe We still believe We still believe It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home Tears for heroes dressed in grey No plans for final"
  • Emotional Tangle - Olivia Newton-John
    "The moment we met Yu knew me I felt you melt into me Wrap around my heart And shake me inside One simple conversation Such gentle communication Love found a way in And to my surprise From the emotional"
  • Emotional tangle - Olivia Newton John
    "The moment we met, you knew me, I felt you melt into meWrap 'round my heart and shake me insideOne simple conversation, such gentle communicationLove found a way in, and to my surpriseChorus:From the emotional"
  • String - Tunng
    "hang my eyes up on a hook swells the panic i cant look inside my own skin i fail to find myself again a million faces look the same and their replies evaporate theres no soul behind these eyes if they"
  • Tangle Of Love - Kim Mitchell
    "love is like... love is like... love is like now i'm alive love is like a beautiful foreign country almost like a taste of heaven and like landing on the planets love is like overdrive like i was"
  • A Big Red Kite - Lobo
    "(Lobo) I know I owe you a better time Then the way that I've been But something's messing with my mind And it's not giving in They say that I should want to be A man who leads us all But every time I"
  • Kite (Demo) - Kate Bush
    "(Come up and be kite) Beelzebub is aching in my belly-o. My feet are heavy and I'm rooted in my wellios. (oh oh oh) And I want to get away and go (I wanna be) From all these (I wanna be home) Mirror"
  • Mr Kite - Paul McCartney
    "For the benefit of Mr. Kite There will be a show tonight on trampoline The Hendersons will all be there Late of Pablo Fanque's Fair - what a scene Over men and horses, hoops and garters Lastly through"
  • Mississippi Kite - Kristin Hersh
    "you paint your own tv on the wall carve out insects to feed us all lights flash by and the fast world echoes your thoughts your compass led you to the edge of a lake you'll singe your nuts down there"
  • Kite song - Patty Griffin
    "The Sunday after there was laughter in the airEverybody had a kiteThey were flying everywhereAnd all the trouble went awayAnd it wasn't just a dreamAll the trouble went awayAnd it wasn't just a dreamIn"
  • Kite Dreams - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals, Louie Shelton and Brian Whitcomb, 1980) From the album THE LONGEST ROAD (1980). One day follows another, chase one and then the other. Kite dreams. Butterflies lazy"
  • Kite Song - Sub-Urban Tribe
    "Put me on a leash and let me fly gimme freedom and I'll fly high cut the rope and I'll dive to the ground Loosen the rope but never let me go fly me in the sky and you will know I'll come down when you"
  • String Man - The Mamas & The Papas
    "I fell in love with the string man Who played guitar in a rock and roll band And every night I'd watch them play But it happened at the matine How I squirmed when he bent those strings And I screamed when"

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