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the libertnes gunga din

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the libertnes gunga din

  • Gunga Din - The Byrds
    "Written by Gene Parsons I'm writing this here letter from aboard a DC8 Heading into Angel Town, I hope it's not too late It rained in New York City Mister Rock 'n' Roll couldn't stay The crowd was mad"
  • Gunga Din - The Libertines
    "Woke up again To my chagrin Getting sick and tired of Feeling sick and tired again I tried to write 'Coz I got the right To make it look as if I'm doing something with my life Got to find a vein It's always"
  • Gunga Din - Jim Croce
    "You may talk of gin and beer When you're stationed way out here An' you're sent to penny fights an' Aldershot it But when it comes to slaughter You will do your work for water An' you'll lick the boots"
  • Gunga Din - Ian Gillan
    "If the nets were full of holes And all the holes were full of dreams And the dreams were full of fortune They'd be bursting at the seams And if the seams were made of gold And you could understand the"
  • Gunga Mej - Eva Dahlgren
    "lskade tro mej jorden r rund allting kan hnda om du blundar en stund vakna upp och allting r bak och fram och upp och ner hm..vem vet lskade tro mej av allting jag lrt ett enda att minnas resten ingenting"
  • Din - The Jesus Lizard
    "Get me up from this terrible place Because it's dangerous down here There are splinters and splinters Flying like arrows around I turn around to see one huge black tongue That means to lick my very being And"
  • Din - Chris Whitley
    "Well, when I got your letter, I could not contain The urge to go beyond our inheritance again And the drug of ages, in pages of your pen I got to put it down Maybe you got glazed by all the shit you had To"
  • King Of Din-Amon - Amon Din
    "Life-something supreme the energy of the whole universe Inexplicable perfection of his creation knowledge-purpose of existence The beauty of the beauty of his creation death-logical continuation of the"
  • Wop-A-Din-Din - Red House Painters
    "She's got big green eyes And a long Egyptian face She moves across the floor At her own pace When I'm here in bed She'll jump up on my chest And when we lock eyes there's so much love I wanna cry"
  • Seif al din - Epica
    "The origin of a dogma Placed in a new millenium Viffied demons habe been embraced And given a warm welcome The Seif al Din Hasn't got the ghost of a chance to rust Because it has always been kept in shape"
  • Kjenn Din Fiende - Helheim
    "Et ritus i smerte et ritus i blod Metall mot kjtt alt blir ddt Et slakt i Hov et offer av blot Metall mot kjtt alt blir ddt En flukt fra livet en reise uten tid Mot ddens grder grimme, skarpe klr Nok"
  • Relic (Din Fiv remix) - Decoded Feedback
    "The skull is empty, the entire brain appears to have fallen out, or has been, extracted through this hole. Blood pressure heart beaten, blood pressure heart beaten. Living in a world A world full of hate Nothing"
  • Dragostea Din Tei (English) - Haiducii
    "Mai la hi Mai la ho *4 Mai la ha Mai la haha Hello, hi It's me, haiduc Please, my love Accept the happiness Hello, hello It's me picasso I just thought i'd ring *beep beep* And i"
  • Hora din Moldova ( Eurovision 2009 ) - Nelly Ciobanu
    "Ye ye le la te nane Ye ye ye ye le la te na Ooh oh oh Ra! Ra! All the mountains, all the seas All the winds are dancing hora Its a dance youve never seen From my country called Moldova ai lalai la i zborul"
  • Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania - Marduk
    "All demons ride high upon the bewitching Nightsky They are only disturbed by a new-born child's painful cry Son of the great dragon, come forth to rule In all your glory, no man, no beast will be as cruel All"
  • Din don - Ramona Rey
    "Din din don don /x4 Din don wszyscy śpią, din din don, bije dzwon anioły grają, cuda ogłaszają, din din don, cudowna noc - x2 Ogień na niebie czaruje świat, zegar zwariował i cofną czas, mrużę oczy rozmywam"
  • Din Skugga - Kent
    "Jag minns en drm om sn Det r svrt att se dig som en glasbit i en vattenpl som frs Jag vntar utanfr fr att f se dig Jag behver din kyla nu behver din svala hud Jag blir din skugga Jag blir den du aldrig"
  • Aik Din - Aaroh
    "Faasla to hai magar koyee faasla nahi Nazron say to tum door ho par dil main tum sada rahee Har pal Har dum tujh ko Yunhee daikha karoon Saaree Umar Taira saaath ho agar Labon say jo na keh sakee"
  • Dial 8 (Bound and Gagged Mix by DIN FIV) - Velvet Acid Christ
    "On a sea of nails in self doubt I push this feeling further into this sound. in all my failings I could never hide The truth of pain that left me broken deep on the inside. We are the future, We are the"
  • Into The Mirror - Amon Din
    "Sometimes When you're alone somewhere When Depression put it's heavy hands on you When you are stranger to yourself out here Then hope that mirror can tell you what to do Into the Mirror You'll trace"

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